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Who is more corrupt?

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Chidambaram has left behind a sick economy — S. Gurumurthy

By S Gurumurthy
Published: 03rd April 2014 06:00 AM
Last Updated: 03rd April 2014 07:47 AM
BJP leader Yashwant Sinha had last week criticised Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram for “running to the ground” a well-run economy and being “a spoiler”. Chidambaram passionately responded. If his response were to be reworded in appropriate places it would read thus: ‘When I was the Finance Minister from 2004 till October 2008, the economy was roaring with 8.5 per cent growth, touching a historic high of 9.3 per cent.
‘One, of every parameter, 2007-8 was the most outstanding year in India’s history– forex reserves crossed $309 billion, fiscal deficit limited at 2.9 per cent, savings was the highest at 36.8 per cent and GDP growth was the highest at 9.3 per cent. Then Pranab Mukherjee took over. The global downturn occurred in 2008-9 and 2009-10 when he gave tax concessions. The concessions should have been pulled back in 2011 itself but not done, which was Pranab’s mistake. I became the Finance Minister again in 2012 and I began doing it. Had it been done earlier by Pranab the results would have been visible last year, instead of now. The economy is now stable, the fundamentals have strengthened– the fiscal deficit is 4.6 per cent, forex reserves $300 billion, with an expected addition of another $25 billion and current account deficit originally estimated at $60 billion would be lower, $35 billion.’
Far from defending the UPA, Chidambaram merely explained how well he had done as Finance Minister and how badly Pranab had fared. Chidambaram has been Finance Minister for three-fourths of the 10-year UPA rule and Pranab, for only a quarter of the UPA regime.
But Pranab, occupying the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, is disabled from defending himself. But then is Chidambaram matchless in economic performance and faultless in crisis management, as he claims? First take the external sector, which dented the economy with current account deficit, knocked down the rupee value and caused the crisis.
Chidambaram gloats over the forex reserves touching $300 billion and projected to rise to $325 billion before the UPA term ends. But he would not utter a word about almost the four-fold rise in foreign debt from $112.6 billion in 2004 to $426 billion by December 2013. Nor utter a word about the rise in the short-term debt by 26 times from $5 billion to $106 billion – from 4 per cent to a quarter of the debt. Or about the rise in external commercial borrowings by six times from $22 billion in 2004 to $121 billion by 2013 or trade credit by 22 times from $4 billion to $87 billion. Or about the foreign debt to GDP ratio from 18 per cent in 2004 to 21 per cent in December 2013.
Despite all this, the secret behind the reduction in the current account deficit that Chidambaram gloats over is not the rise in exports or in foreign investment, but additional deposits of $23 billion [read borrowings] from Non Resident Indians, at high interest. But this is just half the external sector story. The other half brings out how the UPA decade was not just a lost decade but a decade of destruction.
During the UPA tenure, the current account deficit topped $360 billion– approximately half of which occurred when Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and the other half when Pranab headed the Ministry of Finance(MoF). But Chidambaram’s entry as Finance Minister signalled the start of the current account deficit from 2004-5.
The earlier two years under the NDA yielded current account surplus of $22 billion after almost 25 years of continuous current account deficits. Chidambaram had praised the NDA for leaving a robust external balance. But the UPA inflicted a current account deficit of $360 billion in 10 years. Sinha is right.
Chidambaram started the UPA work of spoiling the external sector. When he left as Finance Minister in October 2008, the country had incurred a current account deficit of over $60 billion.
When he came back he added another $125 billion. It is the current account deficit, which knocked off the rupee value by almost half. The rupee was 45 to a dollar and it fell to almost Rs 68 to a dollar by August 2013. Just eight months earlier The Economist magazine [2.1.2013] had said that the real value of the rupee was 19.75 to the dollar! The fall of the rupee coincided with the return of Chidambaram as Finance Minister in 2012.
Every additional rupee paid for a dollar means higher oil price of `10,000 crore annually. The fall of 23 rupees to the dollar would have cost the country `2.3 lakh crore extra oil bill.
Chidambaram launched a broadside against oil and gold imports as the culprit for the high current account deficit. But net oil imports for the UPA’s nine years ended 2014 was $515 billion and net gold imports was $161 billion. It was capital goods import which vaulted to $587 billion– out of which over $400 billion imports occurred when Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and the balance $181 billion under Pranab.
Instead of making the economy rise, capital goods import knocked down the domestic capital goods sector by 10 per cent and brought down manufacturing growth from 11.5 per cent to 2.9 per cent in 2012-13. The current account deficit of $360 billion also meant that much reductionin the nominal GDP growth as that much prosperity moved out of the country.
To make it worse, more than half this deficit became China’s trade surplus from India– equal to three years of China’s defence spending. Now come to employment. The Planning Commission Data Book dated March 10, 2014 shows [p110] that the NDA rule between 1999-2004 had generated 60.7 million jobs in five years. But the UPA, in the six years from 2004 to 2010 generated– believe it– just 2.7 million jobs. A mere 37,500 jobs per month! The NDA had added 21.25 million jobs in agriculture in five years. In six years, the UPA reduced 15.7 million jobs in agriculture. In manufacturing, the NDA had added 11.7 million jobs in five years. In six years, the UPA brought down the manufacturing jobs by 7.23 million. Most of the destruction of jobs occurred in Chidambaram’s period.

The UPA added 14 million jobs in the next two years, 2010-11 and 2011-12. But that was not under Chidambaram. But under Pranab! Under the UPA rule the rupee lost 35-50 per cent of its value. Foreign debt rose by four times. Forex reserves which were two and half times foreign debt is now just three-fourths of the debt. Imports of capital goods rose and destroyed the manufacturing base of India. And yet Chidambaram claims that he has left behind a healthy economy. Is that so Mr Chidambaram?

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Following pages describe and expose a hidden conspiracy between RULING PARTY, GANG KEJRIWAL and MEDIA.
Gang Kejriwal formed an organization named Kabir and is acquiring foreign funding since 2005. Documentary evidences prove this fact. Kabir used those foreign funds for political purpose which is serious violation of FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation ACT). Kabir used foreign funding for media initiative as well. They almost bought most of the air time and print media through foreign funding. They called it as ‘MEDIA INITIATIVE FOR RTI’. Consistent appearance of Kejriwal and Gang kejriwal on television was actually born out of Kabir and Media partnership, which is one more serious FCRA violation.
From initial stages of Kabir, Parivartan (or any other Gang Kejriwal’s NGO), Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs was very lenient and soft as if they were partners in this conspiracy. At the height of it Government filed completely false affidavit in Delhi High Court (given below). This is exact contradictory to Kabir (Inspection of foreign contribution record’ (given below).
No government agency or opposition party or any person/organization is keen to take serious legal action against this biggest scam since independence by Kejriwal and his gang. In fact RULING PARTY misguided High Court in their affidavit to give Gang Kejriwal asafe passage from sedition.
Here our team member BIRBAL has contacted Ford Foundation and tried to trace the missing account books of Kabir Foundation for 2005-2007 (Though it is recorded elsewhere, we have solid documentary evidences). Ford Foundations answers were unsatisfactory and they too tried to carpet skeletons of Gang Kejriwal’s cupboard. The entire correspondence with Ford Foundation is given below. BIRBAL’S identity is under wraps hence the correspondents name doesn’t appear.
The whole jigsaw puzzle of Kejriwal’s conspiracy against people of India is conspired with cooperation of ruling party and part of ruling media. Now it is crystal clear that even opposition parties are not keen or interested in exploring the biggest anti-national scam of Gang Kejriwal.
The question arises WHY?
I will come back to you with more very soon.
Raju Parulekar
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Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Leader, BJP || The Maverick Neta

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Arrested Indian Mujahideen terrorist spills ISI plot to hit India elections

Top Indian Mujahideen terrorist Zia Ur Rehman alias Waqas

Top Indian Mujahideen terrorist Zia Ur Rehman alias Waqas

New Delhi: Indian Mujahideen terrorist Zia-ur-Rehman alias Waqas has, in a startling disclosure to the intelligence agencies, revealed that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence was working on an ambitious plan to disrupt the Lok Sabha elections by carrying out high intensity explosions, including using ‘human bombs’.

During custodial interrogation, Waqas further said that the ISI was specifically planning to target the Hindi heartland of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP, mainly because the IM has a formidable network of sleeper cells in these states, which the ISI has now roped in.

Waqas, a resident of Pakistan, is considered an expert in assembling improvised explosive devices. He was to supply IEDs to different terror modules for explosions during the polls. Various terror modules, sources added, were specifically directed to target BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. In fact, a plan was finalised to target Mr Modi’s convoy when he went to file his nomination papers in Varanasi constituency.

The head of IM’s India operations, Tehseen Akhtar alias Monu, who managed to escape, was another major conspirator in this plan.

Investigators feel that with the smashing of this IM module, the ISI’s plans may have suffered a major setback. But the fact that Tehseen could escape has the security agencies worried.

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‘Human bomb’ threat to Narendra Modi: IB

A red alert concerning a threat to Modi was first issued after he was declared BJP’s PM candidate. A red alert concerning a threat to Modi was first issued after he was declared BJP’s PM candidate.


The Intelligence Bureau has issued a specific alert of a possible “human bomb” targeting a rally of BJP prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi.

According to sources, the IB alert says the attack may be on the lines of assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE in 1991. The “highly specific” input states that while Modi won’t be shot at, a suicide bomber may target him disguised as a supporter. The alert does not specify the gender of the likely bomber.

The agencies suspect any assassination attempt would be most likely in Modi’s own constituencies of Varanasi and Vadodara.

A red alert concerning a threat to Modi was first issued after he was declared BJP’s PM candidate. Officers in at least three agencies, including the National Investigation Agency (NIA), have been working on specific phone intercepts picked up early August 2013, which have now been shaped into a credible intelligence input.

“The agencies are also working on messages picked up from social networking sites coinciding with poll announcements,” said a senior official.

Security agencies are tracking “floating” members of outfits like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and Indian Mujahideen (IM), and former cadres of SIMI. At least two cells are working on terrorists from splinter groups like the Hizbul Mujahideen.

The IB has issued inputs regarding the security protocol to several states, particularly Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. “We are keeping a live channel open with these states,” confirmed a senior intelligence official.

While security protocols for some other candidates, including Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal, are being worked out, the agencies have instructed at least two states to press in “maximum manpower” during Modi’s rallies.

The NIA also has provided leads picked up from interrogation of IM terrorist Yasin Bhatkal on a possible conspiracy to target Modi.

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