What is Aircel-Maxis scam


Aircel is a telecom company providing mobile phone wireless services using 2G and 3G spectrum. Before 2006 it was wholly owned by a Tamil Nadu-based capitalist, Sivasankaran, but by January 2006 it came to be owned by a Malaysia-born citizen, T. Anantha Krishnan, popularly called TAK. He is the son of a Sri Lankan Tamil immigrant who arrived as indentured plantation worker.

T. Anantha Krishnan’s second wife is Latchoumie (Lakshmi?) Marie Helene (LMH), born to a white French father who belongs to the Le Chateau Briand family, and Tamil mother. She is popularly known as Mme ‘TAK’.

Mr. TAK made his fortune first in gambling casinos and laundering LTTE drug and extortion loot garnered by the terrorist organization treasurer K. Padmanabhan (now in Sri Lanka custody), and then branched into construction, etc., to become a powerful and influential person in Malaysia. He helped Quatrrocchi grease the system in that country and escape the law because of the CBI’s deliberately chosen counsel.

Mme. TAK, according to my usually reliable sources in Paris, is the owner of a very big art gallery La Fantaisie which can be described as the Christie’s in France. Carla Bruni, the Italian wife of former French President Sarkozy, is a partner in this venture for two years.

Mrs. TAK is also the owner of a sophisticated music recording house in Paris. Carla, who is also a pop singer, uses Mrs. TAK’s studios for registration and issue of her albums.

Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul, and her sisters are frequent visitors. Whenever Rahul goes to France, he stays with Mrs. TAK. He had been there a-month-and-half back.

Mrs. TAK is the also owner of vine yards in northern Colombia with joint ownership with the Colombian rich families Bettancourt and Katalli. Rahul Gandhi’s former live-in friend Veronique is connected to the Kattalli cartel.

Mrs. TAK is also one of the major shareholders in the French aeronautical company, Dassault, whose fighter aircraft Rafaele, though rejected worldwide, was bought by India’s Defence Ministry for a hefty 20 per cent bribe.

But the TAKs are smart. This time in the French election they backed Hollande, who won the Presidency.

It is in this context we have to see the Aircel-Maxis deal, since it impinges on India’s national security as did Swan-Etisalat and Unitech-Telenor deals. Telecom towers and equipment can do cyber warfare, snoop on closed door conversations and read email.

The Indian owner of Aircel, Sivasankaran, is a financial buccaneer, working always on the edge. In 2005, after getting spectrum licence, and short of funds, he put it out that he was looking for foreign direct investment (FDI). Maxis approached him incognito through the Standard Chartered Bank. It is now alleged in an FIR of the CBI that at that stage the then telecom minister, Dayanidhi Maran, entered the scene. According to Justice Shivraj Patil Report (available on the DoT website), Maran misused his office to arm-twist Sivasankaran to sell all his shares in Aircel to Maxis in January 2006. Whether that was a drama by Maran and Sivasankaran or real, only the Supreme Court inquiry will reveal. Sivasankaran, however, agreed to sell.

But there was a problem: FDI rules require an Indian partner to hold at least 26 per cent of the equity for the deal to be okayed by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). Three months earlier to January 2006, it was at least 51 per cent, i.e., an Indian must be majority partner. Maran got that changed to just 26 per cent and the Indian partner to be in minority. But Maxis owner TAK would have none of that. He wanted Aircel to be a wholly-owned company of his. That was against FDI rules. So, Maran was in a fix. His brother and owner of Sun TV, Kalanidhi, was promised Rs 800-crore bounty for his media venture by TAK, and he was salivating furiously.

Enter P. Chidambaran (PC), the Dawood Ibrahim of Indian finance and Jesus Christ in Lok Sabha. He was then as finance minister, which meant the ex-officio chairman of the FIPB. In January 2008, PC had advised A. Raja on “share dilution” which landed the former telecom minister in Tihar. Similarly, Chidambaram advised Maran to devise a trick: form a joint venture with a young ambitious entrepreneur, all expenses paid. Thus they found Sunita Reddy part owner of Apollo Hospital.

Thus Deccan Ventures came into being, but it was joint only in name. By using a financial derivative, Maxis owned all of it. With the money thus put in, Deccan purchased 26 per cent of Aircel. TAK declared proudly to the Malaysian Stock Exchange and to his company shareholders’ meeting that he had bought 99.3 per cent of Aircel equity (0.7 per cent still left with Sivasankaran) and thus de jure Aircel became a wholly owned company of Maxis.

TAK filed for permission with FIPB as a 74 per cent owner and got it cleared in March 2006. But there was a catch. PC did not like it that Maran had decamped with the bribe loot. So, the March 2006 FIPB clearance was not made in the name of Global Communications, a wholly-owned company of Maxis, but in the name of some US company. Then PC sat on the file while TAK sweated with the thought of being so near yet so far.

Enter son Karthi, fixer, ambulance chaser, money launderer, small arms dealer, etc. Through a maze of crossholdings, he acquires at least 5 per cent of the Aircel shares before father PC reconvenes the FIPB in October 2006, deletes the name of the US company, and puts the TAK company as the 74 per cent owner of Aircel equity. Karthi’s wife, Dr. Srinidhi, starts working as a consulting doctor with Apollo Hospital. All are happy now.

So, what is the criminal offence? The biggest is the bogus FIPB clearance. Chidambaram has committed offence of criminal misconduct under Section 13(1)(d)(iii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act which has a provision of seven-year jail term. Ditto with Maran, Karthi, and maybe Sivasankaran too under sub-Section (ii), read with IPC 120A&B. The Supreme Court has been apprised by me on May 10, and the matter will be heard after the vacations on July 17. If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh does not want to testify in court, he must get rid of PC from the Cabinet. This is also what all Congress leaders except one want.

In the meantime, the Indonesian Police has issued an arrest warrant against Maxis CEO Roy Marshall for fraud, cheating, and money laundering in another connected company Astro. Its money trail leads to a favorite English news TV channel. Marshall is also a Sri Lankan Tamil, and has played host to PC’s wife Nalini when the deal was being brokered.

The corruption pimple under UPA rule has defiled Bharat Mata but now it seems about to burst. Cure lies in operating Vishkanya poison from our body politic.

Posted on : 2012-05-17

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Dr Subramanian Swamy announces the launch of launch of Virat Hindustan Sangam

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Mr Ajit Doval Excellence in Leadership – a great session at Vidarbha Management Association

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Here is the compilation of my tweets on the above subject. Pl follow me in twitter @Janamejayan.

1. Tamilnadu for 50+ years was haunted by the anti-national DMK with a lie that they are a Draviian race and North Indians are Aryan race.

2. Karunanidhi succeeded Annadurai by sheer goondaism within the party. He realized he can extend this goondaism beyond the party to survive.

3. The extension of this goondaism was in DMK’s planting of Prabhakaran as the LTTE leader in Srilanka who can be used as an outsourced goonda.

4. Both Karunanidhi and MGR vied with each other to prop this LTTE who grew into a human bomber terrorist and drug peddler spoiling Tamil youth.

5. Italian mafia realized the potential of terrorist LTTE and quickly used it to assasinate Rajiv Gandhi.

6. This assasination paved the way for Sonia to inherit Indira’s huge wealth and the Congress mantle.

7. LTTE which was once a faithful dog of MuKa and MGR metamorphosed into swallowing the political parties of Tamilnadu’s entire spectrum.

8. Every political party in Tamilnadu including Congress and even the BJP became paid agents of LTTE for they would kill
if refused.

9. The LTTE also acted in some cases as the outsourcing agents of corrupt politicians’ immense stolen money.

10. The Christian missionaries quickly acted as the frontal organizations to recruit & promote the goondas for LTTE.

11. And the Christian missionaries in turn used the goodas’ protection to spread their religious conversion.

12. Thus LTTE, just like the Italian mafiosi in New Delhi, got firmly entrenched in Tamilnadu politics.

13. LTTE supported and used both MuKa and JJ to alternate in power. National interest became a casualty in Tamilnadu.

14. There seemed to be no one who could save Tamilnadu from sinking into this abysmal hellhole of goonda & corrupt politicians robbing Tamilians.

15. But then to their utter dismay Dr. Subramanian Swamy entered the scene and legally challenged them!

16. Thus the unwitting judiciary was pitted against the Dravidian parties in their corruption and high-handedness.

17. MuKa and JJ saw their bete-noire in Dr.Swamy in his fight to save Ramasethu, in his fight to expose 2G scam, or even in JJ’s blatant loot.

18. Both MuKa and JJ liberally used their tested weapons like LTTE goondaism, mythical Dravidianism, anti-Brahminism to make Dr.Swamy a paraiah in TN.

19. However they did not realize there was an achilles heel in their armor! It was the greater law of the land, to which they are subject.

20. MuKa and JJ used much of their resources to the hilt to thwart and intimidate the judges but the day of reconing soon arrived for both.

21. MuKa’s party was decimated by 2G scam and JJ was thrown in jail for her robbery of her helpless victims.

22. Today there is a political vaccuum as the Dravidian maya is vaning and both Dravidian promoters stand exposed as criminals.

23. LTTE has lost it base in Srilanka. Dr.Swamy who has a greater ally in Modi as the no-nonsense PM will clear TN of
terrorist remnants.

24. All parties including the TNBJP are guilty of being the paid agents of LTTE.

25. BJP is the only national party of hope for people of TN.

26. But, for BJP to take firm root in TN and grow this corrupt TNBJP should be disbanded and reconstituted.

27. Rosiah who is the puppet governor appointed by Sonia must be sacked.

28. AIADMK govt under the puppet Panneeselvam should be immediately dismissed and president rule to be imposed.

29. Dr. @swamy39 should be asked to draw up a bold plan of economic development for taking Tamilnadu ahead of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

30. A new election should be held in one year with a new TNBJP that will offer Dr.Swamy’s plan of Economic boom for TN.

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TULF Sec-Gen Aanandasangaree writes to Indian PM Narendra Modi about how the TNA Accepted the LTTE as Sole Leaders of the Tamil People.


Tamil United Liberation Front(TULF) Secretary – General Veerasingham Aanandasangaree has in a letter sent to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi been critical of the Tamil National Alliance(TNA).The letter is published in full below-

Hon. Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.

Your Excellency,

Let Us Be Honest By Our People

I am the Secretary General of the Tamil United Liberation Front, a position held by the Late Mr. A. Amirthalingam before his assassination in 1989 . Due to my strong commitments to non-violence I was selected to receive the UNESCO’s Madanjeetsingh award for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-violence for the year 2006. I also served as a Member of Parliament for 17 years.

The TULF was founded by the Late Hon. S.J.V. Chelvanayagam a Queen’s Council in 1972. Due to his strong commitments to Mahatma Gandhi’s policies, he was very much loved, respected and also affectionately referred to as ‘Eelahthu Gandhi.’ The TULF was left behind as a legacy, by the founder to his people, a brief history of which is given here to enlighten Your Honour .of certain vital matters related to our ethnic problem. The TULF that had been dealing with the Sri Lankan Ethnic issue from Smt. Indra Gandhi’s days has changed hands, under compelling circumstances and now being dealt with by a pro- LTTE group.

Among many others, the main purpose of forming the TULF was to bring together all sections of the Tamil speaking minorities of Sri Lanka under one banner. It was an urgent need at that time. When the Soulbury constitution, with which the country gained its independence, was being replaced in 1972 with the new Republican Constitution, in which even the few safe guards the minorities had were unjustifiably dropped.

Realizing the urgent need at that time, brushing aside the 23 years old political enmity, the late Hon. S.J.V. Chelvanayagam had with his onetime colleague the late Hon. G.G.Ponnambalam who was also a Queen’s Council and leader of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress founded by both of them in 1945, went to his residence and invited him to join him to meet the challenge, the Tamil community was facing due to the new developments.

Admirably unhesitant and respectfully the leader of the ACTC agreed to give full support for the move of the leader of the ITAK. As far as the Tamils were concerned this was a reunion of two Tamil political giants of great repute.

The entire Tamil Community rejoiced at the magnanimity shown by the two leaders who put aside their differences and re-joined to fight for a common cause.

It is on such a strong foundation the TULF was built, to serve the Tamil cause, as a permanent body and not meant to be meddled with by everybody. The TULF proved its acceptance by the Tamil people by winning all the Tamil majority seats except only one, which was lost by about 500 votes at the Parliamentary elections held in 1977.

A delegation claiming to be that of the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) , now supposed to be comprised of five political parties namely the ITAK,TELO,EPRLF,TULF,PLOTE met you recently. But this delegation that met you in India was comprised of four members from the ITAK and one each from the TELO and EPRLF with none from the PLOTE although its leader polled over 40,000 votes and came third at the recently held Northern Provincial Council elections. As usual they never discuss anything with the TULF the leader of which is in politics for more than 55 years. The reason is obviously on orders from their top.

Your Excellency, I am one who had been campaigning for an Indian Model as an alternative to a Federal Solution. It may not be out of place if I quote extracts from Editorials of three prestigious local papers:-

• Sunday Island of 12-03-2006 wound up its Editorial captioned “Anandasangaree’s Fomula” saying “The Indian Model is what Anandasangaree suggests. The majority of Lankans will accept that but whether the LTTE will abandon separatism is another question.

• The Morning Leader of 15-03-2006
in its Editorial captioned “The Anandasangaree Proposal” had commented “The Anandasangaree proposal in fact is a very practicable via media, if the opposing parties are prepared to accept it, But are they so prepared”?

• The Daily Mirror of March 16, 2006 in its Editorial captioned “Heed TULF leader’s appeal” had said “ Anandasangaree is a politician held in high esteem by many in the South, particularly by the JVP, as a moderate leader who has, throughout, opposed the LTTE’s violence and its dictatorial policies. It is, therefore, appropriate to pay due attention to what he has proposed.”

Your Excellency, I do not know what transpired at the meeting this delegation had with you. No local paper carried any details except some reference to your expectations advice etc. But after going through an interview given to the press by a Member of Parliament who was in the delegation, I hasten to deny, although belated, some references made by him relating to the relationship of the TNA with the LTTE and about the mandate the TNA repeatedly got from the Tamil People, through various elections, to speak for the Tamils. The relationship the TNA’s constituent parties have among themselves and with others are not at all cordial as claimed.

With regard to the TNA’s relationship with the LTTE, it was Mr. S. Senathirajah the President of the ITAK that the LTTE had made use of, to strengthen their position. He enjoyed the lion’s share in the National List Membership of the TULF in Parliament twice, which is very unusual.

Following that he won a seat to Parliament at the 2002 elections on the TULF ticket. By unfair means he revived the ITAK which was virtually defunct for a period of 26 years, from 1977 in which the founder died as President of the TULF till, 2003 when it was revived by him in proof of which a media report is quoted here as follows- “TULF MP Mavai Senathirajah who is in the process of reviving the Federal Party visited Killinochchi had meetings with the LTTE Deputy Political Commissar Thangan on 14-10-2003. The revival of the Federal party is being undertaken at the behest of the LTTE”. It is clear that Mr. Senathirajah had undertaken this task on the orders of the LTTE leader. It automatically follows that the move to oust me from the Presidentship of the TULF also was on the orders of the LTTE command. What is wrong is, his assisting a movement committed to violence to eradicate a party committed to non-violence.

It is the same story about the TNA as well. The TNA was started by four parties of which TULF was one. The TULF was replaced by ITAK without any reference to anybody or to the party concerned. All concerned parties should now accept that both the TNA and the ITAK had been revived by dishonest means on the instigation of the LTTE to look after their interest. It is this TNA that nominated candidates for all electoral districts in the North and in the East for the 2004 elections, Mr. Tamilselvan retaining half the number of slots in each one of the electoral districts. Of all the members elected to the 2004 Parliament, majority belonged to the LTTE.

Not only that, the worst part was the declaration the four secretaries of the four Parties made was carried in the manifesto issued by them for the 2004 Parliamentary elections. The signatories were M/S Mavai Senathirajah , G.G.Ponnambalam , Presanna Indrakumar, and Suresh Premachandren representing the ITAK, ACTC,TELO,and the EPRLF respectively.

English translation of the declaration which is in Tamils is given below:-

“Accepting the leadership of the LTTE as the National Leadership of the Tamil people and also accepting the LTTE as the real sole – representatives of the Tamil people, we honestly and firmly pledge to give our full support for the struggle the LTTE had undertaken on behalf of the Tamil Nation”.

Even important and responsible members of the ITAK did not realize the serious commitment they were making. The ITAK not only acted irresponsibly but also brought grave discredit to the TNA and the ITAK as a whole. If the background of the revivals of the TNA and the ITAK are known, the reaction of the International Community will be different.

Dealing with the Tamil question is no more a monopoly of either the TNA or the ITAK. There are several serious blunders the TNA had committed. The TNA changed the course of history by their conduct, one of which was, on the instructions of the LTTE, prevented the Tamils from taking part in the Presidential election held in 2005.

The other too was a similar blunder, in asking the Tamil people to vote for a particular Sinhala candidate which made most Sinhala people to unite and help another one to win and defeat TNA’s claim that only the Tamils can determine as to who will get elected as President.

To mention a 3rd incident the TNA refusing to meet the Indian foreign Secretary Shri Shiv Shankar Menon when asked to do so by him. At that time the war was at its high pitch and several innocent people were dying. If the meeting had taken place he would have advised them as to how to save the lives of thousands of men, women and children. The TNA must share the blame for these large scale deaths.

The declaration of the four secretaries of the alliance gave ample opportunities for the LTTE to commit atrocious crimes between April 2004 and May 18th 2009. Innumerable crimes had been committed resulting in the death of thousands, some of whom were Members of Parliament. According to TNA’s manifesto of 2004 the TNA and ITAK should accept responsibility for these crimes. This is the result of allowing novices to decide on crucial issues.

The claim of the TNA that voters had repeatedly given them the mandate through various elections, to negotiate with the government is not acceptable and misleading.

The 2004 general election was virtually conducted by the LTTE with little or no supervision by the government. There was large scale impersonation, threats and intimidation of voters by the LTTE and some won after their defeats was announced.

At the 2010 General Election the voting at various places varied between 9% and 19.85%. In Jaffna out of about 7,50,000 voters TNA polled only about 65,000 a mere 9%. This low percentage cannot be taken as a mandate. Furthermore polling at local elections cannot be taken as a mandate because the issues were different. In these matters too, the said Member of Parliament seems to have misled the Hon. Prime Minister’s team by concealing vital information.

Having waited so long by allowing the TNA to deal with our ethnic problem and having lost confidence in the TNA, the time has now come for all the other concerned parties to find an alternative.

The TULF was meant to be a permanent body left behind as a legacy to the Tamil people with the blessings of two other leaders Hon. G.G. Ponnambalam and Hon.S.Thondaman. Every Tamil has a right to claim it as one owned by Tamils. Everyone knows that the TULF was the creation of Thanthai Chelva, who virtually wound up his ITAK and brought the other two most senior leaders into his fold and shared his chair of the TULF with both of them.

Your Excellency, your advice must be taken seriously if we want a solution. Hence action should be taken forthwith to consult various political parties of Tamils and Tamil speaking people to know their views. The intention of meeting the party leaders is not to confront any one of them including the TNA and the ITAK, who should be warned of their links with the LTTE if they are serious in finding solutions. The sole purpose is to arrive at a consensus and to see to what extent we can compromise on.

It is very well known that I had been campaigning for an Indian model hardly opposed by anybody. Apart from this, various matters that cause us worry and concern also can be taken up at the meeting that I propose to convene shortly.

Thanking You,

V. Aanandasangaree –
Secretary General -TULF.

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When Rajdeep assaulted me – victim’s blog

Email from Satya Doshapati

Please see below the details from victim himself.   If anyone knows Mahendar please ask him to get in touch with me.   In US (maybe in India as well), the state will hire an attorney for criminal actions.  There is no financial burden whatsoever.  Mahendar needs to come forward and report to NYT Police both on Rajdeep and his media agency.   In addition, civil lawsuits can be filed and we will help find pro-bono lawyers.
This is not about vengeance against anyone, this is about disgusting propaganda that has been practiced in India in the name of journalism.    If Rajdeep committed a wrong act in the spur of the moment, that may be dismissed as being human but turning around and showing yourself as a victim (by showing only part of video) is extremely reprehensible on part of a journalist.
While I urge everyone to sign the petition, most importantly to pursue legal angle.   When we ignore to pursue such acts, we are allowing them to be acceptable.  Remember, the world is a dangerous place not because there are bad people, but because there are good people who chose not to act (Einstein).
Our team has fought three cases of Sonia Gandhi with multi-million dollar lawsuits in US and got them dismissed and we can provide him guidance in this matter.    But Mahendar need to reach out to us.
It is time to send a message to section of english media Indian journalists who think they can get away with pseudo journalism.

Monday, September 29, 2014

When Rajdeep assaulted me

I write this for two reasons: to add context to what is evident from the Zee News video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54xGasucqAc ; to avoid a Rashomon like state and rebut Rajdeep Sardesai’s attempt to paint himself the victim. He a big fish and has friends in the media, so he may succeed, but my job is to stand up.
Bored standing in the long line to get into MSG, I took a quick stroll and saw much media coverage, including the likes of Chaubey, Sawant and Sardesai. I noticed Rajdeep taunt a group of young Indians: He asked them ‘Did Modi teach you to do this?…” i.e. shouting Rajdeep Murdabad.
Watch this video to see how Rajdeep was essentially trying to continue his 12 year hate-work in trying to tarnish the PM. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/video/rajdeep-sardesai-modi-crowd-frenzied-modi-fans-new-york/1/393219.html.  Unable to get the ‘negative’ answers he’s looking for, Rajdeep says ‘So what you guys are saying is that the “Media” was unfair to Modi’ (this part is not on videos I have seen). I immediately picked up his spin and shot back: Not the media, it is NewsTraders like you who are unfair. And I called him “NewsTrader No.1″. This seems to have made him lose his mind: He removed his jacket, and walked over to me (this is the part in the zee news video) and started verbally abusing me (“arsehole” and other threat-cum-abuse). I was surprised at hearing the abuse and his threatening body language given his ever-cool studio self. I retorted with the same epithet. This led to his turning around and attacking me – grabs my collar and shoves me (guess its his privilege in his un-Modified India). I was left with no choice but to push him back.
I would urge people to note 4 things:
1. Rajdeep indulges in unprovoked tarnishing and demeaning of the Indian PM on foreign soil and Indians living there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F1XP9I49Fw
2. Rajdeep starts the verbal abuse / intimidation
3. Rajdeep starts the physical assault
4. Rajdeep turns around and spins victimhood – ‘frenzied Modi fans abuse him’.
Is it even remotely acceptable for a senior Indian journalist to engage in unprovoked insulting of our elected PM on foreign soil while he’s on an important diplomatic tour, and wilfully trivialize a unique event (by continuing his political battle with the PM) that allowed the NRI community and the Indian Govt to build a stronger bond?
I believe you just cannot carry your personal battle with your PM onto foreign soil and cause harm to the country.
While I reflect upon what next steps to take, I urge everyone to write to the India Today group condemning such dastardly behavior by their ‘senior’ employee. I request the media (i have no faith in NewsTraders) to take this message to their viewership.
I reflected much on this since then — what explains Rajdeep’s egregious, shameful and harmful behavior? A apt word in American local parlance sums it up best: He’s a Hater.


  1. Please make him pay for this. Make a police complaint and sue him


  2. Thanks for writing your side of the story. Rajdeep must have been acting on someone’s instructions for a price. Truth should prevail. Let all know it through a court case.


  3. Kudos to you for standing upto this bully. He thinks he can get away with whatever things he says. Such a dolt.


  4. More power to you.. don’t stand down.. good luck!


  5. Mate – I appreciate your restraint as clearly seen in the picture. I am going to forward the blog so people know of the truth(which they already know from the video).


  6. Did you file a FIR against NEMO’s son?


  7. Why did you not kick in the balls? Your reaction was very mild. You had so many people with you, you should have at least given him few solid ones.


  8. If he assaulted you first, as the videos I have seen appear to show, then you have a case for assault and battery. You need to consult a lawyer. From what I know, assault does not have to involve physical contact — that is battery.

    The wiki says, “An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and tort law. There is, however, an additional criminal law category of assault consisting of an attempted but unsuccessful battery. The term is often confused with battery, which involves physical contact.”

    Best wishes.


  9. Sir, with the clear evidence available on camera, please go ahead and resgister a complaint with the cops for assault and battery. Make him understand that his ‘holier than thou’ attitude does not entitle him to verbally and physically assault another person. All self respecting and proud Indians are in solidarity with you.

    Avinaash Murali


  10. Pl. complain to NYPD and get him locked up !!


  11. Please file an Assault and Battery complaint. Lets show this congi where he belongs.


  12. Please make him pay for this. I support you my friend. He should be barred entering US again. He shouldnt get away. Please file Police complaint ASAP before he leaves US. We will make this article viral in social media. Well done brother!!


  13. Mahendar, I am proud of what u did. U stood up to a bully. He came with a vendetta to paint supporters there as rabid mobs and liken them with rioters. sadly his plan failed and his uppity got exposed.


  14. Proud of you! You proved 2 things:
    1) NRIs don’t become any less Indians after leaving India
    2) NRIs will stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers & sisters at home to right size the modern “Mir Jaffers” & “Jai Chands”

    Jai Hind!


  15. We are with you. Lets take legal opinion locally, we will raise money if we need to.


  16. Kudos to your restraint! Though, I wished you had kicked this SOB in his balls. After all this, the ROGUE goes about playing victim. The scum bag needs to come to his knees. I sincerely urge you to lodge a complaint and get this guy into the legal wrangle here. Please!


  17. Great job buddy! Thanks for sharing the details through this blog. NRIs all over the globe, Patriots all over the Nation are with you!


  18. “…son of the Indian Test cricketer Dilip Sardesai,..”. Sadly in a country as classist as India, this kind of sentence tells you all you need to know about a person’s character. Indian Americans may have been advantaged relative to the average Indian, but we had to leave to escape the feudalistic system that these rich Indians created to monopolize opportunity. Now we’ve surpassed the success of Indian good-for-nothing gentry and we’re coming back to take back what these elitist, Rahul Gandhis of India have taken from the common people who work hard and earn what they have. Modi is a perfect example of that. Indian Americans stood behind this common man from day one, and he will make strides in ending neo-fuedalism in India. If Sardesai gets drunk and runs over a family of homeless Indians, he would get away with it. We should have shown him that day what its like to be on the receiving end of this.


  19. These guys have fed on congi loot gutter for too long & hence feeling deprived.


  20. I’m glad you pushed that stupid S.O.B.. He is behaved in a disgusting manner. He had no right to place his hands on you. He should be ashamed of himself. He is a Hindu hating peace of garbage!


  21. Mahender, kudos for your blog. That is not enough. Lets file a case against RS and his channel and get it banned from entering US solil. That will make RS untouchable by any other media. Call me 732-824-4040 – and i will find resources for the case and destroying RS and any channel he works for


  22. Don’t just let him go scotfree, being a senior journalist he should have behaved himself,known his limits, it goes to prove that he was not there to report PMs US trip but was there precisely to create a scene to bring bad name to our PM


  23. Kudos to you my friend, for standing up for the country and the people of India. Scums like Rajdeep Sardesai have been the reason this country got left behind in the committee of nations. Now when there is one leader who dreams to change all that, these guys have tried their best to push that back. Your standing up to him only shows that things are changing. There is hope, for sure!


  24. I was there, he was calling for all this. His behavior was completely childish, every small thing mattered. It was as if his first job was to get into all this , and his so called journalism job was secondary ..!!!

    I pity him..!!

    Kudos to you and people around there, who kept real cool after all the provocation/instigation!!!


  25. Please press charges. Hopefully he will either rot in jail or will never be able to get into the country again- that will be natural justice.


  26. He should a get a taste of American Prison. Go for it. File the case.


  27. Yes, you should file a case for assault and abuse and maligning you.


  28. He is an anti-national working against India from quite sometime.He needs to be sent to Pakistan.


  29. I think he was intentionally provoking NRIs so that the PMs visit gets negative coverage. But the more they try to defame NaMo the more success he is making.
    Good you stood up. Nothing wrong in pushing back a bully.


  30. Journalism comes with responsibility, loyalty and obligation to serve the truth and truth alone. NewsTraders must be sacked and it’s high time to raise voice against those who indulge in unethical practices and misuse this profession just to satisfy their personal needs and opinions! Rajdeep must be sacked and thanks Mahender for bringing it to everyone’s notice!


  31. Rajdeep has always indulged in such low class activities.. He should be tought a lesson in US… Please sue him in a US court


  32. This guy sold his soul to devil to get one of India’s highest honours, the Padma Vibhushan. He didn’t report on the Cash for votes scam. Rajdeep, some day you will get your comeuppance. Now all this drama to sell his book.

    Anyway Mahender, you’re a national hero. I don’t know if you slapped him, but if you did, thanks. I hope this starts a trend.


  33. I don’t know what Modi did. Let’s assume Modi did something in 2002. But this guy is running with a personal vendetta against him. So who’s a bigger hater? Modi or Rajdeep? Rajdeep you’re a rotten mind. You’re going Senile.


  34. See boss your version is getting defeated by the big-fish friends of Rajdeep. Unless you give complaint you are not vindicated. Atleast approach a lawyer.


  35. Please, please, please do not let go of this culprit. Sue him, file a police complaint, get him arrested, let him rot in jail for a few years. Such uncivilized behaviour is unacceptable, Rajdeep has to spend the next few years in jail. I cannot believe he graduated from Oxford University. He behaved like an illiterate, well actually he behaved worse than illiterates. Get him thrown in jail. I want to see him in court in shackles.


  36. You should have smacked his face mate. He is trying to show his innocence via his media friends. We all stand tall with you. Sadly indian media is a puppet at foreign hands and journalist like him act at the call of foreign masters.


  37. We are at Fault
    We clamour around these news journalist as if they are hero’s of modern time, fighting for India, instead they are chamchas of the 1st order, looking forward to remunerations in form of awards by their political friends. And we have placed them next to Bollywood hero’s and heroine’s.
    POLITICIANS breed them for their own selfish motos. Almost all journalists have aligned themselves with some political party I.e Rajdeep with Congress
    Rajat Sharma with BJP
    The list goes on …
    Instead we all should follow and admire the unknown CAMERAMEN who risk their lives to bring the truth via their perfectly timed shots.
    World over CAMERAMEN are respected except in India.
    Its high time we stop hero worshiping these jounalists and get to know the cameramen instead by names and start following them instead of these Chamcha Journalist’s.


  38. Very brave of you brother … He deserved every bit of it and more

    There is a petition that is being run online

    I urge everyone to sign this petition:

    Disallow Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai from participating and embarrassing India in any international event in the future



  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  40. Rajdeep is a Son of Bitch, get him if you can

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