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Kashmiri Muslims think that Kashmir belongs to Muslims – That is truly anti-national.

Saturday, 28 June, 2008 , 04:42 PM The Jammu and Kashmir government, after deliberations in the Cabinet (PDP was also a part of it), decided to transfer 40 hectares of forest land along the pilgrimage path to the Shri Amarnathji … Continue reading

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Countdown, crash & casualties

Saturday, 28 June, 2008 , 02:32 PM 3…2…1… The 123 Agreement of the Indo-US nuclear deal has become some kind of a countdown for the UPA regime at the Centre. With the clock and calendar suddenly racing, the air is … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech Rally against 100 million dollar lawsuit by Indian National Overseas Congress

Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Dr.Kukar Video of Dr. Swamy speech (complete transcript given below) Video of Dr. Kukar speech (Key organizer of the rally) Video of Attorney Karamvir Dahiya Esq., Photos, Posters at the Rally Freedom … Continue reading

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Marxist-Jihadi Criminal Enterprise

Dr. Babu Suseelan Marxists and Jihadis: Partners in Crime The prevention of crime and anti-social activities is an important responsibility of the government-one in which all segments of society have a stake. But on that crime fighting ideological front, … Continue reading

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Gandhi was anti-black, charges new biography

Indian leader praised Hitler, said whites should rule South Africa Gandhi’s commitment to non-violence was, by all accounts, extreme. In 1940, when the British Isles appeared to be on the verge of invasion by the Axis powers, Gandhi offered the … Continue reading

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Karat goes to U.S.A. Looking for $$ (bribe) direct from the source? Why does a guy who normally goes to Beijing for a commie tutorial go to USA just two days before approving the signing of the nuke deal? Karat goes to USA to strike a deal to throw the nuke … Continue reading

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How a Hindu becomes an Islamic terrorist: Part – II

Vedaprakash 1. The phenomenon of turning Hindu to Christian to Muslim! The metamorphosis of Kalimuthu to David[1] to Umar has been interesting for sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and all other social scientists. That a “believer” could change his god two or … Continue reading

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