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Origin of caste. Castes rise and fall in social scale, and old castes die out and new ones are formed, but the four great classes (varna) are stable. They are never more or never less than four of these varnas. … Continue reading

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1. In a caste system, phrases like ‘son of a Kayastha’ or ‘son of a Gujjar‘ etc are not used because son of a Kayastha is a Kayastha and son of a Gujjar is also a Gujjar. 2. Therefore calling … Continue reading

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1. There are people who have the fancy to say Casteism is the bane of Hinduism and in turn blame it on our Dharma. 2. Is it really true that casteism is a product of our Dharma? 3. Many people, … Continue reading

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My radom thoughts on the political situation of India

1. If The SC gives its nod for the building of Ram Temple at Ayodhya Modi said he will join us. 2. If SC does not give its nod Modi do not want Hindus to build Ram Temple at Ayodhya … Continue reading

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