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Direct cash transfer scheme, a fraud on the Constitution – Swamy will make PM, SoniaG, RahulG respondents

28.12.2012 PRESS RELEASE I thoroughly oppose the recently announced ‘Direct Cash Transfer Scheme’ by the Prime Minister, and explained in the Congress Party headquarters by two of the most sycophantic and compliant Ministers to the National Herald scam duo, Ms.Sonia … Continue reading

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R P Singh as Sonia Gandhi’s new gospel By S Gurumurthy 26th November 2012 08:49 AM Sonia Gandhi never opened her mouth on the 2G scam when the 2G scam broke out in 2009; or, when the CBI raided the DoT in October 2009; or, when the CAG … Continue reading

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BHAGYALAKSHMI TEMPLE ISSUE – FACTS REVEALED Monday, November 26, 2012 Kesava The recent controversy surrounding Charminar and the abutting Bhagyalakshmi Temple has been a talking point among the AP media circles for some time now. Media concentrated on whether or not the government of AP … Continue reading

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by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 6:48am · On December 6, 1992, a super structure called the Babri Masjid standing in the city of Ayodhya, came crashing down. It remains even today a traumatic event for the nation, … Continue reading

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I.K.Gujral may be in line to enter Yamaloka beating Karunanidhi. Waiting in bated breadth to see who enters first!

I.K.Gujral, stooge of Sonia who lost his PM job for not dropping Karunanidhi’s ministers because DMK was found to be in cohoots with LTTE that killed Rajiv may be in line to enter Yamaloka beating Karunanidhi! Gujral, 92, who has … Continue reading

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Asif Ibrahim to be next IB chief bypassing four officers senior to him

Stupid secular parties including BJP bend down to suck their own in shameless betrayal of Bharat Here is the news item: Alok Joshi to head RAW, Asif Ibrahim to be next IB chief New Delhi, Nov 25, 2012, (PTI) … Continue reading

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Indians hiding black money in Swiss accounts raise concerns with World Bank Jason Overdorf | | Nov 22, 2012 In India, black money goes out and white money comes in, suggests new findings from the World Bank. Even as India’s anti-corruption activists and opposition lawmakers rail about the allegedly vast … Continue reading

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