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Sringeri Sharada Peetham Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham is one of the important Hindu Advaita maṭhas. The heads of the maṭha are known as Shankaracharyas. It is believed to be one of the original maṭhas started by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. The maţha is … Continue reading

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Date of Adi Sankara

I came across an article by one Vidyasankar virulently attacking Paramacharya and Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Matam saying that the Kanchi Matam has no history beyond the middle of the 19th Century.  He also came up to uphold the secularist … Continue reading

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Bihar may attain 20% growth rate, says Nitish Kumar

Bodh Gaya: Bihar has potential to achieve 20% growth rate, chief minister Nitish Kumar said on Thursday. Kumar made the remark after inspecting the integrated agricultural system at the farm of Ramsevak Mahto, a small farmer, at Dobhi here. The … Continue reading

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Supporters hail Alagiri, the ‘CM’

http://www.telegrap 1100128/jsp/ nation/story_ 12036984. jsp Supporters hail Alagiri, the ‘CM’ G.C. SHEKHAR, Telegraph, 28 Jan. 2010 A poster in Madurai ahead of Alagiri’s birthday. Chennai, Jan. 27: Happy birthday Alagiri, the CM. CM, as in chemical minister. But the … Continue reading

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LTTE cadres in TN; alert sounded

MR Narayan Swamy First Published : 28 Jan 2010 02:37:37 PM IST Last Updated : 28 Jan 2010 04:37:09 PM IST NEW DELHI: A security alert has been sounded following the seizure of ammunition on the Tamil Nadu coast and … Continue reading

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There’s no stopping Rajapaksa

NT Bureau/PTI | Wed, 27 Jan, 2010,02:16 PM . President Mahinda Rajapaksa has registered a landslide victory against his chief opponent and the opposition consensus nominee retired General Sarath Fonseka in the presidential polls held in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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1984 IA hijacker deported to India form Canada

Gurmukh Singh First Published : 27 Jan 2010 09:19:05 AM IST Last Updated : TORONTO: Canada Tuesday deported the mastermind of the 1984 Indian Airline hijacker to India.Parminder Singh Saini, 46, who took refuge here 15 years ago and faced … Continue reading

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