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Tamil is Hindu

All Christian missionaries from Robert-De-Nobili to Robert Caldwell, all Christian priests like Thaninayagam and evangelists like Deivanayagam, worked and are working for the same agenda of hijacking Tamil language, erasing its Hindu identity, destroying the native culture, converting the natives … Continue reading

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Even without Popular Front Kerala will be a Muslim-majority state

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala was only speaking the truth, and nothing but the truth, when he said there is a deliberate attempt to make Kerala a Muslim-majority state by 2020. But the truthful part of his statement ends there. … Continue reading

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Max Mueller was a swindler but became a sage for the swindling class in India!

He never had an education and so was Sonia! “Fundamentals of Indology wrong” , “Max Mueller a Swindler” – Interview with Prof Prodosh Aich 14/06/2010 13:29:18  By Satish Misra <!– –> Indian Professor Prodosh Aich,  calls Indologist  Max Mueller a “swindler”. … Continue reading

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The Grandiose scheme of the Islamists to take over Kerala and make it into another Pakistan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on Saturday said that the recent developments triggered by Muslim extremist organisations were an experiment to ignite communal sentiments in the state. “The Popular Front of India which was earlier known as National Development Front … Continue reading

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What gruesome things can the Muslims do for a living?

RAMANATHAPURAM:A Muslim, Abdul Kafur murdered an 18-month-old boy in a case of human sacrifice made to acquire more power, according to the police. They said the killer identified the spot where the child’s decapitated body was buried in a hut … Continue reading

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Christian Fraudster robs Hindu Dalits to become an IAS officer

Umashankar, an IAS officer tricked his way into becoming an IAS officer by producing false certificate.  This came to surface and had to be suspended. His parents Chellakani and Suganthi, though Hindus by birth, converted to Christianity (most likely bought … Continue reading

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Sonia’s cooley CBI takes Amit Shah into custody

GANDHINAGAR/AHMEDABAD: Former Gujarat minister Amit Shah charged with involvement in the 2005 killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh in a staged shootout was taken into custody by the CBI in Gandhinagar Sunday. Shah, who was missing since Thursday, earlier surfaced dramatically at … Continue reading

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