The Superpower Politics

The following were my tweets which I want to share in this blog.

1. Korean war lasted for 4 years by all foreign countries and ended with the the split of the country but the 2 sides remain tense since then.

2. Vietnam war lasted full 20 years led for most part by the US fighting ‘communists’ and lost to Viet Cong of Ho Chi Minh.

3. In the case of VietNam war the first phase of the war was fought by the French and they lost to nationalists who were also communists.

4. When the French were defeated the Americans got into action and occupied the south of Vietnam and carried the war for 20 years and lost.

5. In case of Vietnam War, unlike Korean war, the nation that was split was unified. The new nation was dependent on China but soon broke that dependence.

6. The third largest localized war since the second World War was the Afghan war where people elected an anti-Islamic govt but it was communist.

7. Though the govt was known as The Islamic State of Afghanistan & internationally recgonized, the Talibans attacked & captured it in 1996.

8. The Talibans were supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (which literally meant the Americans & the NATO).

9. This was unacceptable to the Soviet Union so it invaded Afghanistan to support its puppet govt.

10. Al Quieda got anointed as the leader of resistance of the Muslim nations supporting the Talibans, by the US and the NATO.

11. In 1989 the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan paving the way for Taliban rule which became a client state of Pakistan.

12. The end of Afghan war culminated in the proxy war between international communists led by Soviet Union and the anti-communist US.

13. By 1991 Soviet Union collapsed and the cold war ended. Communist China was still a thorn in the flesh for the US hankering on hegemony.

14. Around the year 2000 China under Deng Zio Ping saw the writing on the wall written by the collapse of the USSR and it abandoned Socialism and opted for State Capitalism.

15. Russia the survivor of the ruins of the Soviet Union with its vast resources and nuclear weapons emerged as a superpower nevertheless.

16. Europe began to ail under the mismanaged European Union and its old powers like Britain and France remained as paper powers to contend in the middle-east only.

17. However the NATO and the EU remained partners with the US in all international crises.

18. Thus there emerged 3 superpowers – The US, Russia and China with the Europeans under NATO & the EU as the 4th.

19. What is a superpower? It is a state that can be able to lend money to many small states and command their loyalty. Lending is the basis of Capitalism.

20. These small states also constitute a ‘market’ that is exclusively attached to a superpower. Being a neibhor also greatly contributes in claiming a country as its vassal state. Only Cuba resisted this trend for a very long time.

21. In the 2nd World War many enemies became friends and many friends became enemies.

22. The outcome of the WW II is the defeat of Germany and Japan as superpowers and they became client states of the US.

23. Much of the East European Nations became client states of the Soviet Union.

24. The War freed China from the clutches of Japan. Because of idealogy the Soviets tried and succeeded a bit getting China as a client state.

25. By 1962 the Chinese freed themselves and asserted their sovereignty and blasted their Nukes in celebration!

26. India also got ‘independence’, sort of, but still tied to the Brits as a dominion which was broken only in 1956.

27. India still remained an appendage of Britain through the Common Wealth because it had a begging bowl in the hand!

28. On conclusion of WW II the world got divided into two camps one led by the Soviets as leader of anti-imperialism.

29. The other was led by the US that touted itself as the bastion for freedom from dictatorship and for free-economy.

30. Ex-colonialists like Britain, France were also playing a role of influence on nations that they were exploiting before.

31. Yet the making and functioning of the UN let these superpowers to compromise to not to aggravate tension but yet continue their confrontation.

32. This is the context in which the coming into the scene of Pakistan and India as two ‘nations’.

33. First of all no nations has ever existed on this earth purely as a domain of any religion. Therefore Pakistan is not a nation.

34. Besides Pakistan was in two pieces split apart by hundreds of miles.

35. Clearly Pakistan was set up to squeeze and suffocate India in return to handing over power to lackey Gandhi-Patel-Nehru clique.

36. Gandhi-Patel-Nehru clique saw that refusing the offer would deny them power and the sure return of Subhash Bose. So they succumbed.

37. The role set out for these two nations began to play in frequent wars right from invasion of Kashmir.

38. When Pakistan invaded Kashmir Gen. Kariappa asked for 72 hours to wipe out the agressor but Nehru refused on adivce of lady Mountbatten.

39. Nehru traitorously took the matter to the UN and agreed for cease-fire so the Pakis can keep the piece of Kashmir they had grabbed.

40. In 1965 when Lal Bhahadur Sastri captured West Punjab and Lahore, the superpower Soviets got him into Tashkent and killed him.

41. Such was the fright of the superpowers had of India and its capacity to rise like a phoenix from the grave.

42. When Pakistan indulged in genocide in East Pakistan there were millions of East Pakistani Muslims invading into India as refugees.

43. Indira who was then PM decided to stem the flow and sent in the army to quell the massacre by Pakistani army.

44. The US opposed it but the Soviets supported it because India was a client state.

45. Once the Pakistan Army surrendered it demanded that it would surrender only to Indian army and not the Bangladesh Muktibaahini who would surely kill each and everyone of them.

46. The result was that the Pak Army was brought to India and were sheltered, clothed and fed for months as Pakistan refused to take them back!

47. Even the Muslims of East Pakistan who were Biharis and opted to become Pakistanis were taken into India by Indira.

48. No country on earth would accept such an abysmal compromise but Indira did being forced by the Soviets as part of superpower compromise.

49. The client states and their interests are like pawns to be sacrificed in the compromise deals of superpowers viz. the US and the USSR.

50. As I said before after the fall of the Soviet Union, 3 superpowers emerged because China had adopted to State Capitalism.

51. China also had arsenal of nukes and ICBMs, and have built client states and was willing to lend money to the US.

52. So Pakistan is now protected by 3 superpowers. When India blasted its Atom Bomb the west imposed economic embargo of a type and quietly helped Pakistan build its bombs.

53. India has no client states. China took over Tibet, meddles with Nepal, influences Mayanmar and Srilanka.

54. Congress Party that ruled all the while and the BJP that is alternating to rule too never want to break this shackles.

55. Now let us take the focus away from India and concentrate on what the superpowers do now.

56. The US and the Europeans greedy for the gold hoarded by Iraq and Libya invaded them. The disturbance in the Islamic world started.

57. Syria was a stumbling block so the US imposed economic blockade on Syria’s supporter Iran which the Russians OKed because the Russians can grab the oil market deserted by Iran’s blockade.

59. The US now seeing the Syrian isolated started training and arming of rebels in the same fashion as they did with Al Queida in Afghanistan.

60.The birth of ISIS is the brain child of the US. What it did was a spurt of refugees into Europe to which the Europeans were not prepared.

61. So in the melee the Russians were happy selling oil and grabbing territories in Ukraine & blackmailing the Europeans on gas supply.

62. So the Americans suddenly reversed their stand on Iran and concluded peace with them on condition they dont interfere in Syria.

63. In one stroke the Americans isolated Syria, cut off oil market from Russia and decided to overthrow Syrians with ISIS to stem refugees.

64. The Russians responded quickly by bombing rebel bases in Syria.

65. The Russian air war has provided cover for Assad’s ground troops, who lost swathes of territory to terrorists and rebel groups since 2011.

66. US & Russia are conducting their own bombing in Syria ostensibly to fight terrorists but really to help their allies!

67. Americans are telling Russians ‘let us bomb your allies for 12 hours and then you can bomb ours for 12 hours’!! An easy way to destroy Syria!

68. I am confident the superpowers will not let this escalate into a world conflagration but surely the Syrians will gain in this.

69. In the meanwhile the Talibans are gaining and perhaps the ISIS will find a nest in Afghanistan to fly to.

70. Once Taliban re-establishes itself in Afghanistan the Islamic hoards will attack India which was always vulnerable.

71. Only Dr. @Swamy39 had advocated building alliance with Israel openly and sincerely to meet the threat. Only the future will tell how this will unfold.