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My radom thoughts on the political situation of India

1. If The SC gives its nod for the building of Ram Temple at Ayodhya Modi said he will join us. 2. If SC does not give its nod Modi do not want Hindus to build Ram Temple at Ayodhya … Continue reading

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This atrocious Muslim CJI defending fellow Muslim & rapist. we Hindus are fettered & handicapped. Virat Hindu will come to power & hang him

Delhi gang rape: portrayal of juvenile as most brutal media hype, says CJI Ravinder Vasudeva, Hindustan Times Patiala, February 02, 2013 Putting question on the stories that “the most brutal accused in Delhi gang rape case was a juvenile”, … Continue reading

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Salman Khan will now be tried for culpable homicide – Wait for Muslim hoards reaction if convicted.

Or will the pussillanimous (or corrupt)  judges succumb? The gravest charge Salman Khan earlier faced was causing death by negligence under Section 304-A of the IPC. He will now be tried under the more serious Section 304-II (culpable homicide … Continue reading

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A Perfect Terrorist

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

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Now case against Akbar in Bengaluru Bengaluru, Jan 24: Cases are haunting the MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owsaisi arrested and jailed in Adilabad for his hate speech. A fresh case was registered against Akbaruddin in the Bengaluru Metropolitan Court by Dharmapal, a lawyer. The court issued … Continue reading

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Muslim hoodlums burn Indian flag in Hyderabad

G Kishan Reddy, MLA‏@kishanreddybjp Today, certain MIM supporters have insulted our tri-colour by burning it with petrol. This happened at Municipal ground in my constituency. 9:50 AM – 26 Jan 13 Tweet text Reply to @kishanreddybjp Image will appear as a … Continue reading

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Now Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN blames Social media for Dhule riots. Now read the tweets of Mrs Sagarika Ghose, how she reports it… First she ensured that people know the person who died is from minority community and police is the culprit… Sagarika Ghose@sagarikaghose Dhule riots: 24 year old Yunus … Continue reading

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