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Ban on Induced Religious Conversion is Constitutional

Himachal Freedom of Religion Act Dr Subramanian Swamy The Himachal Pradesh High Court Bench has handed down a landmark judgement on the HP Freedom of Religion Act (HPFRA) holding it to be Constitutional. The Act was challenged by Christian missionary organisations … Continue reading

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Call For An Intellectual Kshatriya     Paper no. 883          06. 01. 2004 Guest Column-by Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari  Abstract: In the present scenario where people spend more time taking in media information than interacting with other people, media reports yield a tremendous influence on … Continue reading

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Thieves, defrauders, drug peddlers et al shared their booty with ‘mother’ Teresa and she in turn defended them. Indian seculars gave her Bharat Ratna along with Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and other scoundrels.

The Missionary Position Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice by Christopher Hitchens Index: The Inevitable Apocalypso Index: Atheism and Awareness (Editorials) Index: Historical Writings (Biographies) Home to Positive Atheism Excerpt from Chapter 2: Good Works and Heroic Virtues Mother and Charles Keating, Jr. The apologists generally … Continue reading

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Yet another mega fraud done by Christian preachers

11/12/2012 13:34:52   Here is yet another expose of the true color of the church. It is one of the innocent church followers who became the victim of this financial fraud of gigantic proportions exposed by this shocking story. An old … Continue reading

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St. Francis Xavier: A pirate in priest’s clothing – Sita Ram Goel On Dec. 3rd The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle, India’s widely circulated honorary Catholic newspapers, publishedan article on St. Francis Xavier by Fr.Francis Gonsalves, principal of theVidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi. Vidyajyoti is a Jesuit theological school and Jesuits as Christian ideologues are known … Continue reading

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Missionary visa to Christians — Dr. Ashok Singal From: hinduvoicemumbai Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 10:03 AM Subject: missionary visa Missionary visa to Christians By Dr. Ashok Singal, Bikaner, Raj. New Delhi, November 9, 2012: The Secular Government of India has made an official provision for … Continue reading

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Mulayam’s Lakshya 2014: It’s now or never for SP chief

Communalism means keeping minority vote bank in tact and pin BJP as the Hindu party and secularism means keep Hindus divided among different caste based parties. In order to keep the Hindus disunited the Congis do the following: (a) play … Continue reading

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