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Pakistan’s army lurks behind cleric We should be worried about the potential destabilization of a country with 200 nuclear-tipped missiles BY TAREK FATAH FIRST POSTED: TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2013 07:24 PM EST | UPDATED: TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2013 07:26 PM EST A Canadian cleric, who has twice played … Continue reading

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They collected money from devotees and sent it to the terrorist LTTE. Got fined heavily! Hindu Temple Faces Fine Over Tsunami Donations A Hindu temple has been fined $301,869 by the Canada Revenue Agency for sending money to “non-qualified donees,” which include a group that Ottawa alleges was part of a support network for … Continue reading

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Kanishka victims reject Canada’s $24K ex-gratia

TORONTO: Air India Kanishka victims’ families have rejected the Canadian government’s offer of $24,000 each for the 1985 bombing that killed all 329 people on board the plane near the Irish coast. The Kanishka flight 182 to Delhi from Montreal … Continue reading

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Clergy shortage affecting all denominations in Canada

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth, and final, part of the Future of Faith series. As the head of human resources for the United Church of Canada, Rev. Alan Hall understands the contemporary struggle to identify and nurture the next … Continue reading

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Srilankan Tamil couple changed names, lied about identities, Canadian immigration board says

A Tamil woman and her husband, who is alleged to be an owner of the migrant vessel Sun Sea, lied about and changed their names, the Immigration and Refugee Board says. The woman was undergoing her fourth round of detention … Continue reading

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Thailand arrests 130 Sri Lankan Tamils

Thai immigration authorities, fearing human smuggling gangs were preparing to traffic Sri Lankan Tamils to Canada and Australia, arrested 130 Tamils in a sweep of residences in Bangkok, South Asia diplomatic sources said. The raids took place earlier this week … Continue reading

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In respect of dealing with human smuggling Canada should focus on its Srilankan Tamils who are the financiers

Perhaps its RCMP knows how the terrorist outfit have been squeezing money out of  the Srilankan Tamils in Canada and they surely should know who are the ringleaders.   This LTTE mafia  are the ones for sure to be the financiers … Continue reading

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