Here are my top 10 Reasons,for feeling betrayed by Modi Gov. What is yours?

Pl. join the resistance against cheaters and fake Hindus. Kanimozhi stands in the forefront, a sincere and brave lady. We have a new Jansi ki RaaNi!

By Kanimozhi ( @kanimozhi in twitter)

1. No action against Crooks from UPA, but they are protected like Lalu.
2. No action again Media Dalal who looted the country or murdereres like Tharoor.
3. No action against those looted Public Sector Banks.
4. Not a single FIR filed against those looted my nation for decades.
5. RTE not Repealed. No action what so ever.
6. Hindu Temple aren’t given freedom, while it gonna be taxed now.
7. No initiative to repeal article 370 or to implement Uniform Civil code.
8. Anti Conversion bill not even discussed forget brining to to Parliament.
9. Forget building Ram Mandir, not even fast track court or support on Day to Day hearing.
10. Disparity Discriminiation and Appeasement Continues in full thoratle

About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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One Response to Here are my top 10 Reasons,for feeling betrayed by Modi Gov. What is yours?

  1. Vaidya K Iyer says:

    I agree but must be with some reason. I too have reservation over his governance but what expediency is not known. 1. When unlimited calls and data are available @350 per month why they are still paying 15K as telephone allowance for the members? 2. The petrol and diesel are not brought under GST as maximum is permitted only 23% under GST whereas what they are collecting now is27% to center toll and 34% for state vat If GST is introduced we can get less than half the price. 3. When they have introduced new pension scheme for government employees how they continue to elected members? 4.) when a government employee was eligible for pension provided he served 19 years whereas the members are eligible if they continued for one term

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