1.By the time of 2014 general election the Congress corruption had reached its zenith and had made it weak.  But the pusillanimous LKA leadership was despised both by the BJP cadres as well as the RSS.

2. So there was no match between the two opposing political groups and the prospect for BJP to win the election was bleak in spite of the corruption of the Congress and its weak PM.

3. Ram Janmabhumi movement gained prominence for BJP and brought it to power albeit in a minority situation, while the Mandir issue got bogged down in the SC.

4. The gruesome burning of Kar Sevaks and the subsequent anger of Hindus against the Muslim community was brutally suppressed by Modi but the society was politically divided.

5. LKA tried this time to be more secular and praised Jinnah!  Perhaps to convince the SC to escape conviction but it brought him into direct conflict with the RSS.

6. It was crystal clear and a bold writing on the wall that the BJP cadres and the Hindus at large wont trust LKA. He thoroughly lost their trust.

7. The BJP leadership badly needed a leader who could exploit the weak sitution of the UPA but LKA was not the one yet he resisted.

8. Modi is a great orator, however he had few friends within BJP who only treated him as a head peon for over 20 years.

9. Modi had never visited the parliament even once when he was the CM of Gujarat as he was hounded by Sonia.

10. She knew his power of oration and had tried to keep him within Gujarat and succeeded greatly.

11. RSS and Dr. Swamy had taken the initiative to project Modi and taking adantage of this Advani’s men had silently deserted him.

12. The 5 men Coterie within the BJP calculated that with Modi’s leadership they can be largest single party overtaking Congress.

13. But the enthusiasm and the gathering events have given BJP a vast majority reducing the opposition to a grouping in Rajya Sabha.

14. Modi formed his cabinet surprisingly elbowing out those who would have made a difference from the past. Dr. Swamy was left out.

15. There were two reasons: One was that he was afraid of educated and principled people. Another was his dependency on corrupt old guards.

16. People were impressed with what he had promised and were not ready to give him up.

17. How generous were they in giving him time again and again against each others’ wish?

18. However he betrayed those who voted him especially the Hindus wo supported him with selflessness & faith.

19. People were first saying that Modi will assert and reconsitute the cabinet for a real change. So we waited.

20. He made no change and the old guards ran amok protecting Sonia clique and corrupt ‘babus’ ruled the roost again.

21. Modi knows no economics and no politics beyond the rural Gujarat. The foreign leaders came in droves and found this out to their glee!

22. Modi knew that becoming an exporter of materials would make India richer rather than exporting men as skilled labors.

23. So he embarked on a world tour that lasted over 2 years but there were promises of investment but only on real estates.

24. In the meantime he had lost Delhi, Bihar, Tamilnadu, Kerala and W.Bengal. Not much road made into Andhra or Telengana.

25. Using his ignorance and absence and the help of corrupt babus the enterprenors legally looted the banks and defaulted.

26. Hundreds of lakhs of crores of fixed deposits were coming up to be repaid but raising interest rates to keep them would kill the economy.

27. So the demonetization was devised by which people were told to keep their money in the bank at the risk of losing them.

28. This let off the defaulters free and govt did not have to embark on monetary easing to prevent bank run and price rise.

29. People were starting to express their frustration on his refusal to go after Sonia and Co to retrieve trillion $$ looted.

30. Advani refuses to inquire into the dual citizenship of Rahul Gandhi or the loot of Prianka and her husband. Modi wont touch other Congressmen such as P.Chidambaram.

31. At this juncture Modi cannot change course overnight and the motion he had set for himself will only add steam to what he has started.

32. Globally he joined the left wing countries like China & Russia & pursuing Globalism against the trend set by two two great economic giants – US and UK.

33. His globalist friends consist right from Hillary-Obama clique who are facing jail term to neo-imperialist China that is encircling us.

34. Included in the friends are Russia’s Putin who is a dictator and who wont last long given Russia’s tradition.

35. Just like North Korea being bankrupted by isolation, Iran will feel the wrath of the US and the Sunni states.

36. Though N.Korea is not India’s friend but of China’s which is a member of BRICS nations, Iran is ours as we are dependent on its oil.

37. Without oil the defence of a country will be in shambles. Not a truck or ship will move. This puts us in direct opposition to the US and Israel.

38. Other countries such as Brazil, South Africa & India have no client States to lean on and so they are not superpowers.

39. They are more depedednt on western economy than their new found BRICS friends.

40. And so in this new alliance the triangle of India-Pakistan-China become the the cornerstone of inimicalism, not friendship.

41. Anti-Globalism is bringing back our exported labor replaced by the labor forces of respective countries. This is a vital principle of anti-globalism.

42. The market for finished goods lie in the anti-global west and it is staggeringly shrinking.  Modi cant control it.

43. Opportunities for India that Modi had created by his two year long world tour is not promising. It’s a mirage.

44. Land yourself in this mirage and you will be scorched to death pretty fast.

45. Modi’s fortunes are dwindling. Will Indians sink with him or free itself of him?


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  1. ganapathy says:

    we were magnanimous in giving Nehru Indhra brigade almost 6 decades to rule/loot the country and start questioning from day one Narendra Modi

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