Why Indians should junk their Constitution which is a colonial vestige imposed by Nehru

1. I have been tweeting that the single biggest enemy of our country is the Constitution of India.

2. Indira Gandhi suspended the Constitution that did not mean our country suddenly turned into a rose garden.

3. It only meant that even that Constitution was not enough to put down the people and tyrannize them.

4. Indira’s Emergency was bitterly fought out & won by Indians but sadly they kept the tyrannical Constitution and the putrid Gandhism.

5. Why am I against this Constitution that also underwent cruel changes even when suspended. Secularism was added then.

6. I will high-light those parts of the Constitution that is destructive of our Dhaarmic society.

7. It allowed free hand for Abrahamic religions to convert Hindus to their religions and Hindu gurus were also politicised.

8. Castes were/are legalised, multiplied and subsidized under this constitution.

9. These castes take most powerful roopam of atrocious tyranny.

10. A caste leader emerges and he takes a powerful hold on the caste followings. It is abject slavery from which there is no escape.

11. The caste leader, no matter what religion he belongs to, is a leader for life. Caste leader is uncrowned prince!

12. These caste leaders become political leaders also. They head political parties. If they are small they combine.

13. Most black-money reside in the hands of these caste leaders who store them to be used at time of elections.

14. These black-monies are used to buy votes at the rate of 5000 for Assembly elections to 15 to 25 lacs for RS MP vote, President’s vote.

15. Black monies are used to pay for followers to attend meetings, demostrations, more riskier it is then more money is paid.

16. The caste leaders get elected to Assembly/Parliament using black money from where they recoup their investment in 100 times.

17. Most monies of politicians are never put out to any other productive circulation but simply stored mostly at home, sometimes abroad.

18. So most black-money in India dont contribute to a parellel economy.

19. The demonetization was essentially aimed at disarming opposition parties to handicap them during election time.

20. Those ‘black’ monies caught by ‘corrupt’ bureaucrats are aimed at settling some old scores. Remember India is corrupt!

21. Monies paid to bureaucrats are converted into purchase of land, luxury goods, gold and a good portion stashed away abroad.

22. The biggest loot first started by Nehru confiscating INA funds of Netaji.

23. Then there were loots of Maharajas’ they had stashed away in their palaces, forts etc. Indira was looter raider!

24. Their pension to Rajas were cancelled and they were made paupers. They were vilified of their role in fighting British or forgotton.

25. The unparelled loot of the country was carried out by Mafiosi & family to the tune of a trillion dollors.

26. They had even carried out murders of those who would speak about it example Sunanda Pushkar.

27. Hajpayee, LKA, Modi, Sakuni are the worst protectors of this gang of looters. It is unsavory to tell the reasons.

28. Every congressman who wormed his way to the top looted to the tune of lacs of crores. Veshti & family are big examples.

29. No politician was convicted except Lalu who is out on bail and he I am sure that his case wont be heard during his lifetime.

30. Every political party is caste oriented, if not it cannot exist.

31. Dr. Swamy’s JP did not represent any caste and many who came in did so with corrupt intentions so they had to be expelled.

32. Dr. Swamy couldn’t hold corrupt followers to any meaningful work, he couldn’t afford time to keep an eye on them all.

33. He was the one person who couldn’t hold on to a party which once ruled India because he was uncorrupt.

34. The slide and demise of JP was due to infighting between the corrupt and the uncorrupt, between Brahmins and non-Brahmins etc.

35. This had started from day one because it was a combo-party from both ends of the spectrum.

36. Dr.S could have still kept the JP without membership and be part of NDA at his own convenience but he did not.

37. He decided to become a BJP at the goading of RSS as the threat perception on him increased enormously.

38. So no caste then no party; no money then no party. See the root of Indian politics. Who wants to vote for them?

39. Constitution of India is the root of this gravest anamoly. Only a Dhaarmic revolution can change it.

40. We are inexorably heading to a devastating Mughalistan and eventual ruin by sticking to this constitutional democracy.

About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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