My radom thoughts on the political situation of India

1. If The SC gives its nod for the building of Ram Temple at Ayodhya Modi said he will join us.

2. If SC does not give its nod Modi do not want Hindus to build Ram Temple at Ayodhya unless Muslims approve.

3. From the determination on the part of Dr. Swamy I sense that he will begin the Hindu Temple construction.

4. He is already gathering quietly the support of sections of Muslims for this effort.

5. If radical Muslims who intend on disturbing peace in India jump in then violence will ensue.

6. The state govt of UP will send police to help those killer Muslims.

7. Modi has the record of killing 274 Hindus in Gujarat to flaunt his secular credential, he is no Hindu defender.

8. Modi is sure to send the central troops to kill Hindus in Ayodhya once the State govt asks for it. He cannot deny to send under this secular constitution.

9. If that happens we will call for Dharma yuddha & the army will split.

10. 56″ & Sakuni will find their fate in the hands of Sri Rama.

11. The question is do we have the determination to Build Ram Temple at Ayodhya?

12. The answer depends on who is leading the struggle.

13. Those who lead the previous struggle used it for election win.

14. Then they compromised with Seculars like NiKu to form the govt abandoning the idea of Ram temple.

15. Then they lied before every court on their responsibility in the destruction of masjid building.

16. Then they cheated the Hindus by refusing building of Temple by hiding behind court.

17. They were squarely defeated by the masses for their treachery.

18. This time a karma veer is leading the struggle to build the temple.

19. There is no force on earth to stop him. This is no speculation!

20. Jai Shree Ram! Sita Ram! Jai Hanuman! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

21. Secular means those of the means indicating non-religious statescrafts practised.

22. Secularism is a philisophical expression of western capitalism where the king & church are separated.

23. In India secularism is modified to stratify Hindus and play vote bank politics.

24. Nehru lauded Secularism as a vehicle for development. It is a theme of our constitution.

25. BJP Never touched or questioned it. It actually follows secularism of Congress variety and fine-tunes secularism.

26. Secularism is used as a carpet under which the historical Hindu-Muslim contradiction is swept under.

27. But this sheen of secularism is peeling off revealing that it only helped Muslims and Christians.

28. This will also mark the resumption of our historical contradictions with Islam.

29. In 1947 partition agreed by Gandhi-Nehru-Patel-Rajaji we lost territories to Mulims but still majority of Muslims stayed with us.

30. Post partition Hindus were murdered in millions, robbed, raped and converted both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

31. The secular govt and the secular media never spoke one world against the genocide of Hindus by Muslims.

32. The mere fact that majority of Muslim stayed in India tells us that partition was farce.

33. Since partition not only conversions have increased but violence and terrorism have increased winked by the Congress govt and the judiciary.

34. We have lost part of Kashmir to Pakistan given away on a silver platter by Nehru. In Kerala we are now a minority as is in Nagaland.

35. Assam and West Bengal are burning literally and Modi talks of ‘development’ plank there.

36. In West Bengal Modi wants to use Netaji papers to win votes. Is Netaji papers a Bengali-focus now?

37. In Bengal and Assam there is an existential crisis for Hindus.

38. Dr. Swamy went to Assam to highlite this Hindu-Muslim contradiction. He was banned from there and false case slspped on him.

39. Cheater Modi’s Govt of India even went to the court and told that Dr. Swamy should be jailed!

40. Dr. Swamy has been literally banned from visiting West Bengal, Assam & East by BJP leadership.

41. Dr. Swamy who is one of the greatest leaders of this country is not part of Tamilnadu party.

42. Some clones of LTTE are appointed by Central BJP leadership as TNBJP. They vilify Dr. Swamy everyday.

43. Though the Hindu-Muslim contradiction is now piled and focussed in Assam, Ramjanmabhoomi is still symbolic of it.

44. Neither Modi Govt nor State govt can prevent Dr. Swamy visiting Ramjanmabhoomi.

45. This is not just his determination. It is the divine determination.

46. We will know who is on the side of the Deva and who is on the side of the asura.

47. We will also see the end of this facade of secular fiction of dividing Hindus and Muslims.

48. We will continue to tell the Muslims that they are the decedents of raped Hindu mothers and forced convertees under duress.

49. We will keep pleading with them to look to Gangamaa and not Mecca desert and come back to where they belong.

50. We will isolate those violent mullahs and hang them or shoot them. No mercy to the wretched.

51. Secular media will have to change or face the chance of being burned at stake.

52. Modi reneged on his election promise on recovering the trillion $$ loot by mafiosi.

53. He loves to keep PC, Maran Bros and Taroor free because they are Sakuni’s friends.

54. The compensation to and secured settlement of Kashmiri Pundits has been put in the back burner and is only a election issue for Modi.

55. Modi turned Hajpayee by having tea and Pakora with  Pakistani premier while his men were attacking our Pathankote airbase.

56. Modi is PM in name only. Sakuni is the real PM behind the curtain.

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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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