This could happen unless there is an urge in ourselves to change!

1. Guys, you may feel startled but this is sure to happen. Read on!

2. The country was divided into Muslim Pakistan and Secular India in 1947. Hindus lost India by then.

3. In the years since partition Hindus were getting converted into secular, Muslim and Christians.

4. If Hindus do not wake up now, take up arms and fight for their own land they will perish in the next 20 years.

5. Modi Bhakts are our curse in causing Hindu disunity. Next election will be disaster for BJP.

6. By next election Hindus will find themselves in a political vaccuum.

7. Secularised Hindus will be the first step to conversion to Islam. See WB, Kerala.

8. There will be Akhandabharatam again in 20 years but all Muslim from Africa to Indonesia!

9. Every surviving temple we have got will be destroyed to dust by the frenzied Mohammedans.

10. By then Europe will be Ummah when India also falls into the hands of Jihadis.

11. Using India as the launching pad Islam will attack China using Chinese converts.

12. When they attack Israel, Israel will use nuclear weapons and 3rd world war will start.

13. Strangely US and Russia will join hands again in this war too!

14. Will the world survive then is anybody’s guess.

15. The timeframe may be a bit changing by few years but not long not very long and the substance is sure to happen.


About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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