Subramanian Swamy: the fall guy

The BJP government has taken one and all by surprise when it recommended prosecuting BJP leader Subramanian Swamy for promoting religious intolerance between Hindus and Muslims in a book he has written.

In a strong-worded affidavit, the Home Ministry claimed that the book ‘Terrorism in India’ which was published in 2006 violated the rules of hate speech.

“The book promotes feelings of hatred and enmity between Hindus and Muslim, hence it should be taken into account. Therefore, the petitioner has violated sections of the Indian Penal Code”, the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

While a non-bailable warrant was issued against Swamy, the Supreme Court gave a ‘stay order’ on it.

While Subramaniam Swamy is part of the BJP, on occasions, he has also questioned the party over the non-fulfillment of promises such as bringing back black money, etc.

Known to speak his mind, Swamy spares neither friend nor foe and is somewhat of a ‘loose cannon’. Still, it is highly surprising that the BJP chose to prosecute such a stalwart of Hindutva.

In order to make up for the allegations of intolerance, the BJP seems to have initiated this move and made Swamy the ‘fall guy’.

What lends credence to this argument is the fact that when the book ‘Terrorism in India’ was released in 2006, it was the UPA government at the Center and they had absolutely no problem with it.


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2 Responses to Subramanian Swamy: the fall guy

  1. vaidya.kesavaiyer says:

    When you have truth fight with truth, when you do not have fight with law and when you do not have both then persecute the prosecutor; the third is applied by BJP lest Swamy may bounce back anytime?

  2. ganapathy says:

    shame on the govt. it is the height of appeasement to prove they are more loyal than the….

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