Arun Shourie speaks on coward and corrupt media


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One Response to Arun Shourie speaks on coward and corrupt media

  1. nparamasivam1951 says:

    I also held him in high esteem Sir. Now, it is emerging, 1.that he met Mr.Prashant Kishore on behalf of Nitish Kumar and thus against BJP. 2. He made changes and corrections in LKA media letter. 3. He acted as another Sudheen Kulkarni 4. He went to each Media House to derail BJP, which gave him Minister status

    Now, after the defeat of BJP in Bihar, he is now satisfied and settled.

    In this ego clash, Hinduism is affected. Nitish will extend more power to Muslims at the cost of Hindus.

    Father-in-Law of Raja Prithviraj, thought that he took vengence on his son-in-law, by assisting Arab Invaders. But it is the foundation for 800 years of the Muslim Rule in India, destruction of thousands of temples, killing of millions of Hindus.

    It is paining to see this

    Compared to this, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, with all his misgivings with F.M., fully backed Modi and said that he is with PM and put united face. That should be the sprit. That is Dr. Swamy. A true leader. Please compare him with this man who stabbed the party, that honoured him with a Minister Post, in the back and weakened Hindu Movement and helped Bihar Muslims. I feel shame for having an admirer of this man so far.

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