Bihar! What if……

1. Even though I wrote these tweets a couple of weeks ago I withheld them because many of my friends are Modi Bhakhts.

2. But it is better to spell it out than withold them for ever. I truly wish Modi to win.

3. There are a few things that may happen in the politics of India.

4. Politics in India, especially in the Hindi belt is caste politics, not a development politics.

5. The worst thing that happened as a result of secularism is the Mandal commission that entrenched castes and its privileges.

6. The socialists like Lalu, NiKu, Mulayam and Maya were in the forefront of caste reservation.

7. Bihar election is definitely not development politics and PM Modi and Amit Shah have been portrayed as outsiders.

8. The coming together of Lalu and NiKu and supported by bags and bags of money from mafiosi reinforces casteism & bribery.

9. In Bihar if BJP wins then Modi is safe and the opposition will continue to languish hoping for a break.

10. If BJP loses then the SC judge will be more enthused to deliver a judgement in favor of mafiosi and JJ.

11. The opposition will be more aggressive and stall any move of Modi. So far he has succeeded in nothing.

12. The economic crisis world over is going to spill over into India and unemployment and price rise would be certain.

13. It is possible in the aftermath of a Bihar loss for BJP, the knives will be drawn to stab Modi from the back within his own party.

14. I would not rule out a split also within the BJP. AJ may be the new PM with opposition support.

15. Many in the present cabinet may not be willing to be part of the new cabinet or may not be accommodated even if willing.

16. Netaji files may not be released. Sunanda Pushkar wont get justice. Our Sadhus/Sadhvis will continue to be persecuted.

17. All 2G criminals may be declared innocent! And so on and so forth.

18. There may even be an election before 2019. My suggestion is for campaigning against this secular system.

19. Let us debate on how we move away from this constitution. Participating in the election is not an answer.


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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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One Response to Bihar! What if……

  1. nparamasivam1951 says:

    Sir, I agree with some parts of your blog. (1) BJP is winning Bihar, evident from 3rd and 4h phase of poling. (2) If not, if Bihar again chooses Lalu-Nitish combo, future of Bigar is doomed. (3) Hindu revival will not happen (4) North East will be Christianised fully (5) Kerala Hindus will face what KP faced earlier. (6) Another Govt, sympathetic to Hindus, can be expected after 20 to 25 years. (7) In BJP, AJ cannot revolt. He has no cadre base, neither in Dehi Nor in Punjab. (8) Split in BJP cannot happen, as 90% of MPs elected because of Modi Campaign and Amit Shah/RSS groundwork. (9) When so many BJP heavy weights shown their places, AJ is nothing for Modi. Hence upto 2024, it is Modi all the way. (10) Position of INC will be still weakened with Dr.Swamy exposing SG in NH case. (11) JJ will move closer to Modi and RS posiyion will be much easier.

    Anyway, this is my view, ordinary citizen view as well as a number of my friends. We saw how Modi single handedly dealt the vengeful Sonia for the past 12 years. He is not a person to be talked so lightly. He was and is, a RSS product. Sonia Gandhi still not learnt lesson. Just with Crores and crores of Scam Money, she cannot buy Indian Citizens. Regarding Justice Department, I do not wish to comment. It is a pillar of democracy like Media.

    People, who did nothing for revival of BJP and who could not get accommodation in cabinet, may make some noises. But, Indian Citizens, are wise.

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