Thumbs-up to JMCI; thumbs-down to ATR: Bose family

We wonder whether this (rejection of the Mukherjee Commission report) was done to hide some unsavoury facts from the public or to save the reputation of some well-known personalities, or both.

Statement released by 43 members of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose\\’s family at a press conference in Kolkata on May 26, 2006

We, the overwhelming majority in the Bose family, deeply appreciate the arduous efforts that Mr Justice MK Mukherjee and his team in the Commission have made for seven years to unravel the mysteries surrounding the “death” of Netaji, which was supposed to have occurred in an aircrash at Taipei in August, 1945.

However, we regret that neither the previous National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government nor the present United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government extended their whole-hearted co-operation to the Mukherjee Commission, which was absolutely essential for the success of an enquiry which had vast international dimension.

We admired the way Mr Justice Mukherjee conducted himself in public hearing. Approaching delicate issues in an objective manner, he rigorously sought evidence for any statement made before him. Nobody can question either his competence or his integrity.

The main conclusions that have been drawn by the Commission are:

i) Netaji did not die in the plane crash in August 1945 as alleged and

ii) The ashes in the Renkoji Temple in Japan are not of Netaji.

Mr Justice Mukherjee has provided “clinching evidence” for these conclusions to stop all kinds of controversies on these crucially important issues. It is thus demanded that the Report of the Justice Mukherjee Commission be accepted by the Government of India.

Government of India had rejected the findings of the Commission without giving any explanation. This is an unprecedented act therefore has caused various speculations. We wonder whether this was done to hide some unsavoury facts from the public or to save the reputation of some well-known personalities, or both. Whatever might be reasons for this crass act, we strongly urge the Government to provide a full explanation for its rejection of the Justice Mukherjee Commission\\’s Report at an early date.

Sister-in-law of Netaji
Lalita Bose (wife of Dr Sunil Bose)

Nephews of Netaji
Subrata Bose (son of Sarat Bose)
Pradip Bose (son of Suresh Bose)
Dr Dwarka Nath (son of Dr Sunil Bose)

Nieces of Netaji
Mira Ray (daughter of Sarat Bose)
Gita Biswas (daughter of Sarat Bose)
Roma Ray (daughter of Sarat Bose)
Chitra Ghosh (daughter of Sarat Bose)
Shiela Sengupta (daughter of Suresh Bose)
Mamota Choudhury (daughter of Dr Sunil Bose)
Nita Ghose (daughter of Dr Sunil Bose)
Krishna Ghosh (daughter of Sailesh Bose)

Sons and daughters-in-law
Jyotsna Bose (wife of Amiya Bose)
Subimal Ghosh (husband of Chitra Ghosh)
Nandita Bose (wife of Subrata Bose)
Sujit Ghose (husband of Nita Ghose)

Grand nephews
Arya Bose (grandson of Sarat Bose)
Dr Amita Mitra (grandson of Suresh Bose)
Arup Mitra (grandson of Dr Sunil Bose)
Abhijit Ray (grandson of Sarat Bose)
Surya Bose (grandson of Sarat Bose)
Shibasish Nag (grandson of Sudhir Bose)
Supriya Bose (grandson of Satish Bose)
Sutanu Ghosh (grandson of Sarat Bose)
Soumitra Bose (grandson of Suresh Bose)
Samiran Bose (grandson of Suresh Bose)
Sanjay Bose (grandson of Suresh Bose)
Somnath Bose (grandson of Suresh Bose)
Chittapriya Bose (grandson of Satish Bose)
Chandra Bose (grandson of Sarat Bose)
Ranojoy Ghosh (grandson of Sailesh Bose)
Indraneel Mitra (grandson of Dr Sunil Bose)

Grand nieces
Joya Mukherjee (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Bijoya Dhar (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Jayanti Rakshit (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Runa Dutta (granddaughter of Dr Sunil Bose)
Madhuri Bose (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Suchismita Mitra (granddaughter of Sudhir Bose)
Madhumita Ghose ((granddaughter of Sudhir Bose)
Dr Brinda Bose (granddaughter of Sudhir Bose)
Suneepa Dutta (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Sreeya Ghosh (granddaughter of Sarat Bose)
Suchitra Basu (granddaughter of Dr Sunil Bose)

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