China and the economy that is waiting to upset Modi’s honeymoon

1. Over the last decade China’s insatiable demand for commodities was fueled by investments in the development of China’s urban infrastructure and industry.

2. This was supported by a massive wave of urban migration. If you take our Dhaarmic History such massive shifting of people for temporary benefits and permanent damage never takes place.

3. This urban infra-structure creation triggered in China the development of one of the most resource-intensive economies the world has ever seen.

4. This created world-over a super-cycle that pushed commodities prices to record highs as China’s demand for iron ore, copper, zinc, coal and other commodities remained rapacious.

5. Then this boom came to a shuddering stop in China.

6. This was caused by China’s economic growth rapidly decelerating because of massive over-development and the creation of excessive surplus capacity.

7. Now it is unlikely that China will ever return to such rates of stellar growth.

8. Given China’s new history from 1949 when the Red Army won what had happened is a short term gain and a long term damage.

9. Exports plummeted because of massive economic crisis in Europe and North America where once again the ugly head of Real Estate is trying to keep the economy moving.

10. You may recall the devastating grinding to a halt of American economy due to sub-prime mortgage that was driving the stock market sky high.

11. Beijing is now focused on transitioning the economy to a “new normal,” boosting domestic consumption.

12. This is a euphemism for creating a slower, more sustainable rate of economic growth.

13. The oil prices have fallen and that creates problems in the middle east. Much of our labor sent in there will be returning home soon due to unemployment.

14. Added to this is the Shia-Sunni conflict that has risen in with the name ISIS and the breaking up of many countries in the middle east and mass migration into Europe.

15. There is definite chances of this ISIS menance spreading eastwards through Pakistan and Kashmir.

16. Modi’s honeymoon period is coming to a fast end and I believe the the election results of Bihar may be his last hurrah! Then will come the plummet!

17. Regional interests and sectarian interests will surface. We have the unfinished agenda of Ram Temple at Ayodhya and it will spread to 10000s of other temples that Muslim marauders have ransacked.

18. Modi Bhakts who insulted me in the past will start sucking their thumbs!


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4 Responses to China and the economy that is waiting to upset Modi’s honeymoon

  1. Dear Sir

    Politics is a strange thing people do not really understand. Dividing people over anything – like even Mr. Modi & his actions. 

    I am writing a book called Politics is a Disease and it is coming out well. Politics is not an ordinary disease – but one of the dirtiest and meanest ones..

    Hence, pl do not take these things seriously.. Continue the good work you are doing..

    Your blogs and the speeches of Swami (seems to be only one Swami – of all the Swamis of India !) are great.

    With Kind Regards

    Renga Iyengar Chennai M: 98844 03477

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  2. Whatever might be our misgivings I CERTAINLY would not want congress , dmk & leftists governing our Bharath. Period.

    It is congress party & their allies that have wrought incalculable harm to our nation in all walks of life. Setting things right needs time. And congress is hell bent on derailing everything that Modi wants to do.

    For the first time BJP is giving a serious thought to BAN on slaughter of Cows & Calves. Let us be clear on this. It is not BJP’s idea but what has been categorically stated in our Vedas.
    Kaanchi Paramacharyar has dwelt at length.

    Yet anti Vedic inimicals like barkha dutts etc are busy screaming ” saffronization ” & their team comprises of dubious rishi kapoors , leftists , congressis ( manish tiwaris etc) & the socialite shobhaa de. ( I do concur with her on very very few issues ; however I do not endorse the bohemian values that kushboos , suhasinis & shobhaa des endorse).

    BJP Ministers should boycott all Indian tv channels. barkha dutts , vikram chandras , sagarika ghoses are anti Vedic highly treacherous scum.

  3. I do not know about fluctuating oil prices & their impact on nations around. However we just cannot do away with our dependence on oil. A lot of noises were made about shale oil. European nations are treading very cautiously as fracking has adverse consequences on environment including drinking water.

    It is safer to depend upon Gulf countries for oil than letting ambanis gain brutal monopoly all over India. BJP government should not wait for a disaster to strike to think along different lines. It is time to focus on extensive agriculture & horticulture. Let us do away with genetically tinkered crops being thrust on BJP by biocon’s kiron mazumdars.

    Food self sufficiency is of primary importance. Quality of food consumed has direct impact on our health. To that extent health care costs would come down.

    As you have stated should ” ISIS menace spreading eastwards through Pakistan and Kashmir” launch strikes we should pray & if possible exhort them to annihilate indian film industry , the barkha dutts & sagarika ghoses , prannoy roys & leftists , congressis altogether.

    If not rishi kapoors would become God Forbid Prime Minister of Bharath. hemamalini becoming one MP is not a good omen.

    Muslim marauders attacking Temples is history long dead. What have we been seeing in the present ? It is indian film industry kollywood & the rest mostly hindus that conduct film shootings inside Sacred Temples. All done with the approval of dmk , congress , leftists & “secular charlatans” of India. Muslims would never let such violations occur. It is mostly hindus who tolerate these kollywood THUGS.

    I would be very glad should ram gopal vermas , rishi kapoor raj kapoor dynasty , hemamalini dynasty , pataudi saif ali khan dynasty , manirathnams & several others ( all hindus) get exterminated by any force call it Al Qaeda , ISIS , ISI ……..

  4. For 99% of indians including indian diaspora ( overwhelmingly hindus ) though they scream “hinduism is great” regularly going to Temples & slapping their cheeks sanctimoniously before God , it is cricket & bollykolly pukesome CRAP ALONE that form their opiate.

    It is indeed a FACT indians have been indulging in lots of malpractices & STEALING the jobs of many Americans. Nirmala Seetharaman calling it a “myth” rather peremptorily is an outrageous LIE.

    BJP is better than congress & the others. I read Arun Jaitley as finance minister is also continuing the same trend of taking away all GOLD in Hindus Temples issuing gold bonds in useless paper as substitute. BJP’s nitin gadkari also turns out to be a micro tr.balu as he wants to inflict as much damage as possible on Sri.Ramar Paalam ( Ramsethu) cleverly conning us he is exploring “alternate routes to generate jobs “. Bjp’s Modi is no less besotted with bollykolly actors. When he came to Tamil Nadu frittered away precious time hobnobbing with worthless rajnikanth , his wife & daughters taking selfies shawls exchanging blah blah.

    I remember I wrote he lacks in convictions though he garlanded statues of Swami Vivekananda. One who worships Lord Ssiva in Kalahasthy , Varanasi , Somnath OUGHT to have INTERNALIZED Lord Ssiva. Such a person would NOT go around seeking rajnikanths , nagarjunas , vijaikanths , vijais nominating hemamalinis.

    India is one GODFORSAKEN country that cannot sustain itself sans its cricket & bollykolly CRAP. It is mostly ambanis the uber rich who invest money into movies making. CERtainly not Sri.Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan who indians love to hate. The same unhealthy trend I am afraid shall continue. More movies like pk are going to be made. Already rajnikanth the ostensibly hummmmblesimmmmmple actor ( certified thus by amitabh bachchans , aishwarya rais , sonakshi sinhas NOT by me) is going to play the role of tipu sultan in a forthcoming movie. It appears rajnikanth told the producer he ” did NOT want to play the role of Chatrapathi Shivaji ” calling him “communal” & that he would rather play tipu sultan who is “secular”.

    Earlier bollywood’s sanjay khan along with nina gupta etc made a tv serial on the same TYRANT tipu sultan.

    Modi , Sushma Swaraj etc are being over clever. They ALLOW such movies to made by investing money belonging to people like us ; end up making the already uber rich GODDAMNED indian actors , actresses , producers , directors MORE rich & smug ; outsource legitimate ANGER of few Honourable Hindus like us to VHP , Bajrang Dal , Ram Sena & this is EXACTLY what gives multiple orgasms to slurdesais , shobhaa des , rishi kapoors , dmk , dk , yechurys & congressis.

    Foreign media ( bbc very much included) would malign us as ” hindutva militants …who are killing rationalists…”. naseeruddin shahs , girish karnads , javed akthars , shabana azmis would hog all the limelight blustering on art & freedom of expression. Art of living politically correct “avatard” ssssrs would tweet in support of tipu sultan , rajnikanth asking Hindus to show some “viveka..aa….”. This would definitely brighten his chances of Nobel Prize for peace that he has been zealously coveting & lobbying for. It costs nothing compared to the amount of money made through bollykolly movies avidly devoured by indian diasporAAAA.

    Within India some guileless Hindus belonging to Bajrang Dal , Ram Sena would be brutally assaulted & arrested by the “secular police” of convictionless bjp gorement.

    This is THE main reason I consistently maintain I have UNALLOYED regard , love & admiration towards Sri.Dawood Ibrahim , Sri.Pervez Musharraf
    than I have for convictionless modi , his rajnikanth , his hemamalinis & GODDAMNED indians (hindus overwhelmingly included) of this world.

    I would be very gratified should China & Pakistan jointly attack pulverizing all bollykolly sleazeballs & their fans.

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