My 17 Tweets to Dr. Subramanian Swamy on the status of India

.@Swamy39 British came to India & used Indians as soldiers to conquer India. Used Gandhi to raise a huge army to conquer world in WWI. 1/n

@Swamy39 (British) used Indian soldiers again to fight against Netaji & to win WWII. Alienated Muslims to demand separation from India. 2/n

@Swamy39 Superpowers using Pakistan which is no nation at all, to destroy the integrity of India in J&K, Punjab, Assam, N.E.Territories. 3/n

.@Swamy39 Congi govt’s hitherto have been ignoring real enemy viz. Superpowers & treating Pakistan as enemy. 4/n

.@Swamy39 Superpowers keep reinforcing Pak as a real nation and by arming them with nuke weapons. 5/n

.@Swamy39 Pakistan from day one has been oppressive of its people & they have no love for their regime. 6/n

@Swamy39 Hitherto Congi Govt were pursuing the wrong idea that there is a division within superpowers that it can exploit 7/n

.@Swamy39 There could be contradictions between superpowers elsewhere but they are all united against India. This has not sunk into Modi (Govt) 8/n

.@Swamy39 Neither the two (now three) nation theory is valid nor are we secular accepting Nehruvian garbage of constitution 9/n

.@Swamy39 The division of the country is invalid. Anyone campaigning among us to accept it is a traitor. 10/n

.@Swamy39 muslim Bangladesh is an anthema in our histirical & Dhaarmic context. Same is true of Pakistan 11/n

.@Swamy39 one day or the other but certainly not even in 2 decades that we move in to take over our rightful territories. 12/n

.@Swamy39 At such an eventuality two things must be firmly embedded in our mind. U.S.,Brit, Russia & China are our enemies behind Pak 13/n

@Swamy39 Being ready to threaten any or all the superpowers will see (their) retreat else status quo will worsen. 14/n

.@Swamy39 Leadership is very important & it is rare. People look forward to you with faith in their ancient Dharma. 15/n

.@Swamy39 Muslims are Indians not Arabs or Turks but they, some not all,  want to believe so. In times of confrontation 90% of Mulims will 16/n

.@Swamy39 assert they are indians (not Arabs or Turks). Many will revert back to Dharma. N/n


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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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2 Responses to My 17 Tweets to Dr. Subramanian Swamy on the status of India

  1. nparamasivam1951 says:

    Sorry to differ in some points. But I agree that Super powers are united in opposing India. I also agree that they use Pakistan as Mask to oppose India. Pakistan is oppressive on their nationals. Here, the agreed points are over.
    But, India cannot oppose super power, neither individually nor all of them jointly, at this point.
    Pakistan waged wars against India. Encouraged groups to train and terrorists and sneak into India and killed people, the recent one being Kasab for Mumbai Massacre and the most recent one is Javed For Udhampur killings. So Pakistan is not changed. As a matter of fact, we should get back Pak occupied Kashmir and also help to liberate Baluchistan.
    Even yesterday, 11 Indian Muslims are detained in UAE for recruiting & funding on behalf of ISIS.
    And last, Dr.Swamy is having very good equation with PM, meeting takes place between them on alternate days (which Dr.Swamy has himself acknowledged as true) He is assisting PM in all matters. So, trying to divide them is of little help to Hinduism. This will only embolden Sonia Gandhi and her sinister moves to Christian Evangelists to do conversions.
    Hence I will request Dr.Swamy to continue his guiding Modi Government on the one hand and strengthening & Uniting Hindus of India and world over by his lectures and motivation talks. He is the only person to take head on all false Muslim fanatics and Missionery activists. He is also helping Hindus in all legal matters, whether Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, or Ramar Sethu Bridge or Kanchi Acharya case. Other side also he expose 2G frauds and NH case. His focus is right and pray God to give him another 50 years healthy life so that he can steer India to a strong position. Let us strengthen his hands in continuing his good works.

  2. Krishna says:

    Jai hind Dr Swamy

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