My ‘manifesto’ on our imminent and ultimate collision with global Islamic Terrorism

Many of these my earlier tweets are on what awaits us with our unfinished war with Islam. I have traced it globally to show its sweep and depth.

This also truly forms my manifesto of as a true Viraat Sanaathani.

1. Islamic Ottoman Empire covered large parts of Europe & included most of southeastern Europe to the gates of Vienna.

2. Ottoman Empire At its height the empire included modern Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Greece, and Ukraine.

3. Over almost 600 years of its existence Ottoman Empire had converted most of the population under its control to Islam
from Christianity.

4. Ottoman Empire collapsed and the Christians regained the territories in Europe but under its new policy of secularism.

5. In the heydays of Ottoman Empire Europe was divided into Christian Europe and Muslim Europe.

6. In Christian Europe there was schism between the king and the pope that resulted in the bifurcation of powers known as secularism.

7. With secularism the kings used it to ward off challenges by the clergy.

8. However secularism was ill-equipped when the subjects were divided into followers of warring religions of Islam and Christianity.

9. Though Christians regained their lost territories from Islam their secularist policy left the Muslims remain muslims in the now Christian Europe.

10. With debts and decay staring at their face in most of Europe today, the religious war is rising their head in Europe.

11. This is inevitable because capitalist economy to which secularism is key exists in two extremes of boom and bust.

12. In fact this capitalist economy is actually predatory, not productive as is touted, and its existence is by capturing markets.

13. This policy and practice of elbowing out competitors from market place have already resulted in two world wars.

14. Until WWI the westerner’s (Christo-Islamists’) History was Mediterranean countries focussed. The theatre moved away eastwards in WWII.

15. Islam was never conquered in both wars. Istanbul might have fallen but Islam did not and it is eroding into Europe.

16. Secularism is no divine panacea for poverty and capitalism is bound to collapse right where it started namely Europe.

17. In Europe the Christians who have by now converted to Islam or turned atheists wont be fighting either for secularism or for Christianity!

18. The entire gamut of struggle against Islam is not in the hands of Americans who support Saudis and Pakistan.

19. Europeans are losers and Russians are a collapsing empire and the Chinese would be content to keep the space they have from their own people they suppress.

20. The only force who can challenge and has the capacity to win the marauding hoards of Islam are the Hindus who proved it for 1000 years.

21.Ottoman empire ended in 1922 but the British compensated the Muslims with a Pakistan. Our struggle with Islam is never over, NEVER!

22. The safe haven for Islamic Jihadist terrorism is centered in Pakistan and it is actively supported by the U.S.

23. A so called civilian/military govt of Pakistan that forms a sheen for Jihadi terrorism is collapsing in Pakistan.

24. Collapse of Pakistan is gathering momentum. It is going to unleash the worst disturbance in India.

25. ISIS type of fundamentalist Islam is poised to take over in Pakistan that is not going to respect any borders in the west or in the East.

26. East of Ankara all the way to Lahore this blood-thirsty Islam is going to burst like a valcano.

27. This new mindless raakshasa hoards can and will certainly drag large part of Europe in its vortex.

28. Who is the new Baghdadi in the crumbling Pakistan?

29. Our nation is to enters the unheard of crisis in the collapse of Pakistan and the cruel war will be waged not by armies but by terrorist jihadists.

30. This terrorist jihadism of Islam will be well penetrated appealing to millions of Muslims and Muslims will always be Muslims.

31. While in the western border (Punjab and Kashmir) we face new wave of refugess and in the East particularly Assam with be a theatre of war.

32. Our stupid Media would still be ignoromously talking secularism and anti-Hindu. We have to hang those journos

33. No development, no democracy, no peace is possible with Islamic Jihadism and Christian secularism. Let this sink firmly in our mind.

About janamejayan

A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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1 Response to My ‘manifesto’ on our imminent and ultimate collision with global Islamic Terrorism

  1. Baptys says:

    WOnderful article, man killing man what for. Are humans progressing or regressing. BHARATH NEEDS TO REALISE ALL THIS AND ACCORDINGLY TAKE STEPS. NO POINT IN SITTING AND WATCHING WE HAVE DONE ALL THAT FOR OVER 1000 yrs ,now is the time to rise ,and set right many things.

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