“Who am I?” – A perspective from the Abrahamic religions – Part 2

48. What did we learn from the bible so far?

49. Mainly Yehwe makes it clear in the first three commandments that he is the boss!

50. The first three commandments are (i) Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

51. (ii) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above etc.

52. (iii) Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. (Dont call me, I not your servant.)

53. He created the world (‘chessboard’ in our concept!) and the two opposing coins black & white! White is the Jew!

54. Coins are made out of earth and will go back there replaced by new ones. They come to life only because of souls he gave.

55. On the death of a coin the soul is cleansed of all identity and affliction and taken back by Yehwe.

56. I am just a coin, either black or white due to no choice of mine. I am also a king or a pawn not by any choice either!

57. I cannot change sides or roles! I operate because of the soul that is not mine! In fact I am really nobody but a coin!

58. Oh, yes, black and white are not equal. Yehwe has a covenant only with the white coin! Non-jews are not his favourites!

59. Last but not the least, take away my being the ‘chosen people’ and my identity as an “Isratelite” then I am no more a Jew.

60. This is the sum and substance of who I am as a Jew!

61. Moses freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt and led them into Israel and reminded them that they are the chosen people and Israel is their land.

63. Come to think of it, the gentiles were not dealt with badly. They have no commandments to obey and they have all land except Israel!

64. Enter Jesus and the equation changes!

65. Jesus repudiated by breaking the two legs of Jews on which they were standing viz. the idea they are ‘chosen people’ and that Israel is their land.

66. Why did Jesus do this? What was his basis?

67. Beginning from around 600 BCE the jews were subjected to constant invation, occupation and exile.

68. One such exile was known as the Babylonian captivity that lasted from 597 BCE to 538 BCE.

69. The Jews during this period of turmoil were put to immense strain to keep their faith and adhere to the 10 commadments.

70. It was also untenable to maintain that Yehwe was keeping his part of the covenant to protect Israelites.

71. So it was more easy to hold their god Yehwe was angry that he is now executing his threat to destroy them for their defiance!

72. Jews were divided into those who hold they are the chosen people by yahweh’s covenant and those who cite his threat of destruction.

73. During Jesus’s time Israel was occupied by the Romans.

74. There were 4 main groups among jews existed when Jesus came on the picture. They were Zealots, Sadducees, pharisees and Essenes.

75. Zealots were for armed revolution against Romans while Essenes had given up and were waiting for apocalypse.

76. The other two namely Sadducees and pharisees were in-between.

77. That is when Jesus comes in with his new covenant claiming to be the son of god! From ‘chosen people’ to ‘chosen one’!

78. Thus far we considered the premises of weakening of ‘Lord’s’ covenant with Moses by the time of Jesus.

79. While the Zealots talked of armed rebellion against Romans to re-establish Israel, Essenes waited for apocalypse.

80. Jesus radicalised the religion by abolishing the Jewish-gentile (non- jews) division. This abrogated Moses’ covenant.

81. Remember Moses’ covenant ensured Jews as chosen people and their right to Israel as their homeland.

82. Jesus by this abrogation abolished the Jews as an entity that enjoyed a history of 4000+ yrs with a home called

83. Disciple Judas, a Jew in great anger, ‘betrayed’ to Romans that Jesus was out to create severe disturbance among Jews.

84. Jesus was caught and crucified. Judas hanged himself in remorse. Other disciples met with violent death too.

85. The crucifixion of Jesus is glorified by Christians who claim that Jesus rose from grave and ascended to heaven.

86. The event and idea of Crucifixion and Resurrection are claimed as testimony to the covenent of Jesus, the New

87. Jesus a born Jew, didnt win them over to his New Testament. Jews persevered with their belief of being the chosen

88. Jews’ right to return to Israel happened after almost 2000 years after the sacking of the 2nd temple in 70 CE.

89. The last of all invaders to occupy their land were the Muslims.

90. They also had to endure the holocaust at the hands of Hitler until they returned home. This immensely hardened their

88. Jews in all their 6000+ years of history saw themselves as persecuted, dispossesed and hounded people. Their last enemy are the followers of Mohammed.

89. Hindus for over a thousand years have been going through the same persecution in the hands of same Muslims who hound Jews.

90. Hindus and Jews thus have the same need and bond of existential nature in facing the common enemy.

91. We will break from the discussion now and continue it tomorrow at the same time 8.30 PM IST dealing with the new phenomenon of Christianity.


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