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1. Tamilnadu for 50+ years was haunted by the anti-national DMK with a lie that they are a Draviian race and North Indians are Aryan race.

2. Karunanidhi succeeded Annadurai by sheer goondaism within the party. He realized he can extend this goondaism beyond the party to survive.

3. The extension of this goondaism was in DMK’s planting of Prabhakaran as the LTTE leader in Srilanka who can be used as an outsourced goonda.

4. Both Karunanidhi and MGR vied with each other to prop this LTTE who grew into a human bomber terrorist and drug peddler spoiling Tamil youth.

5. Italian mafia realized the potential of terrorist LTTE and quickly used it to assasinate Rajiv Gandhi.

6. This assasination paved the way for Sonia to inherit Indira’s huge wealth and the Congress mantle.

7. LTTE which was once a faithful dog of MuKa and MGR metamorphosed into swallowing the political parties of Tamilnadu’s entire spectrum.

8. Every political party in Tamilnadu including Congress and even the BJP became paid agents of LTTE for they would kill
if refused.

9. The LTTE also acted in some cases as the outsourcing agents of corrupt politicians’ immense stolen money.

10. The Christian missionaries quickly acted as the frontal organizations to recruit & promote the goondas for LTTE.

11. And the Christian missionaries in turn used the goodas’ protection to spread their religious conversion.

12. Thus LTTE, just like the Italian mafiosi in New Delhi, got firmly entrenched in Tamilnadu politics.

13. LTTE supported and used both MuKa and JJ to alternate in power. National interest became a casualty in Tamilnadu.

14. There seemed to be no one who could save Tamilnadu from sinking into this abysmal hellhole of goonda & corrupt politicians robbing Tamilians.

15. But then to their utter dismay Dr. Subramanian Swamy entered the scene and legally challenged them!

16. Thus the unwitting judiciary was pitted against the Dravidian parties in their corruption and high-handedness.

17. MuKa and JJ saw their bete-noire in Dr.Swamy in his fight to save Ramasethu, in his fight to expose 2G scam, or even in JJ’s blatant loot.

18. Both MuKa and JJ liberally used their tested weapons like LTTE goondaism, mythical Dravidianism, anti-Brahminism to make Dr.Swamy a paraiah in TN.

19. However they did not realize there was an achilles heel in their armor! It was the greater law of the land, to which they are subject.

20. MuKa and JJ used much of their resources to the hilt to thwart and intimidate the judges but the day of reconing soon arrived for both.

21. MuKa’s party was decimated by 2G scam and JJ was thrown in jail for her robbery of her helpless victims.

22. Today there is a political vaccuum as the Dravidian maya is vaning and both Dravidian promoters stand exposed as criminals.

23. LTTE has lost it base in Srilanka. Dr.Swamy who has a greater ally in Modi as the no-nonsense PM will clear TN of
terrorist remnants.

24. All parties including the TNBJP are guilty of being the paid agents of LTTE.

25. BJP is the only national party of hope for people of TN.

26. But, for BJP to take firm root in TN and grow this corrupt TNBJP should be disbanded and reconstituted.

27. Rosiah who is the puppet governor appointed by Sonia must be sacked.

28. AIADMK govt under the puppet Panneeselvam should be immediately dismissed and president rule to be imposed.

29. Dr. @swamy39 should be asked to draw up a bold plan of economic development for taking Tamilnadu ahead of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

30. A new election should be held in one year with a new TNBJP that will offer Dr.Swamy’s plan of Economic boom for TN.

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  1. s krishamoorthy says:

    Anti Hindi agitation prevented the Tamil youths to mingle with national main stream deprieved them of vast job oppurtunities which sub served the politicians of TN. Thus Tamil youths were brainwashed beyond salvage. They were kept with that level of thinking and have been thinking that Hindi peopleHindu worship as if they were aliens but whole heartedly accepted Islam/Arab and Christ/Jehovah combination with their roots in the West Asia.

  2. Bapty.s says:

    With diff agendas of DMK and AIADMK the people of t.nadu have lost valuable time. It’s the gain of a few. This state which shld be as good as Gujarat ,Maharashtra etc and the lead state in the south and east needs PEOPLE LIKE DR SUBRAMANIA SWAMY ,TO CHALK OUT CONCRETE PLANS FOR BJP TO MOVE IN A BIG WAY IN THE STATE.

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