1. The CWC met on January 2, 1930 to plan the non-cooperation campaign for Purna Swaraj but in reality the demands were then watered down.

2. Gandhi’s demands were: Total prohibition of alcohol, Reduction of salaries of highest grade services. Abolition of the Salt Tax etc.

3. Mohandas Gandhi excluded Subhas Bose and Srinivasa Iyengar from the Congress Working Committee by calling them ‘left wing’.

4. Gandhi was committed to abiding by law & forbade violence even under provocation and refused to urge resigning of legislative seats.

5. Most Congress sponsored history books try 2 associate Nehru with Bose but that is a blatant lie. Nehru considered Bose as his arch enemy.

6. Gandhi started the Salt satyagraha in 1930 and when the govt responded with police beating he called it off.

7. People started reacting to this with attack on police station but police killed 111 people.

8. Gandhi of course withdrew the agitation chiding people for indulging in violence!

9. Gandhi used bombastic words as struggle, rebellions, wars-without-violence but in actual practice they were utter capitulations.

10. In May 1930 the Yugantar party in Calcutta planned to murder Europeans with bombs and destroy the airfield.

11. They also wanted to blow up gas and electric works, petrol supply, telegraph, trams, bridges, and railways.

12. During the next three years they waged 47 attacks, 167 robberies of Britons & their agents, and 24 bombings.

13. They killed 43 people, including 23 officials, while 33 of the revolutionaries were also killed.

14. These histories of valiant fights of Hindu patriots never find a place in the text books.

15. When there was growing dissent with his suspect leadership, after 1930, Gandhi changed tack.

16. He was compelled to support the Indian call of independence just to remain at the driver’s seat!

17. The Gandhi-Irwin pact on 5 March 1931 was the epitome of such capitulation to renounce struggle and cooperate with British.

18. Gandhi feared of the popularity of Bhagat Singh that he refused to sign the mercy petition to save Bhagat Singh’s life.

19. On March 23 1931 the revolutionaries Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and Sukh Dev were executed.

20. And Gandhi was singularly responsible to encourage British to hang the revolutionaries.

21. Gandhi also quietly encouraged Hindu-Muslim riots to divert the attention from the hanging.

22. That night a Hindu-Muslim riot broke out in Kanpur, killing atleast 166 people and injuring 480.

23. Gandhi was known for his eccentric manner in deciding things. He had no respect for democracy. This was revealed time and again.

24. Gandhi approved separate reservation for Muslims but opposed reservtion for Harijans & threatened to go on a fast unto death.

25. In August 1932 MacDonald announced his Communal Award that included separate electorates for Muslims, Europeans, Sikhs, and untouchables.

26. Gandhi went on a fast unto death and millions fasted with him for 24 hours because the demand included complete swaraj!

27. Within 3 days Gandhi ended his fast and signed Yeravada Pact that gave twice as many seats to Harijans and no independence!

28. In 1932, Gandhi collected 1crore & 32 lakh Rs in the name of “TILAK SWRAJ” fund, which was collected for the use of Harijans.

29. However, Gandhi did not spend even a single penny on Harijans.

30. Gandhi did not open a single door of a Hindu temple in Gujrat his home province in India for the untouchables.

31. In 1933 Gandhi was arrested after he undertook a fast. The govt always came to his rescue by arresting him whenever he went on fast.

32. Once arrested he ended his fast! He was sentenced to one year in jail.

33. But 3 days later he went on fast for lack of facility inside jail. Compare this to the harshest punishment given to Tilak & Savarkar.

34. Immediately as he began the hunger-strike the govt released him unconditionally. Here comes his eccentricity (or is it his deception?)1/2

35. Gandhi declared suspension of civil disobedience for the duration of the sentence he did not serve in jail !!! 2/2

36. In the meantime Muslims accepted the Communal Award as a victory and held a Unity Conference at Allahabad on November 3, 1932.

37. The British decided to allot one-third of the seats in the Central Legislature to Muslims, and Sind would be a separate province.

38. Hindus lost out in the British poicy of divide-and-rule. It didnt bother Gandhi or his chamchagiri.

39. Only the revolutionaries used violent tactics. The Chittagong branch of the IRA in Bengal issued a manifesto on April 18, 1930.

39. That night fifty youths in khaki captured the Police Armory and the Auxiliary Force Armory in Chittagong, killing a few and looting Armory.

40. They took over the telegraph office and declared a provisional government of India with Surya Sen as president.

41. They were attacked two days later and dispersed in the hills to continue guerrilla warfare.

42. The armory trial ended in 1932, and fourteen were transported for life. Surya Sen was caught in February 1933 and was hanged.

43. Gandhi participated at Round Table Conferences claiming to represent Indian interest.

44. But in all of them either Gandhi sacrificed our interests or broke away without achieving any result.

45. Gandhi claimed to represent the well-beings of Harijans but he was totally casteistic and advocated its virtue.

46. Gandhi would say: “I want to change their minds. Not kill them for weaknesses we all possess.”

47. The English never gave a damn to his fast after all he was only persuading Indians not to fight the British!

48. His toxic non-violence brought misery and death to Indians and helped British to loot and terrorize the nation.

49. His final test on fasting came when he tried fasting against partition. Neither the British nor the Muslims gave a damn!

50. Gandhi was never a democrat. He scorned at dissent. His chamchas use to canvass that if people don’t listen to Gandhi then he will fast and die!

51. Here are some examples of Gandhi’s double face.

Gandhi was saying that the creation of Pakistan would only be made on his dead body.

52. But it was Gandhi who signed 1st on the proposal for partition and creation of Pakistan!

53. Gandhi used to say that Subhash Chander Bose is like his own son, but Gandhi went on hunger strike until Bose leave
his post in congress.

54. Gandhi promised to British govt. that “if we found Bose we will handover him to you” (Bose had escaped house arrest).

55. Gandhi feigned to live in poverty while saying Poverty is the worst form of violence.

56. Gandhi loved poverty but he admitted: “I have friends who keep telling me how much it costs them to keep me in poverty.”

57. Gandhi’s Ahimsa meant doing no harm to the British, the Muslims and Christians. His Ahimsa is but real himsa to Hindus.

58. Gandhi controlled the Hindus so the Muslims could get upper hand.

59. In 1946, Muslims were asked to vote for the League because ‘a vote for the League and Pakistan was a vote for Islam.’

60. Muslim League meetings were often held in the mosques after Friday prayers. Pakistan, it was promised, would be ruled under the Sharia.

61. While Muslims were uniting themselves in mosques Gandhi for no reason when none ever-demanded created division to pit Hindus against Hindus.

62. Gandhi’s temple entry movement was ill-timed and did no good to Hindus but disarmed and disunited them.

63. Muslims were asked to choose between a mosque which was portrayed as a place of equality and a temple as a place of discrimination.

64. The Quran was widely used as the League’s symbol.

65. League’s fight with the Congress was portrayed as a fight between Islam and Kufr (infidelity).

66. Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan unwittingly portrayed the Congress as agents of the Hindus though far from it.

67. The League told the Muslims the lie “In Congress provinces Muslim life, limb and property have been lost and blood had freely flowed.”

68. Lie No. 2. “There the Muslims are leading their lives in constant terror, overawed and oppressed by Hindus.”

69. Lie No. 3. “There mosques are being defiled and the culprit never found nor is the Muslim worshipper unmolested.”

70. M.H. Gazdar warned in March 1941: ‘The Hindus will have to be eradicated like the Jews in Germany if they did not behave properly.’

71. Year after year, V.D. Savarkar warned Hindus of the dangers of being dominated by Muslims.

72. In 1937 Savarkar warned of the impending disaster waiting for the Hindus.

Savarkar: “Muslims want to brand the forehead of Hindus and other non-Muslim sections in Hindustan with a stamp of self humiliation.”

73. Guru Golwalkar said:”We Hindus are at war at once with the Muslims on the one hand and British on the other.”

74. Guru Golwalkar warned: “Congress leaders in the true fascist style of asking Hindus to ‘submit meekly to the atrocities of the Muslims.”

75. Congress was telling the Hindu ‘that he was imbecile, that he had no spirit, no stamina to stand on his own legs and fight for the independence of his motherland and that all this had to be injected into him in theform of Muslim blood.’

76. Golwalkar said in 1947, pointing his finger at Gandhiji: ‘Those who declared “No Swaraj without Hindu-Muslim unity” have thus perpetrated the greatest treason on our society. They have committed the most heinous sin of killing the life- spirit of a great and ancient people.’ He accused Gandhiji of having declared: “There is no Swaraj without Hindu-Muslim unity and the simplest way in which this unity can be achieved is for all the Hindus to become Muslims.”

77. Golwalkar in conrast to Gandhi gave the following advice: ‘The non-Hindu peoples in Hindusthan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no ideas but those of glorification of the Hindu race and culture, i.e., they must not only give up their attitude of intolerance and ungratefulness towards this land and its age long traditions but must also cultivate the positive attitude of love and
devotion instead – in one word, they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinate to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment – not even citizen’s rights.’

78. Going further, Golwalkar wrote; ‘We Hindus are at war at once with the Muslims on the one hand and British on the other.’

79. On 19th February 1946, Attlee in the House of Commons announced the decision to dispatch the Cabinet Mission to India.

80. The Cabinet Mission was convinced that Pakistan was not viable and that the Muslim autonomy somehow be safeguarded within a united India.

81. The Mission suggested 3 autonomous regions – which are roughly what is now Pakistan, Bagladesh & India.

82. Mission also suggested a center controlling defence, foreign affairs and communications.

83. After the first general election a province could come out of a group. This was British blueprint for partition.

84. Muslim League wanted immediate separation and gave out their battle cry: “Lekar rahenge Pakistan, Larke lenge Pakistan”.

85. With this battle cry the Muslim groups on l6 August 1946 attacked Hindus and 5000 lives were lost in one day.

86. The British goaded Jinnah to unleash civil war and used it as a leverage to force Congress to concede the partition.

87. Gandhi was the first to sign on it! Lord Wavell quietly brought the League into the Interim Government on 26 October 1946.

88. The British originally announced to quit on 30th June 1948 and decided to leave on 15 Aug 1947 because Congress was crumbling in face of violence.

89. The rationale for the early date for transfer of power, 15th August 1947, was securing Congress agreement to Dominion Status.

90. The speed with which it was done made it worse. 72 days for both transfer of power and division of the country, was to prove disastrous.

91. The Partition Council had to divide assets, down to typewriters and printing presses, in a few weeks.

92. There was no peaceful transition. More than a CRORE of the people of Hindustan mostlly Hindus and Sikhs were murdered on a single day.

93. 15 Aug 1947 is not a day of Independence. It was a day of worst genocide of Hindus in modern History.

94. It took over 4 years for that many people to die in World War 1 but it took just one day in India and it is a shame no one talks about it.

95. Gandhi and his Congress party is singularly responsible for this calamity. But they celeberate it as Independence day.

96. Our children are never told of this calamity and violence inflicted on our ancestors that was brought on us by a traitor’s Ahimsa.

97. On this 15th August is the anniversary of the Hindu Massacre and not of our independence.

98.Ye Hindu! Wont you grieve & mourn for those luckless victims? Pl. shed a drop of tear for them. It will be your Tharpan!


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  1. Thomas Victor says:

    Your Pre-Partition history is quite eye opener for me.

    Note that in the material you got about Gandhi being brought to India in his mid forties and being made into a celebrity by the “Rothschilds” – that is not strictly correct.
    The wealthy Jews like Rothschild are very influential and are used by the British upper class to control the world’s finances but they are not in control, it is still the British upper class (and their USA associates) who run the show.
    For example Lord Sassoon was in charge of exporting opium from India to China but he was able to succeed only because the British warships attacked and defeated the Chines an forced then to accept the opium.

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