1.Gandhi began to peddle his most unnatural but bombastic idea called ‘Satyagraha’ that distinguishes no friend or enemy in it.

2.Satyagraha, according to Gandhi, is the law of love for all, and it renounces violence absolutely – a truly delightful message to Britishers.

3.The satyagrahi, said Gandhi, should not have any hatred in his heart against the opponent.

4.Gandhi emphasized self-suffering rather than inflicting suffering on others.

5.The satyagrahi must be prepared to suffer till the end for his cause. In other words, dont fight but die!

6.Gandhi said that by his suffering the satyagrahi can reach the consciences of people. No proof such thing ever happened in history!

7.Gandhi said a satyagrahi may break an unjust law to call attention to injustice and bring suffering on himself as the penalty.

8.Gandhi asked people to defy but not escape from the law ‘like a criminal’ as he put it.

9.Gandhi set people on this useless path knowing full well the enemy is not obliged to concede in absence of pain to him.

10.Gandhi spread the total lie that non-violence is the law of the human race.

11.From such stupid lie Gandhi disarmed the people with another lie that giving up fight is infinitely superior to ‘brute’ force.

12.If you love God you do not consider anyone as enemy and fight him! Thus Gandhi spread the road to adharma.

13.Gandhi thus exhorted people not to defend their property, family or nation.

14.Muslims and colonial Christians & their convertees can rape, loot and pillage your family, your property & your nation and you cant fight!

15.Satyagraha without violence, Gandhi lied, gives the opponent the same rights & liberties. This never fits with the law of struggle!

16.Gandhi’s Satyagrahis overcome evil with good, hatred with love, anger with patience, & violence with ahimsa. This delighted the enemy!

17.Gandhi’s Satyagraha completely suppresses one’s intellect. A Satyagrahi dont have to think. All he has to do is go there and get beaten!

18.Thamasa Guna is a great inertia, a supreme shakthi, and Gandhi knew precisely how to lull it into utter submission!

19.Complete suppression of intellect deprived the people from knowing that they are Hindus.

20.This deprivation disarmed the people from continuing the ancestral fight carried on for a 1000 years for the survival of their Dharma.

21.This is the foundation on which the adharmic secularism was later thrust on Hindus depriving them of their homeland in the partition.

22.All Shakthis exhaust lending space to its opposite. This thaamasa pravaaham of Gandhi has lasted a century and it is sure to ebb.

23.Now let’s get back to where we left off on his arrival from South Africa.

24.He successfully recruited Indians to fight for the British in WW I in Europe and Africa. He became the darling of the British Colonialists.

25. 13,83,000 Indian soldiers were recruited as a direct result of Gandhi’s actions for overseas action.

26.Out of this 1.11 lakh Indian soldiers were killed in action. There were countless injured and maimed.

27.The war ended on the 11th Nov 1918. In return for all the bloody sacrifices by the Indians the British colonialists unleashed terror.

28.The most inhuman terror inflicted on us was at Jalianwallah Baag.

28a. What did Gandhi do when Jalianwallah Baag massacre took place? He condemned all those patriots who spoke against this atrocity!

29.Gandhi took over the editorship of Young India (English) and Navajeevan (Hindi) and unleashed his denunciation of revolutionaries.

30. Gandhi’s arch enemy at this juncture was Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

31. We cannot talk of pre-partition history without finding a place for Bal Gangadhar Tilak in it.

32.On 22 June 1897, Commissioner Rand and another British officer, Lt. Ayerst were shot and killed by the Chapekar brothers and their other associates.

33. In connection with this Tilak was charged with incitement to murder and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

34. Tilak was released in 1898. After his release, Tilak launched Swadeshi Movement.

35.Tilak supported Khudiram’s bomb explosion at Muzaffarpur. For this Tilak was arrested & charged with sedition in 1906.

36.Later Tilak was sentenced to six years of imprisonment in Mandalay (Burma).

37.Tilak rejoined Congress upon his return from prison but the split between nationalists & colonial bootlickers was irrepairable.

38.Tilak tried to convince Mohandas Gandhi to leave the idea of “Total Ahimsa” and try to get “Swarajya” by all means.

39.Tilak formed Home Rule League in 1916 to attain the goal of Swaraj. “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it” inspired millions of Indians.

40.By then Tilak was inspired by the Russian Revolution and his cry “Swaraj by any means” separated him from Gandhi.

41.Tilak was the first Congress leader to advocate that Hindi written in the Devanagari script as the sole national language of India.

42.While Gandhi was numbing the psyche of Hindus with his ‘Ahimsa’ slogan, Tilak started the Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav to raise Hindu Consciousness.

43.Kazi Saifuddin supported Tilak’s Ganesh Utsav, Shivaji Jayanti etc. However, at the same time Times of India declared Sivaji as anti-Muslim.

44.Tilak was away in England to pursue a defamation case when Jalianwallah Baag massacre took place a scar on us that will never fade.

45.Adding insult 2 the injury the govt passed a Bill of Indemnity 2 protect the civil and military officials any responsibility for their actions.

46.Tilak immediately returned home and gave a clarion call to people not to stop their movement no matter what happened.

47.At this very time Gandhi was appeasing the Muslims who were not fighting for liberation of India but for their Kilafat in Turkey.

48.Gandhi’s support for the Kilafat Movement had killed thousands of precious Hindu lives in Malabar. Gandhi was the most
venomous traitor.

49. It took 29 years since this mopla massacre of Hindus for a Hindu to wake up and avenge their death. Long live Nathuram Vinayak Godse!

50. The rigorous imprisonment in Mandalay had taken the toll on Tilak and he was getting weaker by the day.

51. His body was tired and yet, Tilak undertook tours to awaken the people.

52. Tilak visited Sangli, Hyderabad, Karachi, Sollapur and Kashi and lectured at all these places. Then he came home to Bombay.

53. In July 1920, Tilak’s condition worsened. On 1st August 1920, this greatest Hindu leader after Shivaji breathed his last.

54. Tilak’s death caused a vaccuum among the Swarajis until the arrival of Subhash Bose some 15 years later.

55. The nationalist revolutionaries continued their violent agitation for Swaraj.

56. Gandhi countered it with his passive non-cooperation of picketing liquor houses and schools.

57. Attempts by Gandhi to close Benares University and by Muhammad Ali to shut down the University College of Aligarh both failed.

58. Neither teachers nor govt. servants quit their jobs. Test of constitutional resistance showed grand failure.

59. But rioting started in Bombay protesting the visit of Prince of Wales and police fired & killed 53 and wounded 400.

60. In Calcutta C.R.Das took the non-cooperation to the extreme and got 25000 arrested to the utter dislike of Gandhi.

61. So Gandhi called off the agitation. This is the start of his pattern of launching an agitation only to withdraw without result!

62. In Bengal revolutionaries committed robberies of goverment treasury in 1923 to gain money.

63. Branding them as ‘terrorists’ the Bengal Government revived the repressive laws and arrested more than eighty revolutionaries.

64.In Punjab the Govt controlled the Gurudwara so the Sikhs grabbed it back and the colonialists called it violence & killed 130 Akhalis.

65. The British arrested more than 5000 Akhalis and beaten them to pulp. The Babbar (Lion) Akhalis formed Gaddar Party.

66. The British infiltrated the Gaddar party, arrested and hanged them. Sikh Maharaja of Nabha was forced to abdicate.

67. Akalis protested. Police fired on them, and arrested thousands. Over 400 were killed, 2,000 wounded and 30,000 arrested in the struggle.

68. Master Tara Singh became the Akali leader.Disturbances ceased only when a new gurdwara bill acceptable to Akalis became law in 1925.

69. Revolutionaries met at Kanpur in October 1924 and formed the Hindusthan Republican Association.

70. They declared their aim is to “establish a federated Republic of the United States of India by an organized and armed revolution.”

71. Ramprasad Bismil robbed a train going from Kakori toward Alamnagar on August 9, 1925. He & 3 others were caught and hanged.

72. The govt enticed the Muslims to their side and helped them convert Hindus to put a damper on Hindu militancy.

73. Hindu Mahasabha swung into action and reconverted 450,000 Malakana Rajputs from Islam to Hinduism. Jinnah revived the Muslim League.

74. Britishers after having failed to deter Hindu Militancy with Gandhi’s “Ahimsa” devised a new way to divert & destroy the revolution.

75. The colonialists quietly encouraged Jinnah to indulge in communal frenzy.

76. Communal riots between Hindus and Muslims broke out in Calcutta in May 1923 and lasted for several days. It spread to countryside.

77. Muslims attacked fifteen Hindu temples in Gulburga in Nizam’s territory in 1924.

78. The worst riot was at Kohat in the North-West Frontier Province in September 1924 that killed 36 Hindus and burned 473 houses & shops.

79. Everytime Hindus countered the violence, bloody traitor Gandhi would go on a fast to stop Hindus from retaliating.

80. In April 1926 in Calcutta Muslims killed 44 Hindus and injured 584.

81. Swami Shraddhananda was assassinated by a Muslim fanatic at Delhi in December 1926.

82. On February 3, 1928 the Simon Commission arrived in India only to find huge demonstrations and a complete hartal in the major towns.

83. While Bose called for complete independence Gandhi diluted it with ‘dominion’ status at the bidding of Prime Minister MacDonald.


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  2. H R REDDY says:

    Even now the strategy is the same by the whites and methods modified. But the Britishers are eating their own pie, the creation is going over them.

  3. nitz says:

    Thankyou for bringing this knowledge to us which is nowhere to be found in main stream media and history textbooks.

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