Saharanpur Sikh massacres. Secular media suddenly turns neutral. Calls it political game.

I am getting the idea either the ostich is burying its head in sand or the Nero is fiddling when Rome is burning.

Next Chief Minister of Bihar will be from BJP: Shahnawaz Hussain. Will that bring change for the Hindus?

Sonia Gandhi holds Iftar party, shares table with Sharad Yadav and Lalu Prasad

So the avowedly seculars are hosting Iftar & the strictly seculars BJP is not hosting Iftar. Let it sink into us all that BJP is secular….

As Hindus we cant expect anything from this govt tho the Hindus voted for them and the Muslims and Christians did not. 2/n

The Lesson is we Hindus form a Hindu Defense League not just in twitter but outside too and swing into action. 3/n

I may have to make amend to what I said. BJP is strictly secular internally and pro-Muslim externally. Will that be a good description?

Modiji, We Hindus voted you to power. Dr. seriously campaigned for you. BJP betrayed Dr.Swamy. Are we Hindus next?

BJP alleges Rs 5000 cr scam at Maharashtra Sadan, demands CBI inquiry

How come old hag LKA isn’t commenting about his gf?

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