. But market freedom is fleeting phenomenon as it gives rise 2 monopolies & destruction of nations.

Y is it ‘business as usual in Sonia’s style’ when it comes 2 Muslim supporting & Hindu hating media? Suddenly the leader is pissing me off.

Tamil Nadu CM JJ seeks increase in Haj quota for the state. She is also debating which Acharya she can put in jail.

Are our people on suicide mission in supporting seculars like JJ? Hindus! Raise a Godse Sena and swing into action! No govts will save you!

. How come we get this mindset to appeal to the enemy like Sushma begging ISIS to release our citizens as a Eid gift?

Hajpayee lost because he betrayed Hindus. LKA lost he betrayed himself. I sincerely hope I will never have to stick a loser note on Modi.

A muslim prankster posted that Hindus were illtreating Buddhists and so called Dalits. He cannot remember Bhamian Buddha or Hindukush

I wont rule out that these riots in Saharanpur have connection to Sonia & Rahul’s trial on Aug 7 on National Herald Scam.

Dalit is a European word which is purposely attributed by rogues opposed to our Dharma.

There is an unresolved Hindu-Muslim contradiction. Brits & congress divided the country as a solution. It didn’t work. 1/n

The division was farce as we had more Muslims than Pakistan and they attack Hindus. The Congress & its secular allies side with Muslims 2/n

What is d solution? Obviously the Congi-Secular approach exacerbated the issue. BJP under Hajpayee brought us Godhra & defeat 4 10 yrs. 3/n

Does Modi know how to solve it? N/n

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A Viraat Hindu dedicated to spread the message of Paramacharya of Kanchi
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