1. British govt committed India as its colony into the 2nd World War which meant that Indian soldiers in its employ would become war fodder.

2. On 22nd Dec 1939 the Congress leaders resigned from the government protesting against involving India in the WW II without consultation.

3. The Muslim league was quick to act and occupied all positions.

4. In Assam, they got a golden opportunity to change the demography by settling Muslims and making it into a Muslim dominated area.

5. The Muslim league submitted a memorandum for the partition of India as Pakistan.

6. It is notable that till the Pakistan resolution, their demand was for independent states for Muslims in N.E and Eastern Zones of India.

7. It was later that the word States (in plural) was changed as State (in singular). Jinnah termed it as a printing error.

8. Savarkar called for militarizing Hindus which was in total oppositioln to Gandhi’s approach.

9. Savarkar said” Mind you, Swaraj will never come to you if you cover the whole earth with paper resolutions.

10. But if you pass resolutions with rifles on your shoulders, you will attain it.”

11. Subhash Chandra Bose also took this approach similar to Savarkar and embarked on his own freedom movement. Will talk of him separately.

12. In 1942, Cripps mission gave assurance to the Nizam that Hyderabad state would be part of the Muslim dominion.

13. In the same year Congress launched the “ Quit India movement”. It failed because the revolutionary forces looked to other leaders.

14. The communists had supported Congress in anti-British stand since Hitler had tied up with Stalin originally.

15. But when Germany invaded Russia in 1941, Russia aligned with Britain & therefore the communists abandoned Congress & cosied with League.

16. Gandhi decided to talk to Muslim League. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee urged Gandhi not to engage in talks with Jinnah.

17a. Gandhi- Jinnah talks lasted for 19 days.

17b. Gandhi argued against two nation theory but he had nothing in his hand to threaten Jinnah if he defied. That was our weakness.

17c. Either Gandhi was naive of the technics of negotiations or that he deliberately feigned to oppose 2 nation theory.

17d. Either way the outcome is foregone conclusion.

18. “I find no parallel in history for a body of coverts and their descendants claiming to be one nation apart from their parent stock.”

19. While Gandhi called Jinnah has Quaid E Azam, Jinnah always referred to him as Mr.Gandhi.

20. By talking to Jinnah, Gandhi boosted only Jinnah’s image. He never changed Jinnah’s mind.

21. Post-war the colonialists held elections for the provinces self-rule. And there was a surpirse for league.

22. The league was able to win only in 2 provinces ( Bengal & Sind) out of the 5 it had sought for Pakistan.

23. The 5 provinces the league had sought were Baluchistan, Punjab, NWFP, Bengal and Sind.

24. ON Aug 16th 1946 – Direct action Day Jinnah declared jehad against Hindus.

25. Terror was unleashed on the Hindus. In Bengal and Sind, holiday was declared on 16th August.

26. The police which was overwhelmingly Muslim, joined hands.

27. In Bengal and sind, Muslims formed 70% of the police.

28. At the meeting convened under the presidentship of Premier Suhrawardy, speaker after speaker called for Jehad.

29. The Hindus retaliated and seeing that the Muslims were now at the receiving end, the White governor called in the army.

30. Over 10,000 men and women were killed, 15000 injured and over 1 lakh people were rendered homeless in Calcutta alone.

31. The Muslim league shifted operations to Noakhali.

32. From a relief centre in E.Bengal Miss Mueral Lester wrote on 6th Nov 1946 as follows:

33 to 35. “ The women had to watch their husbands being murdered and then forcibly converted and married to the very people who were responsible for their husband’s murder.  Mullahs and Maulvis accompanied the rioters to complete the conversion process.”

36. When Sucheta and Acharya Kriplani met the governor and reported the mass killings and conversions, the governor replied:  ” It is quite natural since Hindu women are more handsome than their muslim counterparts.”!

37. Here is the contrast in the approach between Gandhi & Jinnah.  In spite of Hindus being a majority Gandhi appeased and begged Jinnah. On the contrary, though a minority Jinnah had no qualms in indulging in violence to get what he wanted.

38. Syama Prasadji was the first to reach those riot ravaged areas to organize self defence among the Hindus.

39. The riots spread to Bihar where the Hindus had an upper hand.

40. Acharya Kriplani brings the contrast that while in Bengal the government was party to the riots, it was not so in Bihar. Rotten Congress secularists!

41. Churchill- Jinnah had formed an axis. They used to write to each other under pseudo names. This was exposed in letters released in 1982.

42. Jinnah visited England and found that the Queen and the King were favourable to the idea of Paksitan.

43. The leagues direct action continued to NWFP, Kashmir.

44. In a village called Khasa after a prolonged fight when all Hindu and sikh men were killed.

45. Seventy-four women lead by Smt. Lajwanti jumped into a well to save their honour from Muslim rapists.



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