1. 1703-1762 – Shah Wahiullah Dehlavi inspired the Wahabi movement & exhorted Muslims to shun patriotism. Beginning of Islamic anti-nationalism

2. Shah Wahiullah Dehlavi asked them to feel a part of the entire Muslim world.

3. His son, Shah Abdul Aziz 1746-1822- declared Bharat as Dar ul Harb.

4. The father & son created an army of 80,000 wahabis and attacked the Sikhs.

5. After being routed by the Sikhs, the Wahabis attacked the British. The British therefore took upon the process of neutralization.

6. Sir Syed Ahmed khan, a loyal servant of the British formed the Aligarh Muslim University in 1875.

7. However, in 1884, he declared that Muslims, Xtians and Hindus are part of the same Hindu nation.

8. Needless to say, this was only for the consumption of the Hindus.

9. By 1888, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan declared that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together and one has to conquer the other to survive.

10. In 1904, the seeds of the partition of Bengal were sown by the British & in 1905 the partition happened.

11. Sir Henry Cotton said, “ The objective of the measure was to shatter the unity of India.”

12. Nawab Salimullah Khan was won over by the British by a bribe of 1 Lac.

13. But his own brother, Khwaja Atikulla declared that the Muslims are against partition.

14. The opposition to the partition of Bengal was widespread across the country.

15. On Oct 16, 1905 over 50,000 people participated in Raksha bandhan program on the banks of Ganga, resolving to undo the partition.

16. Rabindranath Tagore and other leaders were in the forefront of this movement.

17. This movement was also called the Vandemataram movement.

18. Vandemataram become the mantra that aroused the entire country.

19. By 1906, Minto Morley observed that caste and religion were weakening and prepared the separate electorate plan.

20. On 30th Dec 1906, the Muslim league was formed at Dacca under the leadership of Nawab Salimullah Khan with Aga Khan as its President

21. Aga Khan is 48th in the lineage of Shia Imams. The following were the stated objectives of MuslimLeague:

22. a. Loyalty to the British
b. To protect the political rights of the Muslims

23. c. As far as possible under the paras a and b to promote friendly feelings between Muslims and other communities.

24. Not withstanding the above, a pamphlet was published by name Lal Ishtehar & distributed to the delegates – “ Ye Muslims Arise , Awake !

25. Do not read in the same schools with Hindus. Do not buy anything from a Hindu shop.

26. Do not touch any article manufactured by Hindu hands. Do not give any employment to a Hindu.

27. Do not accept any degrading office under a Hindu.

28. You are ignorant, but if you acquire knowledge you can at once send all Hindus to Jehannum( Hell).

29. You form the majority of the population in this province.

30. The Hindu has no wealth of his own and has made himself rich only by despoiling you of your wealth.

31. If you become sufficiently enlightened, then the Hindus will starve and soon become Mohammadans.”

32. On 4th March 1907, riots broke out in Comilla, now in Bangladesh. Rape, arson, loot were common in that period.

33. At the same time due 2 Vandemataram movement lead by Lal, Bal & Pal, the British government was forced to annul the partition of Bengal.

34. The Muslim league leaders were shocked.

35. As recorded by Aga Khan, In 1906, a barrister by name Md.Ali Jinnah was vehemently opposed to the principle of separate electorates.

36. He said this principle is dividing the nation itself.

37. The freedom movement now started spreading worldwide.

38. Shyamji Krishna Varma, Lala Hardayal, Rash Behari Bose, Savarkar, Madam Cama, Dhingra et al took message of India’s freedom worldwide.

39. At the same time in 1910, Khudiram Bose, a boy of 18 years threw a bomb a British official, Kingsford.

40.  The nation was astounded by the bravery of the boy.

41. Kazi Saifuddin supported Tilak’s Ganesh Utsav Mandals, Shivaji Jayanti etc.

42. However, at the same time Times of India declared Sivaji as anti-Muslim.

43. Some more thoughtful Muslims came forward against separatist attitude of the Mullah-maulvis.

44. The roots of Appeasement of Muslims by Congress:

45. In 1888 itself under Badruddin Tyabji had declared that Congress would not pursue any policy that is opposed nearly unanimously by both Hindus and Muslims.

46. Swami Shradhananda observed that even from 1899 Muslim delegates were given free tickets by the Congress.

47. 1916, Lucknow pact which accepted and gave weightage to separate electorates was approved by stalwarts of the likes of Tilak too.

48. Among the top leaders, only Madan Mohan Malviya opposed it.

49. 1919, Khilafat movement began to restore the Khalifa of Turkey, Kemal Pasha.

50. Kemal himself was inspired by Jamaluddin Afghani who advocated reform in all Muslim countries by giving up clinging to their past.

51. Oblivious of this, the Muslim league insisted that the Congress join the khilafat movement.

52. Gandhi launched the non co-operation movement was launched to support the Khilafat movement.

53. Swami Shradhananda spoke from the Jama Masjid. Aga Khan and Amir Ali met Kemal Pasha but they were rebuked.

54. He said” Islam is a religion of defeated people. He dethroned Islam from pedestal of official state religion & declared Turkey secular.

55. Khilafat aftermath – The Muslims went on a rampage on the Hindus.

56. Servants of India society recorded that in Moplah, Kerala, over 1 lac people were displaced, 20K converted and 1500 people killed.

57. Even pregnant women and cows were not spared. They killed the men and married the women and they declared Gandhi a kafir.

58. During this period, Swami Shradhananda notes, “ even nationalist Muslims support Moplahs.

59. Gandhi said “ They are god fearing people & have acted based on what they have understood of Islam. Annie Beasant rebuked Gandhi.

60. 1925, Suhrawardy, a one time member of Swaraj Party wrote on Haj very approvingly that Islam claims thousands of Hindus every year.

61. These people are put in the discipline of the annual pilgrimage of Mecca and they retrun to India purged and purified,

62. and adopting the manners and customs of Arabia, become as distinct from the Hindus as the Hindus are from the Chinese and Jews.

63. Now you know why I say Hajpayee was a Gandhian Congi and Muslim appeaser & a fifth column to Hindu cause.

64. Dr. Saifuddin Kitchlew, a so called nationalist Muslim warned Hindus against putting any obstacles in our path for the Tanzim movement.

65. Ghar Vapasi – By this time Swami Shradhananda realized that unless Islamic conversions are arrested, we would not be able to survive.

66. In 1923, Swamiji reconverted 18,000 Muslims back to the Hindu fold.

67. He observed that while Muslims involved in Tabligh were encouraged by the Congress, Hindus involved in Shudhi were tabooed.

68. In 1926, Swamiji was murdered by Abdul Rashid.

69. Gandhi supported Rashid saying that guilty are those who excited feelings of hatred against one another.


71. Gandhi called Rashid a brother. The case for Rashid was fought by Asaf Ali.

72. We must remember that Gandhi refused to put a signature in favour of saving the lives of Bhagat Singh.

73. called Sivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh as misguided patriots.

74. Gandhi called Rashid his brother and asked a senior Congress leaders to fight to save him.

75. In 1924, every Hindu festival was attacked.

76. Gandhi declared in Young India “ My own experience confirms that the Mussalman as a rule is a bully & the Hindu as a rule is a coward.”

77. Gandhi: “Need the Hindus blame the Mussalman for his cowardice? Where there are cowards there will always be bullies.”

78. Hindus Massacred in Kohat – Kohat was a small town with less than 5% of Hindu population in NWFP As many as 150 Hindus were killed.

79. The entire Hindu population had to seek shelter in Rawalpindi, 320 km away.

80. Gandhi fasted for 21 days since he could do nothing to bring the two communities together.

81. When Mahadev Desai asked for what error he was undergoing the fast, , Gandhi replied,

82. “What error ? I may be charged wit breach of faith with Hindus. Who listens to me & yet even today I ask Hindus to die & not to kill”.

83. On 18th April 1924, Rabindranath Tagore wrote in the TOI, “ Muslims cannot confine their patriotism to one country”.

84. In 1924, Lala Lajpat Rai wrote to CR Das, “ I am not afraid of the 7 crores of Muslims of Hindustan,

85. but I think the 7 crores of Hindustan plus armed hosts of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Arabia, Mesopotamia & Turkey will be irresistible.”

86. I do honestly believe in the necessity and desirability of Hindu Muslim unity.

87. I am fully prepared to the trust the Muslim leaders, but what about the injunctions of the Koran and Hadis?

88. The leaders cannot override them. I hope your learned mind and wise head will find some way out of this difficulty.

89. Rising Demands: From 4 to 14 points. Partition Plan – a) a. Sind separation from Mumbai.

90. b). NWFP & baluchistan as full fledged governor provinces.
c). Punjab and Bengal to have proportionate representation

91. d. 1/3 Muslims in Central legislature.
e. Plus 14 other points

92. In 1930, Congress adopted completed independence resolution. In the same year, Iqbal as President of Muslim league pressed 4 partition.

93. In 1937, Congress swept the Provincial elections, League slumped.

94. This also saw the metamorphisis of Jinnah who had returned to India in 1934.

95. The League took a complete separatist stand.

96. Savarkar formed the Hindu Mahasabha declared in 1937.

97. Savarkar wanted a secular Indian state that is purely Indian with no cognizance whether he is a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or a Jew.

98. In 1923, Kakinanda Session of AICC, Vandemataram was opposed in its full form by the Congress President, Maulana Md. Ali.

99. Vishnu Digambar Pulaskar however continued to sing Vandemataram.

100. In 1922, Congress had already accepted Sare Jahan Se Accha as an alternate anthem. By 1937, Vandemataram was truncated.

101. 1931, Flag Committee consisted of Patel, Maualana Azad, Tara Singh, Nehru, Kalelkar, Dr.hardikar and Dr.Patabhi Sitaramayya.

102. They all accepted the saffron flag with Chakra in blue. Yet the tricolour was chosen.

103. Shiv Bhavani of Bhushan was banned in 1934. Bhajans were tampered – raghupati raghava rajaram to say Ishwar Allah tere naam.

104. Cow slaughter was given free hand.

105. In a letter to Jinnah in 1938, Nehru assured that Congress would not restrict the established rights of the muslims.





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