DAE should cancel illegal notification of jan. 26, 2006 opening up atomic minerals under OGL. NaMo, secure the nation’s thorium & rare earth reserves.

See: http://bharatkalyan97.blogspot.in/2013/10/thorium-conference-videos.html


1.Protect nation’s thorium reserves. The first act has to be this. IMMEDIATELY, cancel the illegal notification issued by DAE on 26 January 2006 (just 6 months after the Bush-Manmohan Nuke deal). The notification was illegal because it required an amendment to the list of Atomic Minerals detailed in the First Schedule of the Mining Development Regulation Act (Act 67 of 1957). The notification illegally opened up ATOMIC MINERALS to Open General Licence without an approval of Parliament to amend the Atomic Minerals list in the Act 67 of 1957. Today the Act remains unamended and includes atomic minerals such as: monazite, ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene, zircon. These and other rare earths SHOULD NOT be under OGL and should be restricted for exploration and extraction ONLY BY Indian Rareearths Limited (IRL) under DAE. The illegal notification of 26 January 2006 was illegally operationalised and miners were allowed to extract and export atomic minerals under OGL.

2. MoU was entered into between Andhra Pradesh Govt. and a private mining agency to extract such minerals from placer sands of AP. As is well-known and announced in the Lok Sabha, AP now accounts for the largest monazite (thorium-yielding mineral) reserves of the nation. This MoU should be annulled and IRL entrusted with the mining of monazite and other rare earths from these placer sands of AP (now Seemandhra).

NaMo, it is notable that President’s speech to the Joint Session of Parliament announced thorium technology as a primary focus area. First task has to be to conserve the nation’s reserves and ensure their protection from reports such as Great Thorium Robbery. See: http://bharatkalyan97.blogspot.in/2013/05/great-thorium-robbery-ongoing.html

A thorium-based nuke doctrine will send a signal to the nuclear powers that India has arrived with full competence and eligibility for entry into the UN Security Council. See: http://bharatkalyan97.blogspot.in/2014/05/thorium-based-nuke-doctrine-indias.html

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