The Conspiracy that we patriots have to thwart! Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty!


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5 Responses to The Conspiracy that we patriots have to thwart! Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty!

  1. I also share your concerns and worries. Britain favours only congress dynasty . Watch BBC , you will understand.

  2. Why did representatives from Britain rush forward to shake hands with Sri.Narendra Modi if not for business contracts ?

    Yet bbc finds fault with Narendra Modi calling his support corporate based one. Only NOW I can personally empathize with what our Freedom Fighters must have felt.

    BBC is scared of MUSLIMS supporting Narendra Modi. Hence desperately keeps mentioning “communal” & “riots of 2002”.
    Suddenly inflation , unemployment, youth population of India -none of these matter to bbc. congress dynasty & certain people touching the feet of congress Scindia’s feet ALONE matter. bbc claims “India has always favoured feudal set up”.

    No wonder Kaanchi Paramacharya INCLUDED desired britain to QUIT India.

    India should learn from CHINA. How not to genuflect before britain.

    All these years bbc consulted only brinda karat , seema mustafa , vinod mehta , n(amak ha)ram of hindu thus peremptorily deciding the fate of us Indians.

    Last evening also some woman reporter of hindu was badmouthing Narendra Modi to the delight of jon sopel. Claimed she “knows Modi” & is very “afraid”. A secular reporter yapping ” i have to think like a woman , a journalist , a secular…blah blah”.

    These good for nothing secular journos DO suffer from incurable delusions of grandeur.

    Another male journalist decried young generation of India convincing jon sopel they are going to vote the same way their parents did ( read in favour of CONgress).

    Britain’s only occupation & pre occupation is to find fault with every country around.

    AMERICA also is disliked by britain. With so much of jubilation one bbc reporter covering up “homeless” Americans living in deplorable conditions.

    Britain’s HATRED towards ISRAEL is well known to many discerning Indians.

    bbc finds everything faulty with BRAZIL for its forthcoming Olympics.

    I understand why AFRICA does NOT like supercilious britain.

    BJP governed Bharath should keep all these facts in mind & SPURN incorrigibly haughty britain.

  3. I am afraid I cannot but agree with you.

    But I still cannot understand why everyone is needlessly tearing apart Sri.Praveen Togadia and
    Giriraj Singh . They have articulated self evident sentiments shared by lot of Hindus. I am shocked Modi’s BJP despite sporting one suave MJ.Akbar has not thrashed out CORE issues like BAN on cow slaughter , ban on BEEF production and consumption , export , Temples’ Management by HINDUS alone , ban on evangelical conversions throughout India , uniform civil code.

    I am pained to see lots of hindus maligning VHP and Bajrang Dal. Aurobindo warned right “why this fetish for hindu-muslim bhai bhai ….when they are INIMICAL to Hindus…..”.

    MJ.Akbar says “computer in one hand and Quran in one hand for muslims has been promised by Modi”. But muslims are very computer savvy. So many bomb blasts are orchestrated with finesse by them. What is MJ.Akbar blabbering ?

    And why does BJP field one useless hemamalini in Mathura who is but a Soorpanaka.

    • nitz19arg says:

      He has spoken on ban on Pink revolution(slaughter of cattles). his party has made its stand clear on Uniform Civil Courts, temple issue is promised to be sought out constitutionally.
      Are you not following news?

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