Vijaykanth’s NDA entry suits Jaya’s Big Win in Election 2014 – says TSV Hari


Vijaykanth’s NDA entry suits Jaya’s Big Win in Election 2014 – says TSV Hari


In 2009 Lok sabha elections, Vijayakanth split the anti-DMK votes that helped DMK /UPA to net 25 seats. In 2014 elections, he is going to split anti-Jayalalithaa votes to help her make a clean sweep, says Mr TSV Hari who is familiar to Thuglak readers in his pseudonym as Venkat.
This line of thinking seems to be what Jayalaithaa also tows. She was averse to Vijayakanth aligning with Cong-DMK for, that would become a formidable anti-Jayalalithaa combination backed up with heavy money bags from the Congress and the DMK. She did not hesitate to use the Rajiv killers -issue to create a fresh bout of bitterness against the Congress at a time when Vijaykanth almost finalised a deal with the Congress. That helped in successfully stalling the conglomeration of a strong anti-Jayalalithaa front.
Jayalalithaa’s further moves were directed at making it impossible for Vijaykanth to join the Congress –(which would rope in the DMK later). The initial two days of her campaign – i.e.,  until it was declared  that Vijayakanth had entered into a pact with BJP – Jayalalithaa was fiercely attacking Congress in her election speech. A good part of her speech was directed at listing out the misdeeds of the Congress. It looked odd and wasteful given that Congress is already a dead horse in Tamilnadu. But watching her recent speech in Nagappattinam and Mayiladuthurai – after Vijaykanth had entered in to the BJP alliance, there is a glaring difference. The rhetoric against the congress is less – as if it is no longer needed to keep reminding people how bad the Congress is and how bad it is to vote for anyone who aligns with it. It seems she thinks that the threat factor is gone with the DMDK- DMK- Congress alliance not taking off.
Now with Vijaykanth aligning with the BJP, the ‘grand’ DMDK – BJP- PMK- MDMK alliance is going to split anti -Jayalalithaa votes so that pro-Jayalalithaa votes would be more than what each of two opposing formations are going to bag. By aligning with these parties, the TN BJP is doing a big disservice to the country and itself. The harm to the country is that it is giving re-birth to the parties that are already consigned to the dustbin – the right place where they have to be for the benefit of the State at large. The harm it is doing to itself will be felt by it in the coming days. Within 3 months of aligning with Vijaykanth, Jayalalithaa regretted for having aligned with him. The TN BJP need not wait for that long – already they must have had a taste of it in the past one month of ‘talks’. His foul mouth is going to spoil whatever chances that may be needed in the post poll scenario for the BJP.
Beyond all this I have a question. Usually people accuse Jayalalithaa as being arrogant, stubborn and not treating her allies well. What would one say for the diatribes that Vijayakanth is making in the past one month and in his on- and-off alliance talks with the Congress and the BJP and at Singapore with the DMK? It is an open secret –something written in leading Tamil news papers – that one of the issues to settle for the alliance talks was  money that he wants from the BJP (or any party that wants to ally with him – be it Congress or DMK) to fund the election expenses of his party. Why the EC is not taking a serious view of this? Why no one in the media questioned this? Why no one had taken him to court for this? Is this what the media people want us to believe as “Dance of democracy”?
– Jayasree

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