‘Indian Mujahideen planned new hideouts in Tibet, Nepal’


NEW DELHI: Indian Mujahideen (IM) harboured audacious plans to free its operatives lodged in various jails apart from expanding its footprint across Asia. From ramming bulldozers to bring down jail walls to creating hideouts in Tibet and Azerbaijan, IM had a range of activities on its drawing board.

IM operatives discussed a fidayeen attack on Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat to free their associate Mohammed Saif who had managed to write a letter to them from jail. In a December 5, 2012 chat, IM’s India operations chief Ahmed Siddibappa alias Yasin Bhatkal told outfit’s founder Riyaz that he was learning how to operate bulldozers.

The 277-page NIA chargesheet filed against Yasin last week says: “Yasin informed Riyaz that he had learnt to operate bulldozer. It drinks 200 litres per day, but can be used to break wall of the jail.”

Around the same time, the group seemed to be also planning new hideouts in Nepal, Tibet and Azerbaijan. It says while Yasin had already travelled to Rohtat and Barhare areas of Nepal where he was also planning to buy property, in a November 16, 2012 chat with Yasin, “Riyaz asked to find whether Tibet tour for Lhasa which starts from Kathmandu was continuing”. “On December 30, 2012, Riyaz asked (Yasin) whether visa for Azerbaijan was obtained from Nepal, since there was a route via Azerbaijan to Pakistan.”

In order to expand its base in Nepal, the group had even bought a lathe factory, run on captive hydro-electric power, to manufacture weapons there. “Yasin asked Riyaz whether he should work in the hospital … He also joked to find a poison which will kill after one week,” the chargesheet notes.

Months later, IM operatives Mirza Shadab Baig and Asadullah Akhtar discussing fidayeen attack on Sabarmati jail. Detailing a chat between the two on July 18, 2013, the chargesheet says: “Akhtar mentioned about fidayeen action at Sabarmati jail in Gujarat… socha tha deposit (fidayeen) lagana hai to usase achi jagah (Gujarat) kya hogi. Mirza mentioned ‘yaar aur bnd (bandook) bhi honi chahiye sab ke pas.’ He told Akhtar that to execute the work minimum five daring ones were needed with arms.”


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