Shri Narendra Modi addressing “Bharatha Gellisi” rally in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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3 Responses to Shri Narendra Modi addressing “Bharatha Gellisi” rally in Bengaluru, Karnataka

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    To Hell with History !

    Are voters bothered whether ,

    > Alexander reached Ganga or Godavari ?

    > Taxila was in Bihar or Bengal ?

    > Chandragupta was a Gupta or a Gandhi ?

    > The patriot who died in London was Shyamji Verma or Shamaprasad
    Mukherjee ?

    > China spends on education, 3% or 30 % of its GDP ?

    In case our political leaders have failed to grasp the truth , even after 66 years of Independence , the simple answer is :

    No ! They are just not bothered !

    Voters couldn’t care less for such high level intellectual pronouncements – and rebuttals – on either history or on geography !

    They are telling the politicians :

    ” To hell with history !

    Do you have answers / solutions to our following CURRENT problems ?

    * My graduate son is jobless , even 3 years after graduation

    * My daughter cannot get admission in any college in my city

    * I have no money to buy medicines for my ailing parents

    * I must commit suicide because my crop is destroyed without water

    * Municipality is demolishing my hut to hand-over land to builder mafia

    * If my 5 year old child does not beg on street , she will die of starvation

    Before we decide which party to vote for , tell us exact date by which you will solve our CURRENT problems

    For God’s sake , don’t waste your time – and ours too – discussing , what ” wrong things ” long dead people did or what ” right things ” they failed to do !

    To hell with someone else’s long-lost – and now useless – HISTORY

    We are only concerned with useful solutions to our own immediate FUTURE ”

    * hemen parekh ( 18 Nov 2013 )

  2. Dear Mr Parekh,You have raised very pertinent points.In my opinion Mr Mody is the only person who can deliver what is needed, if we go by what he has achieved in Gujarat.He ha also said in one of his speeches that he needs 60 months to clean up the mess and start showing results.I feel he is justified in asking this time to start creating a New India for tomorrow after the loo and rape of 60 years by congress. Dr Swamy a very honest and sincere and indeed very capable administrator has outlined the programme of action required when Narendra modi takes over.It is only right that we give him the chance denied to Sri Atalji when we were about to take off, with current account on the surplus side by more than 22billion dollars,ass against an actual deficit to day of over 180 billion dollars,plus the loot of billions more. Ganesh.

  3. Dear Mr Parekh, In continuation to my reply a little while ago i heard what Sri Narendrabhai had to say at Bangalore once again , being very old and counting my evenings. He has thrown a challenge to create an India for people to be proud of by the time India celebrates 75 years of independence which is 9 years from now.I feel it is only fair to give him this chance to prove his ability to resurrect our motherland from the morass we have sunk her into.It is likely that i could have made some spelling mistakes and forgotten to correct them, like for eg the “t” from loot,an extra “s” from as in my previous reply. Sorry for the inconvenience.Ganesh.

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