Live: Patna blasts suspect confesses three teams placed bombs; Tehseen Akhtar mastermind behind attack

Monday, Oct 28, 2013, 13:33 IST | Place: Patna | Agency: IANS

In the last few months, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on more than 10 occasions raided his native village but failed to find him.

Mohd Tehseen Akhtar.

Mohd Tehseen Akhtar.

Tehseen Akhtar, allegedly a member of Indian Mujahideen (IM), is the brain behind the string of explosions in Patna Sunday that left six dead, authorities said on Monday.

“Tehseen Akhtar alias Monu, accused of several terrorist attacks, is man behind serial blasts in Patna,” an Intelligence Bureau (IB) official here said.

“Initial investigation suggested the involvement of IM in serial blasts in Patna. The modus operandi and low-intensity bomb blasts are part of IM operation,” the IB official said  declining to be named.

The IB official said that one of the suspects who was arrested has confessed to the involvement of IM in Sunday’s seven blasts — six of which took place in and around the Gandhi Maidan where Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi later addressed a rally.

“More information will come out after likely arrest of three or four suspects involved in the blasts,” the IB official said.

Tehseen Akhtar, considered to be close to Yasin Bhatkal, the man who co-founded Indian Mujahideen, hails from a village in Samastipur, about 100 km from Patna.

In the last few months, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on more than 10 occasions raided his native village but failed to find him.

Earlier, the NIA issued an arrest warrant against Tehseen Akhtar, and also announced a reward of Rs10 lakh for information that could lead to his arrest.

The NIA team arrested Mohammad Danish Ansari, an alleged operative of Indian Mujahideen, from Chakjora village in Darbhanga in January 2013. Ansari is allegedly also a close associate of Yasin Bhatkal.

Security agencies claim Ansari provided shelter to Yasin Bhatkal in 2009-10 in Bihar.


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4 Responses to Live: Patna blasts suspect confesses three teams placed bombs; Tehseen Akhtar mastermind behind attack

  1. doriswamyganesh says:

    Sir, It is very obvious that Pakistan and the congress between them want to destroy India we are all dreaming of.people of the ilk of Sonia and her entire family{Sri Vajpayee gave them total protection} together with characters like the Sardar,manish tiwari, Diggy kapil and many more of her coterie are only living on the bones thrown at them and are least worried about my mother.They are perhaps colluding with IM to try and destroy the David of India, the vivekananda of Bharat Mata the idol and future of this great nation,SRI Narendra Damodar Modi.Such a thing will never happen .The fire that is burning now will consume them even as Lord Shiva destroyed Manmatha and reduce them to ashes, The Jagan matha will never resurrect them compassionate as she is.It will be eons before Ganga can cleanse them.I seek the blessings of the saint of Kanchi for Namo’s success.Ganesh.

  2. beegee says:

    what it goes to prove……..

  3. Why are these terrorists kept ALIVE still ?

    This is not the first bomb blast. KILLING them alone will put a decisive end to such terrorism. Instead they end up in prisons where they are well looked after fed birayani , mutton gravy & HUGGED by art of living SSSSRavishankars in the pretext of “reforming”.

    Instead wimpy India cries impertinently ” China is encircling booo hooooo”. These terrorists’ parents invariably scream they are all Sufi saints. Along with barkha dutts & digviajy singhs.
    I am weary of hearing the same lines from Indian sleuths who say after every bomb blast ” the pattern clearly shows this is the work of Indian Mujahideen , Lashkar e thoibaaa , al koidaaa , miscreants from Pakistan ( AK Antony said that).

    Barkha Dutts , salman khurshids , abhishek singhvis & sagarika ghoses have never lost their lives in such bomb blasts. Hence can afford to don the secular mantle of human rights industry.

  4. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    The irony goes this way. In Gujarath Muslims are gathering against cow slaughter. But in Bihar, has become terrorists haven. In Gujj both Muslims and Hindus are living in conjunction and conciliation. In Bihar hatred is sown. With all these Nitish arraigns Modi in tandem with scamgress. Who is what is to be read lines between

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