Watch: Entire speech of Narendra Modi in Delhi rally


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2 Responses to Watch: Entire speech of Narendra Modi in Delhi rally

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    In your “ Hunkar “ rally at Patna yesterday , you said ,

    “ Poor hindus and poor musalmans should not fight each other . They should join hands to fight poverty……

    When Congress fought 2009 elections , it promised jobs . How many of you got those promised jobs ? “

    True , for over 55 years , successive Congress governments have been busy in “ Garibi Hatao “ – without success

    So what did they do ?

    Re-draw the Garibi-Rekha ( Poverty Line ) at Rs 27/day in urban areas , to give an impression that very few people in India , are “ really poor “

    Even then , this works out to 400 million people ! By their own twisted standard

    If I were to assume that BJP’s garibi rekha is , at a more respectable , Rs 100 per day , then this figure could well go over 700 million people !

    Exact figures are unimportant

    What is more important is ,

    “ How do you pull these poor , out of poverty ? “

    There are only 2 ways , viz:,

     Create jobs

     Enable poor to become self-employed

    Now , even though you don’t have a Ph D in Economics ( thank God ! ), you are a hard-headed Gujju businessman !

    On top of that , you started your own career as a “ Self employed tea vendor “ on railway stations and in trains

    So you know what it costs ( by way of capital investment + working capital ) to create just ONE job in the economy

    Depending upon , whether that job is in Public Sector / Large organized Private Sector / Medium sized industry / Roadside retail grocery shop or a Pan-Beedi dukaan of a self employed , the figure would range from Rs 10 Crores / job to Rs 10,000 for a Pan-Beedi shop !

    ( If in doubt , take Annual Report of any Tata / Adani / Ambani / Birla company and divide the Capital Employed by Manpower )

    Now pick your own favorite figure ( per job investment ) and multiply with your own ( convenient ? ) figure of 700 million poor people , desperately wanting to “ fighting poverty “

    In BJP’s poll manifesto , will you please mention , where you will find the money required to fulfill your promise ? I hope , you will not raise taxes !

    How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    Hint :

    Read my Poll Manifesto Suggestions , sent to Shri Murli Manohar Joshi , 3 days back !

    • Hemen parekh ( 28 Oct 2013 )

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    Nightingale is singing

    India’s nightingale , Lata Mangeshkar is singing , ” NaMo , NaMo ”

    Congressmen are livid with rage

    Shuklaji is advising Lataji to keep away from politics and keep out of controversy

    And like his predecessor minister of I & B , B V Keskar , who had banned playing of harmonium and Kishor Kumar songs on All India Radio , current I & B minister , Manish Tewariji is considering a ban on playing of Lata-Songs on all TV channels !

    Just as Sardar Patel had banned RSS ?

    To pip Arnab Goswami at his ” Noise Hour ” debate every night , Rajat Sharma served a summons on Lataji to appear on ” Aap ki Adalat ” , and asked :

    ” Lata Didi ,

    You are alleged to have corrupted classical Indian music

    Bhairavi raga is supposed to be sung in early morning , in order to gently
    wake-up the people

    Other day , in Pune , you sang Bhairavi in the evening and woke up people
    from deep slumber of last 9 years

    And you even re-named the raga as ” Raga NaMo ” !

    What do you have to say in your defense ? ”

    Instead of replying , Lataji starts singing :

    ” Aye mere watan ke logo , ab pakadlo EVM jaraa jor se

    Jo phool dekho kamal ka , wo button dabavo jaraa pyaar se ”

    Instead of clapping , the audience starts singing loudly , in raga NaMo :

    ” Ayega , ayega , ayega Anewaala , ayega , ayega , ayega ………. ”

    The singing reverberates thru the length and breadth of India that is Bharat and fills up every heart !

    Nightingale has sung for 725 million voters

    * hemen parekh ( 03 Nov 2013 / Diwali )

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