Sonia is a fascist as she comes from a fascist family – Dr.Swamy


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2 Responses to Sonia is a fascist as she comes from a fascist family – Dr.Swamy

  1. doriswamyganesh says:

    Sir, Is there any doubt that Sonia is from a fascist family? The way she is going about the destruction of my motherland to amass wealth and fund the expenses of her children for even use of drugs by Rahul is proof enough of her not only being a mafioso but also 100% fascist. Look at the communal violence bill being proposed.It is meant to destroy my mother.Let us all unite to get rid of her entire family of thieves and also destroy roots of corruption train created by her by supporting genuine persons of the caliber of Ashok Khemka.Ganesh.

  2. Highly preposterous arguments by the anchor. And all the anti BJP fanatics.

    How can these congress terrorists expect us HINDUS aam janata , RSS , VHP & Hindu Munnani to remain apathetic towards political chicanery of congress , communists & their allies ? What do they mean by adhering to “socio cultural “….

    What about the track record of congress ? It is not even a legitimate party with authority to rule over us HINDUS. MK.Gandhi THRUST Nehru on hapless HINDUS & we are suffering till date.
    Congress , their allies & communists have practically INVADED in HINDUS’ social , cultural domain. By usurping HINDUS TEMPLES management , plundering ALL the WEALTH siphoning them off towards the upkeep of HINDUS’ inimicals. Cows & Calves in Goshala of Temples are clandestinely handed over to the slaughterers by the same corrupt meddling sickular gorement of India. Many are dying of starvation it is reported. Collections from TEMPLES go straight into the coffers of anti VEDIC politicians. The syllabus we are forced to devour in our schools presents distorted history calculated to make us HINDUS feel ashamed of ourselves & everything HINDU. Even today we are forced to repeat TajMahal was built by shah jehan when this BLUFF has long been exposed.

    BBC also says the same TajMahal was built by moghal shah jahan blah blah.

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