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                                                                                                Dr. Swamy

Roseburg, OR (USA) 10 Oct:

            The Muslim men and women of Kashmir have told me that they are ready and willing to stand by India and fight against the terrorists every step of the way if the policy of vacillation, confusion, appeasement and duplicity pursued by India comes to an end said Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the senior BJP leader, while addressing a fully packed Annual Convention of the World Hindus Delegates held recently in New York. The BJP stalwart was addressing the convention at the invitation of the Indian-American-Intellectuals Forum, a front line organization of the 3 million strong Indo-American Community, which was observing the 19th  Annual Hindu Unity Day. He said that Kashmiri Muslims have expressed their deep apprehension and concern due to the present uncertain and less than reassuring Indian policy as to what might happen to them when the Taliban come tomorrow and India walks away.

Settle 10 Lakh Ex-soldiers in Kashmir to create infrastructure of security:

            For changing the nature of the Indo-Kashmir relations we will resettle the exiled Pandits back in Kashmir after creating a much needed climate and infrastructure of security by settling ten lakh ex-military men in the properties of Pandits illegally, under duress and forcibly occupied by the Islamists and fundamentalists he declared. The Islamists threw five lakh Pandits out and we must settle ten lakh ex-soldiers in their place to send a clear and an unmistakable message to subversive forces that Kashmir as always will remain an integral part ofIndia. Short of radical changes in India’s policy and       actions towards J&K, if the Pandits were sent back toKashmir the blood thirsty Islamists and Pak-trained militants will butcher them and that is not acceptable under any circumstances.

Accession Irrevocable;

Plebiscite an issue between Nehru & Separatists:

            Dr. Swamy said that he was the first Indian leader after Indira Gandhi to address a public meeting in Lalchowk, Srinagar, in August this year and Kashmiri Muslims listened to his patriotic message positively. Dismissing the dogma of accession versus merger perpetrated by the people of double loyalty and promise of plebiscite Dr. Swamy said that the same instrument of accession was signed by 650 plus states which became a part of India and there was no special or different provision executed between J&K and India therefore, there should be no questions or confusion about it. J&K’s accession with India is full, final and irrevocable.Remains the question of plebiscite referred to by Jawaharlal Nehru, on which separatists and Pak-agents have built their Islamic castles, Swamy told these people that they should go and collect the said promise from Nehru since it was not made by the Indian Govt., or by the Indian Parliament nor the Indian Cabinet. Obviously he meant to convey that such a casual reference by Mr. Nehru does not have any legal and/or constitutional validity. How these anti-India elements can reach Mr. Nehru, the BJP leader asked and answered the question that their Pakistani militant, Taliban and Al Qaeda friends know the method of facilitating their quick transit.

Congress led communal combine is crumbling:

India, Israel & USA Natural allies.

            We have been placating wrong elements in Kashmir Dr. Swamy pointed out, Islam tells Muslims “wherever you are in majority don’t give any place or space to others including the minorities and that is exactly what they have done in Kashmir.”   Islamists have branded three countries, India, Israel and USA, as their enemies. As a consequence these three countries have been provided strong grounds for becoming best of the allies. The superficial en-bloc backing by the Islamists for the ruling congress and its allies is crumbling. A new dawn is visible in Kashmir and India he told the audience amidst thunderous applause. Shiias, Barelvis, Ismailis and others are walking away from this combine. Add them and the Akali Dal and Shiva Sena to the supporters of BJP. Together these democratic forces are going to culminate into a political tsunami with more than enough power and capacity to inundate the communal politics of Congress and its collaborators thus sending UPA packing. That will also mark the beginning of a new era in India’s politics and rehabilitation of genuine and transparent democracy.

Will Modi-Swamy Adm. Reverse Genocide of Pandits?

            In a personal message answering a question by Dr. Jagan Kaul, Chairman, Diversity-USA “if Modi-Swamy administration will reverse the genocide of Pandits, integrate Kashmir fully with India and give a one way ticket to the Islamists who want to live in Pakistan? without mincing the words Dr. Swamy said “Certainly we will. Hope to welcome you in Srinagar”. In his political discourse and public speeches Dr. Swamy has on numerous occasions extended full support for the reorganization of J&K and for creating “Panun Kashmir” where as a Saraswat Brahman he is committed to exercise his right for establishing a residence. All Saraswat Brahmins, it may be recalled, have originated from Kashmir but the oft repeated Islamic violent crusades against Hindus drove them away.   


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  1. beegee says:

    very correct, the settlement of ex – military personnel in J & K will pave way for peace

  2. What is meant by “Kashmiri muslims expressing deep apprehension….” ?? The Taleban & MUSLIMS of India & all over the world share the same ideology. Their religion is the SAME.

    It is HINDUS that have been the casualties. How can these muslims of Kashmir claim to fight terrorists when they themselves are the terrorists ?
    Sudarshan of RSS also made the same mistake when he talked about “patriotic Indian muslims & Indian christians”.

    Define patriotism. Spare me such tunnel vision. Our VEDIC ETHOS CANNOT afford co existence with these INIMICALS. Better we ask the muslims to QUIT for other Islamic countries of the world.
    With population burden lightened & their appeasers the obese Parliament & various chief ministers barkha dutts & prannoy roys ELIMINATED our dependence on oil import would get whittled down considerably. Both muslims & christians of India along with communists , DMK , DK , congress would never ENFORCE ban on cows & calves slaughter.

    We need to take care of our flora & fauna. Instead of talking about reservations for these who take multiple wives & breed irresponsibly. The christians of India have long USURPED HINDUS TEMPLES lock stock & barrel. Educational institutions , sullabi , medical care everything is monopolised by these christians . Lot of hindu doctors actually follow allopathy thrusting it down reluctant HINDUS.

    Psychiatry is one such witchcraft. Kaanchi MahaPeriyavar has categorically stated “it is the psychiatrists who need treatment…”.

    It is time HINDUS are given the freedom to live in the country that LEGITIMATELY belongs to HINDUS alone. Hindus & Jews of Israel & kindred Americans & Europeans are NATURAL allies.
    Muslims are atavistically inimical & hostile towards Jews & Hindus.

  3. How could we Hindus be this amnesiac when we know it is kashmiri MUSLIM Azam Khan close ally of Mulayam Singh Yadav who orchestrated the cold blooded murder of HINDUS in UP the other day. Lots of HINDU FARMERS died . Their tractors were set on fire & the police were forbidden from preventing by MUSLIM AZAM KHAN a minister in UP. A kashmiri MUSLIM. Who has NOT been put to DEATH as commensurate punishment .

  4. MUSLIMS of Tamil Nadu who BRUTALLY KILLED HINDUS have NOT been eliminated . But looked after in so called “indian prisons” fed non vegetarian biryani etc. Already DMK is calling for their release. Not a single Indian MUSLIM has condemned them asking for death sentence to these muslim MURDERERS. This is the mindset of muslims.

    We HINDUS just CANNOT afford to have them amidst us in OUR country.

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