Shri Narendra Modi addresses huge BJP Rally in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – Speech


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4 Responses to Shri Narendra Modi addresses huge BJP Rally in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – Speech

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    A Contrarian View

    Pakistani prime minister , Nawaz Sharif , yesterday suggested that America should get “ involved “ in solving the “ Kashmir Issue “

    Expectedly , Indian politicians are all united ( at least on one issue ! ) in telling USA :

    “ Keep your hands off Kashmir . We don’t need third party intervention to solve , what is essentially , our bilateral problem , as agreed in Shimla Agreement . “

    Except that no politician is willing to admit the harsh ground reality that , after 30 years of LoC skirmishes – and thousands of deaths , India and Pakistan have failed to resolve the issue “ bilaterally “ !

    Late Vasant Sathe was the only politician who had the ( suicidal ? ) courage to say ,

    “ Only practical solution is for both countries to accept LoC as the international border “

    And such a “ practical solution “ can come about only through a third-party mediation , without making either Indian or Pakistani politicians losing face !

    Let us admit :
     Without a peaceful solution of Kashmir Issue , thousands of innocent Indians living close to LoC will continue to die

     Unlike Israel , India cannot engage in “ Hot Pursuit “ of the terrorists into Pak-Occupied Kashmir , without risking an all-out Nuclear war

     Western Nations ( especially USA ) need Pakistan to fight Al Qaida

     China is encircling India by establishing strong economic / military presence in Tibet / Nepal / Myanmar / Sri-Lanka / Maldive / Pakistan etc

     Even Russian support to India is waning , as Russian economy gets more and more integrated with EU

    Let us ask ourselves :

    “ Is it right to continue spending billions of rupees in maintaining our military presence in Kashmir , when 400 million BPL Indians don’t get 2 meals a day ? How long must 1.6 million Indian children ( below the age of 5 ) continue to die , year after year , due to starvation ? “

    Alas ! Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Narendra Modi would have the moral courage to answer this question !
    In their party’s Poll Manifestos , there will be a deafening silence on this practical solution !

    • hemen parekh ( 20 Oct 2013 )

    • You are bracketing Sri.Narendra Modi with rahul of congress exactly like BBC. Flawed.

      Now you talk about so many starving as barkha dutts & rajdeep sardesais have also done the same for decades using the phrase “bijli , sadak , pani”. Already we HINDUS have been paying with our blood , lives & money by this suicidal “co-existence” with them.
      Any kind of negotiation with the muslim terrorists will wipe out the very lives of the allegedly “starving ” Indians.
      Some comic relief you provide by telling “America needs Pakistan’s help to fight al-qaeda”. Give it any name al- qaeda , SIMI , lashkar e toiba , miscreants of Kasmir & Pakistan as A.K.Antony defended etc etc they are all the same. All join hands as all of them know the name of the mother of their Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) & KILL non muslims.

      They did the same during Mumbai shootings. The latest being HINDU MUNNANI members’ violent KILLINGS by muslims of Tamil Nadu. The muslim KILLERS are seldom given death sentence as they do in Saudi Arabia , UAE , Iran & Iraq.

  2. Why are Indians complaining about China’s “encircling” ? As a HINDU I am quite happy to see CHINA “encircling & encroaching”.

    Hindus’ TEMPLES have long been encroached upon & bled by congress , communists , dmk , dk etc . Hindus like me feel thoroughly alienated in our OWN Bharath. As it caters to muslims & converted christians. Thank God at least CHINA would not hesitate in eliminating such anti HINDU government. CHINA would never tolerate yechurys & prannoy roys.

    It was CHINA that extended a formal INVITATION to HINDUS’ Kaanchi Shankaracharyar. Assuring HIM of providing vegetarian kosher food , clean water & all amenities. I do not perceive any enemy in CHINA.

    Many Hindus living in China are quite happy. Hindu tourists to China have glowing reports.

  3. arpit shah says:

    Narendr modi aage bhadho ji

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