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4 Responses to NAMO, NAMO – PM GO!

  1. Sir I have by now heard this Rap not less than about 30 times and d still enjoy it as it is the first time.It is simply great and superb!It is already on top of the hit parade and our dear Namo will soon be at the helm om our beloved country changing her destiny. God bless him. Ganesh.

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    Winds of Change ?

    Hardly a week passes without some Newspapers or TV Channels announcing the results of their “ Opinion Polls “ of voters re :

     Forthcoming State Elections

     Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

     NDA vs UPA vs Third Front …..etc

    Not only the number of voters being polled increasing but even the coverage is increasing

    Questions being asked are mostly open-ended

    But then , all Statistical Sampling carry the danger of a bias getting introduced through,

     Conducting Agency

     Sample Size

     No of Options ( Centralization Tendency )

     Leading questions

     Stratification of people being polled….etc

    Given all of these limitations , there can be no doubt that the Opinion Polls are pointers to the shape of things to come

    Whereas contesting parties – and candidates – can afford to debate the accuracy of the exact “ Numbers “ , they may ignore the “ Trend “ at their own peril !

    The trend is very clear ,

     In Delhi , Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) will come to power with an absolute majority

     In other 4 States , BJP will improve its share

     At the Centre ( in 2014 National Elections ) , NDA may form the Government thru a coalition

    On 4th Dec , people of Delhi will re-confirm these trends by electing 40 + AAP candidates

    The Wind of Change is an ill-wind that blows Congress no good !

    • hemen parekh ( 19 Oct 2013 )

  3. Hemen Parekh says:

    SOS to SOS to SOS !


    Save Our Souls …….. to
    Son Of Sonia……………. to
    Subsidize Our Subji ( Subzi )

    Rahul Gandhi,

    To fill our empty POTs ( Stomachs , in Marathi ) , please give us this day , our daily POTs , viz:

     P.. for.. Potato ( at Rs 3 / Kg )

     O.. for.. Onions ( at Rs 2 / Kg )

     T .. for.. Tomatoes ( at Rs 1 / Kg )

    Announce in your next Election rally that you will get these included ( at the subsidized prices mentioned above ) , in the Food Security Bill

    A little while back , you saved the democracy by tearing off the Ordinance

    Now save 400 million poor people by fighting inflation ( which you cannot feel ) and fighting the evil opposition ( which haunts you everywhere ! )

    On the battlefield of Mahabharat , Lord Krishna told Arjun :

    “ If you die , you will go to heaven : if you win , you will rule the World
    Therefore , arise , O Son of Kunti , determined to fight this battle “

    For the 2014 National Elections , the battle-lines are already drawn !

    It will be a battle of empty POTs and very angry RYOTs !

    • hemen parekh ( 24 Oct 2013 )

  4. Hemen Parekh says:

    World is Watching !

    It is not only India

    Entire world is watching what has happened – and continues to happen – in Delhi

    Oppressed people of Tunisia , Libya , Iraq , Egypt , Yemen , and now Syria , took up arms and fought bloody battles to liberate themselves from the tyranny of dictators

    Of course , in no small measure , due to covert help from the Western world

    But India is the land of Gandhi ( – the ancient one , not the Dynasty ! )

    And peace-loving people of Delhi needed no outside help to throw out Congress and give a mandate to BJP and AAP

    But a fractured mandate that gives no party a clear majority !

    Apparently , people of Delhi failed to appreciate that a coalition government is a government that gets blackmailed by its coalition partners , whose sole aim is to make a ton of money !

    Exactly what has been happening at the Centre for the past 5 years , rendering UPA -2 , a Spineless Spectacle !

    Arvind Kejriwal realized this a long time back and over the past 6 months , repeatedly said ,

    ” We will neither support any party , nor seek support from anyone ”

    He is absolutely right when he refuses to form a minority-led government , under constant threats from corrupt partners

    What next ?

    Although President’s Rule is an immediate possibility , it is a pointless postponement of what is inevitable , viz :


    Let us get over it fast

    Let us face the harsh reality of parliamentary democratic process

    If people of Delhi want a stable / accountable / corruption-free government , then let them go to the polling booths ONCE AGAIN , and give AAP , at least 40 SEATS

    Let their message ring loud and clear , across the length and breadth of India , proclaiming :

    ” Brothers and Sisters,

    If you want to get rid of corruption , give AAP , an ABSOLUTE
    MAJORITY in 2014 National Elections


    If you hesitate , and split your vote , you will have only yourself to
    blame for your continued suffering ”

    * hemen parekh ( 10 Dec 2013 )

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