Coalgate scam heats up: If Parakh conspirator, PM co-conspirator


CBI dismisses CAG report absolving Parakh of favouring Birla by FP Staff Oct 16, 2013

Hours after former coal secretary PC Parakh asserted that the PM was the final decision maker and must be counted as ‘conspirator’ in the coal block allocation scam, the CBI told CNBC- TV18  that it had sufficient evidence to prove Parakh overturned the screening committee’s decision to favour Aditya Birla Group.

“We have evidence on record that it was Parakh who overturned Screening Committee’s decision and coal block was allotted to Birlas. This is the initial stage of investigation and chance will be given to all accused to defend themselves at the time of their statement.

This is an Supreme Court monitored investigation and we are going by rule book,” a CBI source told CNBC-TV18. The source dismissed a CAG report absolving Parakh of the charge and said that Parakh’s alleged favouritism has been established in the initial stage of the investigation itself. Reuters Parakh  today hit out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,  saying if he is to be blamed for the scam, then the PM too is an accused.

The former coal secretary pointed out that he had been given a stamp of approval by the Comptroller and Auditor General for his functioning. Citing  the Comptroller and Auditor General report of August 2012, he said CAG  had lauded him for opposing the present system of allocating coal blocks and pointed out that he had differences on many policy matters with the PM and the Coal Minister but was overruled. Following Prakh’s accusation, the BJP too termed his remarks as “not surprising” and said he should make public of how allotments were made when PM was incharge of Coal Ministry. “The time has come for Parakh to speak up. He has spoken a little, he should come out clean now, make public statements of how files were disposed off at that time (when the PM was incharge of Coal Ministry),” party leader Yashwant Sinha said today.

On Tuesday, an FIR was filed against Parakh, Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla, his group company Hindalco and public sector undertaking Nalco for alleged irregularities in allocation of coal mining rights in 2005. A case of cheating, forgery and financial misrepresentation have been filed. The CBI has alleged that the company’s belonging to Birla’s conglomerate was wrongfully allocated the Talabira II coal block in Jasukuda district of Orissa in 2005.  Earlier Congress MP and industrialist Naveen Jindal was summoned by the CBI in September and was subjected to some intense scrutiny. Jindal has been named as an accused in the twelfth FIR of the CBI in coal scam. The CBI in its FIR has said that Naveen’s company, Jindal Group, was not recommended by the Jharkhand government. The FIR also accused him of misrepresentation of facts.


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2 Responses to Coalgate scam heats up: If Parakh conspirator, PM co-conspirator

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    Kamraj Plan is now Scam-raj Plan !

    Some 50 years ago , Congress President , Kamraj Nadar realized that the ideals on which Congress was founded , were decaying. Congress had started rotting from within because of power-hungry politicians

    So he came up with “ Kamraj Plan “, under which , senior congress leaders were required to resign from their ministerial posts and devote themselves to re-vitalizing the party

    Six Union Ministers and six State Chief Ministers resigned

    50 years later , the current version of Kamraj Plan is “ Scam-raj Plan “ !

    Under this new “ Scam-raj Plan “ ,

     Ministers need not resign as long as they are involved in no more than one scam at a time

     Ministers may ignore any adverse comments made against them , either by CAG or by Supreme Court

     Ministers shall conveniently misplace / lose , scam related files

     Ministers may continue to chair GoM appointed to investigate irregularities of their own ministries

     Ministers shall have triple reporting relationships , viz :

    • Congress President

    • Congress Vice President

    • Prime Minister

    ( strictly in that order ! )

     Ministers shall not hesitate to appoint their near-and-dear relatives to sundry Government posts , as Chair-persons

     Ministers shall ensure that all Government contracts / orders above Rs 100 crores , are mandatorily given out to each other’s relatives , in a quid-pro-quo basis , without fear or favour !

    Then there are many other minor “ Dos and Don’ts “ which readers may wish to add , by way of comments / replies

    Who authored this “ Scam-raj “ plan ?

    That is a “ Scam Raaz “ ! Relevant file is missing !

    • hemen parekh ( 30 Oct 2013 )

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    Ban Pre-poll Opinion Surveys ?

    Congress has asked Election Commission to ban pre-poll opinion surveys of voters

    Congress says , these are inaccurate , manipulated , misleading

    What it failed to say is ,

    ” We are frightened to death ! ”

    What Congress refuses to believe is that these surveys are confirming that the UPA has failed to come up to the expectations of people , who are , now looking for an alternative

    For UPA , this is a self-inflicted wound !

    – by refusing to ,

    * Accept CAG findings in umpteen scams

    * Asking concerned ministers to resign immediately

    * Offering the entire Government machinery for CBI inquiry

    Can you believe that this is the party which claims ” legacy ” of Lal Bahadur Shashtry , who resigned , within hours of a train accident when he was Railway Minister ?

    – by taking moral responsibility

    – without waiting to appoint an ” Inquiry Commission ” ( ala 1984 Delhi / 2002 Godhra riots ) , to submit its report within a few years , fixing the blame on faulty equipment / human error

    When Nehru died , Lal Bahadur was the first choice for the post of PM

    Without any Opinion Survey !

    When will Congress re-learn its lessons in forgotten art of ” morality ” ?

    * hemen parekh ( 04 Nov 2013 )

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