Desparate attempt by Tadaki using caged parrot to put Modi out. Keeps trying to ‘crack’ Amit Shah to ‘nail’ on the encounter killing of terrorist and traitor Ishrat Jahan

Amit Shah’s presence in UP organizing for BJP seems to be a grave concern for Mafiosi and her Indian Agent father-son duo the Yadavs.

AhmedabadThe Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI today questioned Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s close aide Amit Shah in connection with the Ishrat Jahan encounter case.

The investigating agency acted on the recent claims made by jailed IPS officer DG Vanzara that the Modi government in Gujarat was “inspiring, guiding and monitoring” every police action from “very close quarters.”

The questioning came less than a week after sources in the CBI said the agency will soon declare that it has found no evidence of terrorist leanings of 19-year-old Ishrat Jehan, who was killed by the Gujarat police in 2004 along with three men.

In its first chargesheet presented in a Gujarat court in July, the CBI accused seven senior policemen of murdering Ishrat and her three male companions in “cold blood” and of planting an AK-56 at the scene of the shooting to portray the victims as terrorists.

One of those officers, DG Vanzara, who was then Deputy Commissioner of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch, wrote an explosive letter to Mr Modi from jail recently, alleging that Mr Shah, as Home Minister when Ishrat was killed, was aware of the police’s actions.

The BJP has already alleged that the ruling Congress, unable to combat Mr Modi politically, is using the CBI to question his credentials and mar his reputation ahead of the general elections, due by May.


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11 Responses to Desparate attempt by Tadaki using caged parrot to put Modi out. Keeps trying to ‘crack’ Amit Shah to ‘nail’ on the encounter killing of terrorist and traitor Ishrat Jahan

  1. beegee says:

    after all the encountered man was not a saint. why CBI is wasting money on hounding bJP leaders

  2. CBI is but congress in disguise. As the new import Raghuram Rajan of RBI also exists to carry out the wishes of P.Chidambaram & Sonia Dynasty. Congress since its inception has been the MOST ARROGANT party. It has to be rendered extinct. Not even allowed to sit as “opposition”.
    It will try all foul means along with allies like DMK , DK , communists , Omar Abdullahs , Mulayams & Mamata Banerjees ( Western countries like UK & America are ALSO favourably disposed towards CORRUPT congress as their agenda is evangelical conversions. They don’t like us HINDUS) including engineering communal riots to malign BJP & usurp power. Indian media monopolised by treasonous barkha dutts & vikram chandras is what the western countries WANT to believe in.

  3. When are HINDUS going to wake up from their secular somnolence ? Indian gorement which has mostly been anti VEDIC congress has NEVER undertaken to uphold Vedic Dharmam. The word “secular” was purposely inserted by MUSLIM Indira who is no Gandhi but married to a muslim called Feroze Khan. Her son Sanjay who died in a plane crash had a different muslim father called Mohammed Yunus. All of which the KNAVISH Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi with a manufactured halo of “mahatma” KNEW.

    Thus police , sleuths , even Army , teachers -most are heavily “secularised” salivating for coexistence with INIMICALS. When the very establishment FAILS to protect HINDUS I am grateful to Sri.Narendra Modi , Sri.Amit Shah & HINDUS of Gujarat who refuse(d) to grovel at the feet of contemporary Aurangazebs in the guise of ishrat jahans & teesta setalvads.

    We the HINDUS have been experiencing the perils of multiculti coexistence YET fail to gather wisdom. One Salim Khan & his son Salman Khan make a big show of eating modaks & celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi & we the HINDUS cite this pathetic example as “communal harmony”.

    Modhakam making is not the discovery/invention of Salim Khans & Shobhaa Des.

    It is ARUNDHATHI wife of Vasishtar who is the first person to come up with this instant recipe.

    It is time we request Salim , Salman Khans to try making modaks in Somalia & Nigeria along with Ganesh Arathi educating the jihadis there & reforming them. Ditto for Abdul Kalam who all HINDU idiots worship dutifully. Request Abdul Kalam to spout the memorised quotes of Bhagavad Gita to fellow muslims in Timbaktu , Libya , Iraq , Bangladesh , Afghanistan & reform the violent jihadis there. The so called “secular muslims ” thisisnotislamists should quit India & reform the violent jihadis who all belong to the same Ummah.

    Ditto for crafty converted christians of India. Let Keralite christian Jesudas quit India for VATICAN & sing there. And while singing do not sing in Malayalam , Tamil – none of which came from evangelicals. No eating of Avial , Rice , Olan & Eriseri but only PASTA , PASTA & more PASTA.
    DO NOT come back to India. Remo Fernandes should quit India for Portugal & bend their ears to death with his cacophony. Yank AR.Rahmans also with you.

    We have no dearth of HINDU Odhuvaargal & musicians to sing the GLORY of Hindu Gods & Goddesses.

    This is the only way of ensuring lasting PEACE for us HINDUS. All shortages of gas cylinders , water woes , scarcities , high cost of living etc would be solved in one stroke.

  4. Bapty.s says:

    Soundaryambha. Truly great comments. Beautifully put. All those you mentioned need to do all this , not just stay or live in India.

  5. Hindus should NOT involve themselves in affairs involving muslims. Any part of the world.
    Sometime back some muslim maid from SriLanka working in Saudi Arabia caused the death of their infant son. Saudi Arabia conducted investigations & meted out punishment.

    The overzealous Hindus , some bloggers shed COPIOUS tears as their objective was to find fault with Saudi Arabia. Hence speculated & wrote & wrote. I did NOT feel any sympathy as I know lot of ground realities. Most of these maids (including young ones ) are not angels as presumed by us. One such maid who was looked after very well by Kuwaiti Family was so ungrateful would regularly drug & hit the child in her care. The parents became suspicious eventually & installed video cameras thus catching her red handed.

    USELESS overzealous Indians are NOT the authorized investigative agencies. So resort to fabrications of “maids being abused ” by Arabs boooohoooo.

    Often JUSTICE is far far superior & FAIR in countries like Kuwait , UAE etc. Indians should SHUT UP. Focus on setting their own house in order which is TOTAL CHAOS.

    How many Hindus are dying in bomb blasts , due to contaminated water , spurious medicines ?
    Most Hindus would NOT want to return to India. India is THAT bad in governance in all respects.
    There are no RAPE capitals & FIRE capitals in Islamic countries. If you probe deep you would end up blaming Indians alone.

  6. Indians NEVER obey. Seldom abide by rules. Satellite tv connection I was told is officially illegal in Kuwait. I was least interested as I wanted to RUN AWAY for good from Indian violent & smutty movies , loudest noisy useless discussions on tv channels the prannoy roys & barkha dutts.
    The salutary SILENCE , PEACE , ORDERLINESS of Kuwait healed me TREMENDOUSLY.

    But smutty movies soaps besotted indians have lots & lots of illegal satellite connections with two to three plasma tvs for a family of two children. Indians brag about the greatness of their religion.
    That is all.

    Only after coming to Kuwait thanks to Kuwaiti Rulers ( God Bless Them ) ensuring steady water supply , safety , law & order , electricity with no voltage fluctuations ( in Calcutta I grew up in total darkness & my child still remembers how while sleeping in cots bandicoots , BIG RATS have bitten us running all over our bodies. Often I would carry him on my shoulder & avoid sleeping waiting for the bandicoots to come & leave through another BIG hole or the open window….I am sparing you worse nightmarish details of HELLISH life spent in Calcutta under communists rule whose jyoti basu was almost going to become Prime Minister of India with the support of Vajpayee & Advanis calling it third front . One Sardarji Surjeet Singh put his foot down vehemently & saved India) I could focus on issues that truly matter in life.

    My Spiritual awakenings I OWE substantially to Kuwait. Indians make pesky annoying hostile neighbours for me always. Call it my fortune or misfortune. Whatever problems I faced in Kuwait have been caused by Indians & Indians alone. Indian school one USELESS school , its teachers USELESS.

    What is there to feel proud about India except Kaanchi Paramacharya & Ramana Bhagavan.

  7. When Angela Merkel won there was this German Lady who said something very very IMPORTANT & ORIGINAL.

    I wish useless madhu trehans & tavleen singhs perennially pining for uplifting & coexisting with SAVAGES called muslims ( i went to deoband…they have their heads covered…educate & uplift YAWNS inducing drivel) learn from such PLUCKY GERMANS how to THINK in the first place.

    She said ” Generally people talk about a glass being half full or half empty calling it optimism versus pessimism..whereas we GERMANS when we look at such a fine glass German made , wish for the same glass to remain tomorrow & several years to come & eventually should they chip or break could they be recycled effectively benefitting us in all possible ways….I am GLAD Angela Merkel has won”.

    Can a SINGLE Indian MORON think along those lines ? Including colossal MORONS like raghuram rajans , p.chidambarams , manmohan singhs & pranab mukherjees ??

    It is a question of the EXISTENCE VERY SURVIVAL of us HINDUS in our OWN country. Yet we keep blabbering on increasing haj subsidies , interfaith dialogues, providing for reservations , jobs BEEF & IDLIS & MINT chutney sambar etc etc for our KILLERS called muslims.

  8. Look at India.

    Look at mulayams , congress , communists , omar abdullahs , DMK & the recent GRUESOME KILLINGS of Hindu Munnani Members by muslim SAVAGES.

    India ALLOWS such mayhem to happen. And Indian HINDU POLICE lay down their lives taking in bullets into their bodies painstakingly gathering intelligence & Shindes , Owaisis & Omar Abdullahs to Al Qaeda savages , Hafiz Sayeeds dictating to us HINDUS not to “harass innocent pissssfulllll muslims” & asking for BAIL. The muslim SAVAGES parents NEVER condemn such murders . Instead hire lawyers procuring easy acquittals.

    Baba Ramdev who has made enormous amounts of money with kapalabhati that does NOT belong to him but to Lord Ssiva (HINDU GOD) has many HINDU KILLERS muslims also as his students. He says ” ham kisiske siddhant nahi badathey” ( I ENDORSE muslims’ belief systems…). What a DANGEROUS muslim appeasing MERCENARY fasting yogic TERRORIST this baba ramdev is.

    DITTO for art of living SSSSRavishankars who HUGGED yasin malik of JKLF. His hyperventilation is not going to bring back SARDARJIS SIKH AIR FORCE Personnel , their WIVES & FAMILIES massacred by the same yasin malik.
    India never bothered.

    It was one Tim Sebastian who expressed spontaneous SHOCK qhile questioning this REMORSELESS BARBARIAN muslim BARBARIAN yasin malik.

  9. During kollywood worthless vishwaroopam movie controversy in Tamil Nadu & all over India & Middle East too ( all muslims of this world are PERENNIALLY in touch with one another UNDERSTAND that at least NOW & WAKE UP HINDU snoring idiots)
    congress party its p.chidambarams & manish tiwarys WANTED MUSLIMS to target & KILL as many HINDUS as possible in addition to setting fire & vandalising property. They DESIRED such total breakdown would pave the way for declaring Jayalalithaa as the cause for “communal riots” thus imposing President’s rule , immediately calling for elections & installing DMK-congress combination the secular charlatans.

    Thank God Jayalalithaa was intelligent enough to understand.

    In the meantime MUSLIM SAVAGES had successfully managed to INCINERATE lot of property , cinema halls , vehicles & KILL many Police Officers also.

    A country like AMERICA takes the death of a SINGLE POLICE OFFICER seriously & that is the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

    How can this GODDAMNED muslims’ posterior licking india ever hope to even exist as a nation leave alone become one developed developing soooperpower:-((

    No wonder that MUSLIM SAVAGE abdul kalam told HINDU IDIOTS to “dream dream & keep dreaming”.

    IITians are BRAIN DEAD.

  10. I am TOTALLY against the very DANGEROUS mindset of RSS when they keep embracing these MUSLIM BARBARIANS as “our indians , inddo0muslim bhai bhai…..indian citizens”. They are NOT.
    They do the same with converted christians of India calling them “our indians , our indian christians”. They are not OURS. They have ALREADY usurped lots & lots of HINDUS TEMPLES & LAND & everything therein. First cite bishop caldwell & ambedkar’s CROOKED mendacious propaganda converting frenziedly then agitate for “reservations” also. Albanian Ghoul Teresa ALSO did the SAME.

    In Qatar I believe they deport all muslim lawbreakers to Saudi Arabis for punishment. Very effective solution.

    Likewise DEPORT all muslims of India to Saudi Arabia & Nigeria. They are NOT HINDUS’ relatives, brothers / sisters even by the wildest stretch of imagination.

    Already we have to contend with useless syllabi reading about the same TYRANTS babur , akbar,
    aurangazeb repeating the same LIE “tajmahal was built by shah jehan for mumtaz” (even BBC bismillah broadcasting corporation Malala admirers repeat that till date. When they refer to Portugese Inquisitioning as “adventurous portugese” british LIARS are capable of anything).

    Soon shindes & pchidambarams owaisis omar abdullahs abdul kalams stalins ghulam nabi azads mulayams mamata banerjees would make it COMPULSORY for all of us HINDUS to read up their Holy Quran aaaaaalso calling it “communal harmony” & quiz contests would he hosted by siddharth basus derek o’briens gopinaths of vijay tv asking HINDUS to name the mother of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    I am SERIOUS.

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