Politics of Minority-ism fuels jihad against Hindus

 Radha Rajan
11 October 2013

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, sensing the deep anger of Hindus in the state over increasing attacks by Muslim terrorists against leaders of Hindu organizations which culminated in the brutal murder of ‘Auditor’ Ramesh, state general secretary of the BJP, constituted a Special Investigation Division of Tamil Nadu CB-CID police. P Kannappan, former IG North Zone was made IG (Intelligence) of Internal Security, a post created simultaneously with SID.

The SID was mandated to track down and arrest jihadis responsible for no fewer than ten acts of terror in just less than two years – between October 28, 2011 when pipe bombs were placed on Advani’s yatra route near Srivilliputhur, and July 19, 2013 when Auditor Ramesh was murdered. Of the ten terror attacks against Hindus in the two years between 2011 and 2013, five were fatal resulting in the deaths of four BJP functionaries and the death of state general secretary of the Hindu Munnani. Auditor Ramesh and Hindu Munnani’s Vellaiappan were hacked to death, suffering fatal cuts on their necks and the back of their heads. This is standard jihadi ‘butcher’ modus operandi.

Beginning with the murderous attack against late Jana Krishnamurthy, former BJP state president in 1984, followed by an equally murderous and near-fatal attack in the Madurai railway station on Ramagopalan, founder and state organiser, Hindu Munnani, in 1987, who suffered grievous injuries to the back of his head and neck, followed by a similar ‘butcher’ attack against constable Selvaraj in Coimbatore in November 1997 which triggered the Coimbatore communal riots, and culminating in the brutal deaths of Vellaiappan and Auditor Ramesh, and the near-fatal attack on Inspector Lakshmanan of SID in Puttur a few days ago, jihadis have used ‘butcher’ weapons like knives, sickles and hacksaws when targeting individual Hindu leaders and specific members of the police force; and this has been stated by the CBI.

* * *

Press Release
New Delhi, 09-09-2011

The Designated Judge for TADA cases at Tirunelveli (Tamilnadu) has convicted six accused persons namely Shahul Hameed; Raja Hussain; Subair; Zakir Hussain; Aziz @ Abdul Aziz & Seeni Nainar Mohammed and sentenced them to undergo Life Imprisonment with a fine of Rs.10,000/- each, relating to murder of P. Rajagopalan, State President, Hindu Munnani, Madurai.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has registered a case u/s.147, 148, 302 IPC & Sec.3(2), 3(3) of TADA 1987 r/w 120-B IPC on 12.7.1996 in its Special Crime Branch of Chennai. Initially the Case (crime No.2490/2004) was registered in Thilagar Thidal Police Station (Tamilnadu) on the allegation that Shri Rajagopalan, State Hindu Munnani Front Leader was assaulted with Aruval, knife etc., by five accused persons at his house in the early hours of 10.10.94. It was investigated by CB CID of Tamil Nadu Police. Then, it was transferred to CBI on the recommendation of State Government of Tamil Nadu.

CBI Investigation revealed that the accused persons had hatched a conspiracy and killed Sh. Rajagopalan with dangerous weapons by brutally assaulting him with knives, sickles and other weapons … http://cbi.nic.in/pressreleases/pr_2011-09-09-3.php

* * *

Jihadis know which artery and which vein to cut, for instant death or for slow halal killing as the victim bleeds to death.

Living up to their well-deserved reputation of being one of the best police forces in the country, the TN police tracked down and arrested three of the four wanted jihadis – ‘Police’ Fakruddin, Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik while Abubacker Siddique, the mastermind behind the attempt to kill Advani in 2011 and an accused wanted in seven cases under the Explosive Substances Act, is evading arrest since 1997 and is still absconding.

The three jihadis were trapped under wholly unforeseen (for them) circumstances with Bhagwan Tirupathi Balaji playing no small role in the events leading to their arrest. The Tirupathi Thirukudai Utsav is a 150 year-old tradition when in the Tamil month of ‘Puratassi’, eleven ceremonial umbrellas for Bhagwan Balaji are taken in a procession which starts from the Chennakesava Temple in Chennai and culminates atop the Seven Hills in Tirupathi.

Over fifteen lakh bhaktas, in great religious fervour line up every year across the procession route patiently to offer worship to the sacred umbrellas; and as is customary, local Hindu organizations, families and even individuals perform annadaanam for devotees all along the procession route. The Hindu Dharmartha Samiti has been in the forefront of this great religious seva for the last eight years to sustain and maintain the continuity of this century-old tradition.

Needless to say, the general secretary of TN VHP who is also the Trustee of the Hindu Dharmartha Samiti and is the driving force of the Tirupathi Thirukudai Utsav, and all senior leaders of the VHP, Hindu Munnani and the BJP were the intended targets of jihad during this year’s utsav.

Bhagwan’s umbrellas travel along a route designed to cover as many Perumal (Sri Vishnu) temples along the way. The eleven umbrellas are placed for worship in the sanctum sanctorum of the Chennakesava temple and after pujas, they are taken in a slow procession through the streets of Chennai. The procession reaches the city’s outskirts by late evening on the first day, and then travels along the Chennai-Kolkata highway to reach the top of Tirupathi Hills in the evening of the fourth day.

The umbrellas are received with great ceremony and bhakti by the Chairman, the Executive Officer, and other senior officials of the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) to be used in several processions of utsava murtis during the 10 day-long Brahmotsavam for Bhagwan Balaji in the auspicious month of Puratassi.

This year Justice Ramasubramaniam, sitting judge of the Madras High Court and R Nataraj, IPS, former Director-General of Police, TN were among the several luminaries present on Friday, October 4, at the inaugural function to offer worship to Bhagwan’s Thirukudai in the Chennakesava Temple. According to police sources, terrorists had targeted the Tirupathi Thirukudai Utsav and plotted to disrupt the Hindu religious procession with a terror attack and possible use of explosives intended to cause maximum death and damage.

The entire utsav – temple, ceremonial umbrellas, bhaktas in the procession and the procession route – were therefore placed under heavy police security shield; and all this was done in utmost secrecy. Plainclothes police men and women took up positions among the assembled bhaktas and kept a watchful eye over the gathering.

It bears mention that subsequent to the formation of SID, four Tamil Nadu jihadis, ‘Police’ Fakruddin, Panna Ismail, Bilal Malik and Abu Backer Siddiqui, who were wanted for all terror attacks between 2011-2013, were on the police radar; they were TN’s most wanted terrorists. According to police sources, the heinous plot to disrupt the Tirupathi Thirukudai Utsav through a major terror attack became known only because Fakruddin, Ismail, Malik and Siddiqui were being tracked by the SID; police suspicions about terrorists targeting the Tirupati Thirukudai Utsav were confirmed when Fakruddin was spotted and followed by the police during his recce operations of the Tirupathi Thirukudai Utsav procession route and his recce of VHP and Hindu Munnani offices in Chennai.

On October 4, the day the Thirukudai began its sacred journey to Tirupathi, Inspector Lakshmanan, who was despatched to Chennai specifically to nab Fakruddin, acting on intelligence input that Fakruddin was holed up in the Periamet mosque close to the procession route, waited for Fakruddin to emerge from the mosque.

The procession of Bhagwan’s umbrellas was scheduled to cross the Elephant Gate point (not far from Periamet mosque) in Chennai around 4 pm on Friday. Around 2.30 pm Fakruddin came out of the mosque assuredly to position himself on the procession route well ahead of time. Inspector Lakshmanan, who was waiting for just that moment, grappled with Fakruddin on the road and soon a hand-to-hand tussle ensued. Other Muslims rushed out of the mosque and joined Fakruddin. A cruising police patrol van noticed the violence on the procession route and rushed to Inspector Lakshmanan’s help; Fakruddin was physically overwhelmed and whisked away for questioning.

During interrogation, Fakruddin informed the police that Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik were holed up in a house in Puttur town (Chittoor district) in AP.

IG Kannappan, leading the TN commando force which included Inspector Lakshmanan, reached Puttur by around 8 pm the same evening. Joining forces with the commandos of Organization for Counter-Terrorist Operations of Andhra Police, they trapped and arrested both Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik after a tense 10-hour stand-off made difficult by the presence of Ismail’s wife and three children inside the house, besides a huge cache of explosives. Inspector Lakshmanan, who knocked on the door of the house, was dragged in by Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik and hacked on the neck and head repeatedly in what is now jihadi ‘butcher’ SOP. Now in a hospital in Chennai, he required more than thirty stitches around his neck and head, and is battling for life.

According to newspaper reports, police recovered one pistol, two bombs, timer devices, detonators and 500 gelatine sticks from the house in Puttur. It is reliably learnt that the police have been issued shoot at sight orders for Abubacker Siddiqui.

The move to crackdown on jihadis and jihadi outfits has come only after Hindus paid a terrible price and even now Hindus perceive Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s actions against jihad not as responsible action by the government in dealing with terrorism, but only as a sop to assuage Hindu anger. The fact that Narendra Modi, Jayalalithaa’s good friend, may well become the Prime Minister in 2014 may also have prodded her to take some action against the terrorists who had killed four BJP men in two years besides attacking several others. http://www.vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=2914

The writer has written often and in detail about growing Muslim visibility and assertion in Tamil Nadu. Muslim aggression in public spaces and in the polity is an unerring symptom of a strong, subaltern Islamic fundamentalist / radicalised presence linked to terrorism which sooner or later rises to the surface and strikes at Hindus.

Both the DMK and the AIADMK have been criminally responsible for this trend with their unconscionable politics of minority-ism. If atheist Karunanidhi paid his jizya by bad-mouthing Hindu religious customs and practises from one side of his mouth while drinking Ramzan porridge and eating Christmas cake with the other side, Jayalalithaa paid her jizya by demolishing hundreds of Hindu temples big and small during her previous reign and by promising now to build a government memorial in Dindukkal for jihadis Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

Both Panna Ismail and ‘Police’ Fakruddin were hand-picked and trained by Imam Ali of Islamic Defence Force; Imam Ali, mastermind behind the blasts in the RSS karyalaya in Chetpet, Chennai in 1993, in which 11 swayamsevaks were killed, was shot dead in an encounter with the police in September 2002, in Bangalore. According to Fakruddin’s confession to the police after his arrest in Chennai, terror acts against ordinary Hindus, Hindu organizations and Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu was revenge for the killing of Imam Ali.

There are around 15 Muslim political parties in Tamil Nadu and at least four known terrorist organizations which are very active in the state:

1. All-India Jihad Committee founded by Palani Baba in 1986

2. Al Umma founded by Syed Ahmed Basha and MH Jawahirullah in 1993

3. Islamic Defence Force founded by Imam Ali in 1997

4. Islamic Sevak Sangh formed by Kerala-based terrorist Abdul Nasser Madhani in 1989, and after it was banned in 1992, was renamed People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

To put it bluntly, many Muslim political parties have overt or covert links to the four terrorist organizations; perhaps they cannot function if they do not have the approval of the terror outfits. It bears mention that following faithfully in the foot-steps of the Muslim League-Khilafat Committee dichotomous arrangement, MH Jawahirullah ‘broke away’ from Al Umma to found the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) in 1995. TMMK is projected as an NGO doing social charity and supposedly abjures electoral politics although it describes itself as a mass-based organization. Breaking away from tweedledum TMMK is tweedledee Tamil Nadu Towheed Jamaat (TNTJ), also a mass-based organization, and also supposedly not in the electoral arena.

MH Jawahirullah, co-founder of the terrorist organization Al Ummah, broke away to form TMMK and in 2009 formed a political party, the Manithaneya Makkal Katchi (MNMK), which in alliance with the ruling AIADMK won two of the three assembly seats it contested in 2011. MH Jawahirullah’s story is a shining example of the Gandhian fantasy of India’s khudai raj where despised jihadis become socially acceptable politicians.

Jayalalithaa’s electoral alliance with MH Jawahirullah’s MNMK, which is the front office for TMMK and TNTJ, has been the single most potent cause for the rising aggression of jihadis in Tamil Nadu’s public life beginning 2011 when the AIADMK dislodged the DMK to form the government in the state. Almost immediately, Jawahirullah used the TMMK and TNTJ to bare his fangs. Jayalalithaa succumbed to the threats of MNMK, TMMK, TNTJ and other extremist outfits when she

– Allowed them run amok in the streets of Chennai over Innocence of Muslims

– Restrained the police from stopping their march to the US Consulate to stage violent protests week after week

– Indulged their preposterous demand that they will dictate to the director, producer and actor of the Tamil movie Thupakki (The Gun) released in November 2012 about which scenes and dialogues should be removed if they wanted the movie to run peacefully in the theatres

– Remained mute spectator when the same violent outfits made the same outrageous demand that they will not allow Kamal Hasan’s Vishwaroopam to be screened anywhere in Tamil Nadu unless they were allowed to excise scenes and dialogues which they considered offensive to their sensibilities

– Instead of keeping her violent Muslim political partners in check, Jayalalithaa punished Police Commissioner Tripathi for the anti-American protests and shunted him out of office

– Instructed the police to permit goondas to stage a noisy and potentially life-threatening protest outside Blue Cross of India, an animal welfare organization, for housing around seventy goats rescued from an overloaded truck transporting them for slaughter; of course it was of no consequence to the Chief Minister that the truck had violated every guideline governing Transportation of Animals Law and that eight goats had been trampled to death when the truck was stopped by the police

Jayalalithaa’s political alliance with the terrorist-turned-politician Jawahirullah emboldened jihadis to unleash two years of relentless jihad against Hindu leaders which last killed Auditor Ramesh in July 2013.

Politics of minority-ism of the dangerous kind in Tamil Nadu has been practiced by both the DMK and the AIADMK at least since the 1990s decade. If today Tamil Nadu is sitting on the jihadi tinder box the blame has to be laid squarely and equally at the doors of both Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa. One pernicious and most objectionable act by both DMK and AIADMK in their competitive politics of minority-ism is the release of prisoners, even those incarcerated for heinous offences and serving life sentences, on birthdays; Karunanidhi released them on the birthday of his mentor CN Annadurai, founder DMK and former CM of Tamil Nadu, while Jayalalithaa, as is expected of her, released them on her birthday!

Jayalalithaa set the precedent of releasing criminals for “good conduct” or because life sentence convicts had already served more than half the time ordered by the courts. Jayalalithaa has released more than 500 prisoners to coincide with her birthday celebrations – 230 in 1992, 132 prisoners in 1993 and 163 prisoners in 1994. Emboldened by the State Government’s liberal and indulgent view of crime and criminals, jihadis struck the RSS karyalaya in August 1993. The blasts that killed 11 Hindus inside the RSS headquarters was followed by the fatal attack against P Rajagopalan, state president of the Hindu Munnani in October 1994. ‘Butcher’ jihadis attacked Rajagopalan in his house in the early hours on that fateful day in October with sickles and knives; he died on the spot.

The cataclysmic bomb blast in the RSS office in Chennai in 1993 forced Jayalalithaa to order the police to crackdown on the Al-Ummah. Sixteen terrorists belonging to the Al Ummah, including its founder SA Basha, were arrested by the AIADMK for the blasts under Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA). But the DMK which came to power in 1996 ordered the release of eleven terrorists. Imam Ali, mastermind behind the blasts and his close friend and fellow jihadi Hyder Ali, escaped the police dragnet and with the help of members of the terror outfit SIMI, they fled to Bangladesh.

Timeline for politics of minority-ism and resulting jihad against Hindus

  1. Jayalalithaa released 500 prisoners in three years, 1992, ’93, and ’94 while Karunanidhi released 1400 prisoners in September 2009, not including Al Ummah terrorists who were released separately

  2. RSS karyalaya blast August 1993

  3. Murder of P Rajagopalan in October 1994

  4. DMK comes to power 1996

  5. In just 18 months after the DMK came to power, jihadis stabbed and/or murdered four policemen and prison officers in Madurai and Coimbatore

  6. Persisting with their soft and liberal approach towards known terror organizations and terrorists, the DMK government does not oppose bail applications of terrorists convicted for the RSS office blasts in 1993 and the Madras High Court orders the release of all 16 jihadis, including Al Ummah chief SA Basha, who walk out of prison in January 1997

  7. Release of SA Basha provokes some Hindus to hack to death dreaded terrorist Palani Baba of the All India Jihad Committee in broad daylight in Pollachi on 28 January, 1997

  8. Sporadic attacks against policemen and prison officers culminates in the brutal ‘butcher’ murder of constable Selvaraj on November 29, 1997 while on duty in Ukkadam suburb of Coimbatore

  9. Constable Selvaraj’s murder triggers police protests and police revolt and triggers violent communal riots lasting three months. The riots culminate in the jihadi Coimbatore serial blasts, 13 bomb attacks in 11 places which killed 58 people and injured over 2000; they were planted to kill Advani who was on election campaign trail and was scheduled to address a public meeting

  10. In February 2003, all eight Al Ummah terrorists convicted for the murder of constable Selvaraj were acquitted and released from jail by a division bench of the Madras High Court allegedly because the prosecution (meaning state government, then AIADMK) failed to make a convincing case against them

  11. Of the eight Al Ummah terrorists released by the Madras High Court, four were sentenced to death and four were serving life sentences

  12. In September 2009, Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, the teenage human bomb who was convicted for carrying explosives and planting bombs in February 1998 during the Coimbatore serial blasts, was released by the DMK government along with eight other convicted Al Ummah terrorists, all convicted for the same terror attack and serving 13 year sentences, on the occasion of the birthday of CN Annadurai. They were released a good two years ahead of time for ‘good conduct’ in prison!

  13. Quick to take advantage of their release, some organizations and families of 40 Al Ummah terrorists, including chief Syed Basha and his son Siddique Ali, who were sentenced to life by a special court in 2007 for their heinous role in the Coimbatore serial blasts and are still in Coimbatore jail, filed revision petitions. The DMK government, playing politics of minority-ism to the hilt, sought neither to appeal against the revision nor did it seek to enhance the sentences. The Madras High Court while confirming the life sentence of 18 convicts ordered the release of 22 Al Ummah terrorists. Of these, seven remain in prison on other charges but 14 terrorists walked out of jail in December 2009. (Rubbing Hindu noses in the dirt, the released terrorists have demanded Rs Five Lakh each from the government towards their rehabilitation and to compensate for the suffering of their families when they were in jail!!)

  14. Abdul Nasser Madhani, founder Islamic Sevak Sangh aka PDP, convicted in the Bangalore serial blasts in 2008, was given conditional bail for five days in March 2013 by a trial court in Bangalore to attend his daughter’s marriage. Madhani is a jihadi, a convicted terrorist, and yet a galaxy of politicians not only attended Madhani’s daughter’s marriage but also had no qualms about sitting by his side at the function. Seated on either side of Madhani were CPI-M state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan and Lok Sabha MP ET Mohammed Basheer of the IUML. Also seen at the wedding were Congress MP MI Shahnawaz, with former state ministers Thomas Issac and C Divakaran.

Our courts have not covered themselves in glory. When successive governments have overturned, revised, set aside orders and judgments delivered by the courts, when governments have remitted sentences, when those locked up under the NSA have been set free by politicians, when prisoners have been released en masse for frivolous reasons, our courts have not taken suo motu notice or challenged the state governments. The Madras High Court at best has been indifferent, at worst complicit in the premature release of convicted criminals and terrorists.

When Panna Ismail and Fakruddin were arrested by TN SID, a man claiming to be Fakruddin’s friend filed a habeas corpus petition in the Madras High Court asking for Fakruddin to be produced in court. The Madras High Court jumping to prove its secular credentials and the dignity of our police force be damned, immediately issued notice to the TN Police. It is all over the news that Fakruddin is a terrorist wanted in several acts of terror. If a man claims to be a friend of a terrorist, the Madras High Court in the interests of national security should have instructed the police to take in the ‘friend’ for questioning.

Emboldened by the alacrity with which the Madras High Court issued notice to the police, the wife of the second terrorist, Panna Ismail, the woman and her three children who were used as shields by the terrorists and whom the SID police escorted safely from out of the house in Puttur and for whose sake the police endured a ten hour stand-off with the terrorists, also filed a habeas corpus petition in the high court.

For governments to release terrorists for ‘good conduct’, for courts to give conditional bail, for courts to order release of terrorists blithely on the grounds of insufficient evidence – politics of minority-ism is a cancer which afflicts not just our polity but the judiciary too.

Except for the solitary act by enraged Hindus who hacked Palani Baba to death in January 1998, Hindus and Hindu organizations in Tamil Nadu have failed to check the rapid ascendance of aggressive minorities. Dravidian ideology by definition is anti-Hindu; and in practice is no worse than Gandhi-Nehru secularism which drives the country’s polity.

Politics of Minority-ism is Gandhi-Nehru secularism in action. Gandhi went to great lengths to position himself to Lord Ampthill as being made of different stuff from Tilak and Aurobindo. For Savarkar, Gandhi had nothing but contempt. Gandhi’s INC with several eminent lawyers in its ranks refused to defend Madan Lal Dhingra, Tilak, and Aurobindo in court when they were all arrested for sedition against the Empire and were jailed or exiled. Gandhi accused Indians who picked up arms against the British, and votaries of armed resistance, of sedition in his letter to Lord Ampthill.

It was Gandhi’s position until his death in 1948 that Hindus should not pick up arms against jihad by the Muslim League and Khilafat Committee; should not pick up arms against cow slaughter; should not resist with violence forced conversion and rape by jihadis during the riots that engulfed the Hindu nation after Direct Action. Gandhi also instructed Congress not to resist with force Muslim rule over India if that were to happen.

The same passivity, the same intellectual lethargy, the same tamasic torpor that afflicted Hindus who chose to follow Gandhi is afflicting Hindus now.

If hatred is demoralising, it is also stimulating…. If hatred came, it was necessary that it should come as a stimulus, as a means of awakening.

When tamas, inertia, torpor have benumbed a nation, the strongest forms of rajas are necessary to break the spell; there is no form of rajas so strong as hatred. Through rajas we rise to sattva and for the Indian temperament, the transition does not take long.

(Aurobindo’s treatise on Passive Resistance, The Morality of Boycott, Bande Mataram , page 127)

The Hindu nation must rue the day Aurobindo abandoned his kurukshetra, the political arena, to seek refuge in spiritualism, leaving the field open to Gandhi who not only unmanned the Hindu kshatriya but also led the freedom struggle towards vivisection. Ascendant Islam in 2013 and jihad is only continuation in perpetuity of the Moplah Massacre, Bengal riots, and genocide in J&K. Hindus with political sense did not stop the Muslim League or the creation of Pakistan. They did not check Gandhi or Nehru; they are unable to check Afzal Guru, Syed Basha or Imam Ali. Perhaps the time has come for Hindus to feel hatred as a form of rajas to overcome the physical and intellectual tamas paralysing us.



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  1. ऱाइट टु रिजॆक्ट

    मुल्क मॆ एक बडी बहस कॆ लियॆ एक बडा प्लॆटफार्म बिल्कुल तैयार है,
    हमनॆ पिछलॆ लम्बॆ वक्त सॆ यहा की महत्वाकान्क्षी राजनीति पर 6 एपिसॊड की एक पटकथा “आखिरी क़यामत”लिख डाली, लॆकिन अब उसकॆ प्रसारण की भी जरूरत न रही, भारतीय चुनाव आयॊग की वॊटिग मशीन पर आखिरी बटन “रिजॆक्ट आल” कॊ चस्पा कर सुप्र्रीम कॊर्ट नॆ फरमान पर‌ तामील की मॊहर लगवानॆ पहुचा दिया इस दॆश कॆ हर घर मॆ |

    कही यह भारतीय राजनीति कॆ विध्वन्स का वक्त तॊ नही आ गया ?

    इस मुल्क का दुर्भाग्य है, यहा पापाचार मॆ आकन्ठ डूबॆ लॊग इसकी रहनुमाई करतॆ रहॆ है, भारत कॆ मतदाता अपनॆ मत का प्रयॊग कर हर बार इन्हॆ करॊडपति या अरबपति बननॆ यहा की सन्सद और विधान सभाऒ मॆ भॆजतॆ रहॆ है,

    सबसॆ अचम्भॆ की बात तब सामनॆ आई जब यहा का बुधिजीवी समाज बजाय राजनैतिक अपराधियॊ कॊ सता सॆ बाहर फॆकनॆ कॆ उनकी ताजपॊशी मॆ शिरकत करता नजर आया,

    सुप्र्रीम कॊर्ट कॆ इस फरमान का अन्दॆशा मुझॆ एक वर्ष पहलॆ हॊ गया था, जब मैनॆ पहली बार एक लॆख लिखा था “स्टैन्डर्ड रॆट्स‌ फार पालिटिशियन इन‌ इन्डिया” और उसकॆ बाद “हाउ एन्ड व्हाई द क्रिमिनल्स आर कमिग बैक अगॆन एन्ड अगॆन‌ इन‌ इन्डियन पार्लियामॆट एन्ड विधान सभा”

    इस सारॆ ड्रामॆ कॊ सिर्फ एक पब्लिक मीटिग तक मॆ समॆटना इसकी अन्तरज्वाला कॆ साथ अन्याय करनॆ जैसा था, इसलियॆ “आखिरी कयामत” की रचना करनी पडी |
    लॆकिन इसॆ फिल्मानॆ कॊई आज तक आगॆ न आ सका, मामला राजनीति सॆ जुडा था, जाहिर सी बात है, इसकॆ फिल्माकन कॆ दौरान राजनैतिक अपराधियॊ कॆ गुन्डॆ आडॆ आतॆ |

    कहतॆ है, जहा चाह वहा राह, सुप्र्रीम कॊर्ट नॆ रातॊ रात यहा कॆ राजनैतिक अपराधियॊ की नीद उडा दी है, लगता है सुर्ख रग का और अनॊखा बटन ” रिजॆक्ट आल या नन” भारतीय राजनीति कॆ ताबूत मॆ आखिरी कील ठॊकनॆ आ गया |

    दरअसल इस मुल्क की सत्ता पर प्रत्यक्ष या परॊक्ष रूप सॆ 5 सॆ 10% लॊग कई सालॊ सॆ काबिज है, जॊ यहा की बाकी 90% बॆशुमार अवाम कॊ अपनॆ हितॊ कॊ साधनॆ मॆ इस्तॆमाल कर रहॆ है,

    ब्रह्मामुख वन्शावली मॆ कहा गया है, कि पूरी दुनिया मॆ सिर्फ भारत ही एक ऐसा मुल्क था जॊ सबसॆ ज्यादा पवित्र था लॆकिन आज दुनिया का यही मुल्क व्यभिचार,लूट राजनैतिक भ्रष्टाचार,कत्लॊ गारद और धॊखॆबाज मुल्क कॆ नाम सॆ जाना जाता है,

    सत्ता कॆ दलाल यहा साल दर साल ताकतवर हॊतॆ गयॆ, और आज हालात यहा तक पहुच गयॆ कि एक गवर्नर नॆ राजभवन कॊ ही कॊठॆ मॆ तब्दील कर दिया और जब पॊल खुली तॊ इस्तीफा दॆकर चुपचाप निकल गया |

    इस मुल्क मॆ सुप्रीम कॊर्ट ही एक मात्र विकल्प है, जॊ मुल्क की बरबादी कॊ रॊकनॆ कॆ लियॆ चाहॆ तॊ राष्ट्रद्रॊह की परिभाषा कॊ अमल मॆ ला सकता है, जितना बडा गुनाह हॊगा उतनी बडी सजा का हकदार कहलायगा |

    सबसॆ अहम सवाल, अगर रिजॆक्ट टु राइट कॊ 80% वॊट पडतॆ है, तब इस मुल्क मॆ प्रजातन्त्र कॊ ढहानॆ वालॆ राजनैतिक अपराधियॊ की सजा क्या हॊगी ? सूबॊ मॆ जॊ सियासी पार्टियॊ कॆ छॊटॆ मॊटॆ बाउबली जॊ यहा की अवाम कॊ पूरी तरह अराजकता कॆ दलदल मॆ धकॆल दॆना चाहतॆ है, चाहॆ वॊ पूर्वाचल हॊ या बिहार,उ.प.या कॊई और राज्य | इन लॊगॊ कॆ लियॆ विधान सभाऒ तक का सफर तय करनॆ कॆ लियॆ सन्सद कॆ दॊनॊ सदनॊ कॊ विवश करकॆ एक अध्यादॆश “हर चुनाव कॆ लियॆ जरूरी परीक्षा” की जरूरत आन पडी है, इन लॊगॊ कॆ लियॆ इन जगहॊ पर पहुचनॆ कॆ लियॆ कॊई परीक्षा या मानदण्ड अगर अपनाया जाता है, तॊ मुनासिब है, अपराधियॊ कॆ हौसलॆ पस्त हॊ जायॆगॆ, और भारतीय राजनीति का अपराधीकरण धीमा हॊ जायगा,

    इस भूमण्डल पर बसी हुई 700 करॊड आगत्मायॆ जॊ इस वक्त कॆ घटनाक्रमॊ का जिम्मॆदार सिर्फ और सिर्फ कलियुग की भागीदारी समझ फिर सॆ वही बार बार दॊहरा रही है, ब्रह्मा मुखवन्शावली मॆ कहा गया है, कि 1250 वर्षॊ कॆ कलियुग कॆ खात्मॆ पर सगम युग की दहलीज पर बॆशुमार धमाकॆ हॊगॆ, हर तरफ अपराध, कत्लॊ गारद‌,लूट, राजनैतिक भ्रष्टाचार,व्यभिचार, और वन्डरलैण्ड्मार्क‌ क्राइम‌ और सबसॆ बडी चौकानॆ वाली, यॆ है, कि आज इस दुनिया मॆ 80% खतरनाक अपराधॊ मॆ लिप्त उन लॊगॊ कॆ आकडॆ बॆहद चौकानॆ वालॆ है जिनकी उम्र 20 सॆ 40 वर्ष‌ कॆ बीच है, इस पूरॆ ब्रह्माण्ड और भूमन्डल पर विछॆ साइस कॆ कॆबिल अपनी सौ बरस की उम्र यहा खपा चुकॆ, अब तॊ बस इन्सानियत कॆ खात्मॆ कॆ लियॆ यहा गौरी और या फिर प्रिथ्वी मिसाइल का बटन दबाना बाकी है,

  2. Muslims of India need to be given a CLEAR UNEQUIVOCAL message by us HINDUS.

    That we HINDUS are HIGHLY capable of managing our affairs accessing PEACE & PROSPERITY sans these muslims. That we ALREADY have OUR HINDU GODS & GODDESSES listening to our prayers. That we don’t NEED these gimmicks from both muslims & christians of India . Paul Dinakaran another FANATIC evangelical with FAKE healings like Benny Hinns has also been claiming of “praying in church” for Sri.Narendra Modi’s welfare blah blah , shaking hands etc etc.

    On the one hand these muslims relentlessly attack KILL HINDU MUNNANI people & have the GALL to go through such charades of “chadars” giving.

    WE HINDUS would NOT be heartbroken should they all be made to QUIT Bharath for Timbaktu , Nigeria , Somalia , Iraq , Libya , Saudi Arabia etc. Same for christians who can QUIT India for Vatican , UK etc.

    Muslims & christians & their protectors called secularists DO NOT BELONG here in HINDUS’ Bharath. They are INIMICAL to HINDUS.

    How long do we Hindus remain suckers accepting chadars & more such sops.
    They know what GULLIBLE SUCKERS & COWARDS we are. Time we conquer our stoop telling them thay are NOT indispensable. Including their Shah Rukh Khans , shabana azmis , owaisis & sarod players amjad ali khans. Go to Timbaktu , Qatar , Nigeria etc.

    GET OUT of BHARATH please.

    Read what these muslims say. Nothing new. As CRAFTY & MANIPULATIVE as ever.

    They always transfer their burden , inherent toxicity on us HINDUS. Asking for “opportunities in education , reservations “. I would want them to seek opportunities & jobs in Timbaktu , Libya , Somalia & Nigeria. Pakistan , Iraq , Saudi Arabia & Bangladesh also. Have they ever come together asking for BAN on COW SLAUGHTER ?

    Who wants their chadars:-(( Chadars will not STOP cow slaughter.

    Muslims of India have been so pampered by congress , dmk , dk , communists & various aflotsam & jetsam called allies anyone becoming Chief Minister would find himself/herself arm twisted into caving in. Same arm twisting is done by converetd christians also. This is the only reason Jayalalithaa is left with no other option. If the terrorists are given death sentence that they DESERVE trust Omar Abdullahs to Shabana Azmis , Mulayams & Kerala muslims to unleash more jihadi attacks. They always have the tacit support of Pakistan , Bangladesh & their ummah brotherhood in Somalia , Libya & Timbaktu.

    The ONLY solution is to empower Sri.Narendra Modi & Jayalalithaa in tandem with disabling congress , communists , dmk , dk etc. Do not expect laid back Indian courts to take pro active decisive action. In this connection if Hindus are smart enough ought to outsource EXTERMINATION of pro jihadi congress , communists etc to neighbouring CHINA.

    Congressis ostensibly look & talk like Hindus but are pro jihadis. BEWARE! That includes uber sanctimonious P.Chidambaram who has long given citizenship rights to illegal bangladeshi infiltrators. America WILL NOT help India. They extend warm welcome to the same CHEAT P.Chidambaram. And give medical treatment to Sonia Gandhi. It is imperative HINDUS understand & become self reliant. Do not chase the chimera of super power dangled by America as they instigate us to antagonise CHINA who I personally like & trust lot more than
    congress , communists , UK , DMK , DK & mulayams.

  3. I want to EMPHASIZE my point. Hence repeating. HINDUS should NOT anatagonize CHINA. China is NOT our adversary. China ALONE has the pluck & strength to crack down on both jihadis & evangelicals. Hindus should extricate themselves from 1962 hangups which were caused by congress & nehru the womaniser. Why recall 1962 at all. Why not recall what babur , aurangazeb & east india company wrought ?

    CHINA is a trustworthy friend of us HINDUS. Fortunately Hindus do not have the megalomaniac streak of “superpower chasing” trait. It is the West very much including UK that is anti China which craftily wants to USE India into fulminating at China.

  4. I read the muslim KILLER terrorist has been given medical treatment & secular doctors have removed two bullets from his body thus SAVING the terrorist.

    Why not give them SHARIA styled punishment ? Why save them. Masochistic HINDUS.
    Soon art of living charlatan SSSRAvishankar would be hugging these muslim terrorists conning everyone his hyperventilation would turn them into angels.

  5. As far as Indian Establishment consisting of congress , communists , dmk , dk , muslim league , mulayams , mayawatis , omar abdullahs & the all pervasive USELESS Indian film industry , media which is but the same congress in disguise the FEELINGS & IDEOLOGY of muslims ALONE matter to them. In a very subtle way the christians are also equally pampered & protected.

    Take any Goddamned Indian movie of kollywood & bollywood. It is MANDATORY the muslim is always shown as non violent , pious , very good blah blah. Otherwise they are going to turn murderous. And none can stop that.

    (Trashy Viswaroopam of kamalhassan is one exception. As kamalhassan is one of the MOST ARROGANT anti Vedic pro muslim & pro christian lecherous upstart. Only some useless tambrams like his movies.)

    Consider the movie “A Plate of Rice” where shabana azmi the indescribably ARRRRRROGANT muslim second wife of equally pugnacious javed akthar ( I have long desired both to be deported to Nigeria & Sharia Enforcers there who speak better English than these shabana & her beau javed akthar) comes up with shocking RIDICULE of HINDUS. Why could not outraged Hindus react by setting shabana azmi’s house on fire , the cinema halls screening them , the director etc?

    Elementary . Establishment NEVER protects HINDUS’ dignity & rights. If barkha dutts , rahul boses , aparna sens , girish karnads , ramachandra guhas approve of such unwarranted ridicule of HINDUS we are coerced into accepting their contention.

    Whereas MF.Hussain can scribble squiggles & streptococci calling it Hindus’ Sita & Hanuman with impunity. Hindus’ Ganesha Vigrahams invariably get mutilated & Hindu devotees KILLED by jihadists & we are expected NOT to react in the name of maintaining “communal harmony”.

    For some cartoons in some Dutch newspaper one Hindu Jagannathan a fitter in a ship was tortured , bludgeoned & asphyxiated to death. Nobody bothered. (Vajpayee was the PM & Advani his right hand. No wonder today crafty P.Chidambaram is overpraising the same Vajpayee & Advani in his desperate attempts at maligning Sri.Narendra Modi.) But IDIOTS of this world used up lots of candles for one Pakistani malala targetted by her own taliban spawned by Benazir Bhutto. Incidentally lot of muslims of India fondly treasure the book “Daughter of the East” written by VIOLENT muslim benazir bhutto.

    HINDUS get routinely killed , decapitated , tortured by muslims from Afghanistan , Pakistan & Bangladesh. But congress is unfazed. Goes about doing reconstruction work , giving them electricity , playing cricket & makes a big show of “registering protest against Pakistan to Obama,
    the useless OBAMA who went in search of Humayun’s tomb:-(( Afghanis , Palestinians blah blah are given free quotas in Indian universities also. And Salman Rushdie whined recently “tolerance once present in India is missing today”. By tolerance rushdie means “dhimmitude”.

    What good is going to happen for Hindus by reading useless salman rushdies ?
    We would benefit ONLY by reading OUR Spiritual Scriptures.

    Take the recent movie “Stanley ka Dabba”. The HINDU teacher is shown very gross , meanminded , gluttonous.

    Whereas the “converted christian ” teacher is all smiles full of “CHRISTIAN compassion” giving away chocolates , remarking “you rock” in the answer sheet & the rosary beads holding christian principal is so propah:-(( All fabrications. Sympathy wave is whipped up by showing Stanley’s parents both converted christians very photogenic , slim , smart etc unlike the uncouth looking HINDU teacher having died in a plane crash & how poor Stanley is struggling in this wicked wicked India under one excessively wicked HINDU teacher.

    I went to one useless secular school. But the teachers were all converted christians called Sosamma Thomas , Miss.Andrews ( these two were BESTIAL DEVILS), Annie Cherian , Mary Chacko ( lousy incompetent teachers) etc. My son also underwent TORTURE under Kuruvillas & Thomas & various converted christian teachers. We have had a taste of the BESTIALITY of comnverted christian nurses & doctors also.

    Our motto is “Sathyam Aeva Jayathae”. Without UPHOLDING Sathyam & promoting asathyam it is ludicrous screaming “Sathyameva Jayathae”. This is what John Milton meant when he said ” I cannot praise a cloistered Virtue & a fugitive from Justice”.

  6. Once I went to shop run by indian muslims ( from Tamil Nadu & Kerala) asking for the videocassette of a particular movie. That tamil speaking tamil nadu muslim shoved it inside a player purposely stopping it in one scene where Lord MahaVishnu bites into a laddoo.

    He laughed contemptuously coming up with what else but ridicule ” hey hey…look here their god has not only a form but even eating laddoo…..do we have such silly gods in our religion…..” blowing cigarette smoke right on my face.

    In our own India we are powerless to react what to speak of an Islamic country where these converted muslims swell with arrogance.

    When I narrate this to fellow hindus their answer is HIGHLY preposterous. They said ” why go & buy the cassette from that shop…..instead become a member like us in this shop ….you can watch 4 to 5 movies all latest back to back….exchange thus saving money”.

    Is this an answer ? This is what secular IDIOT HINDU NRIs are.

  7. “மத நல்லிணக்கம்” is a highly dangerous travesty zealously thrust down HINDUS’ throats by politically correct Suki Sivams & Balakumarans.

    DECADES before these SukiSivams & Balakumarans were born SEER Ganapthy Muni had WARNED about such half baked intellectual opium eaters.

    In many discourses Suki Sivam cleverly avoids addressing the jihadism of muslims. He purposely narrates some stories of some mullah none of which are ORIGINAL. We HINDUS already have those stories. I recall reading many such stories in my childhood titled “ஹிதோபதேச கதைகள்” . நமக்கு ஹிதம் அளிப்பவை .ஆகையால் ஹித உபதேசம் என்பது இலக்கண விதிப்படி ஹிதோபதேசம்.

    To my horror I found the same stories later titled ” Aesop’s Fables”.

    காஞ்சி மகாபெரியவர் என்றோ சுட்டிக்காட்டி விட்டார். “இந்த தாய் மரத்தின் உதவியால் எத்தனை ஓணான் கொடிகள் அதன் மேலேயே படர்ந்து வளர்ந்து அந்த தாய் மரத்தையே பார்த்து எகத்தாளமாக நையாண்டி செய்கிறது”.

    Suki Sivam invariably dwells at length on “compassionate christian teachers” versus ” insensitive cruel Hindu teachers”. He appears on Sun tv.
    Balakumaran suddenly exploded ” ” நான் கடவுளை பார்த்திருக்கிறேன்…அவர் ஒன்றும் மானும் மழுவும் ஏந்தியவர் அல்ல. எல்லோரும் மூச்சை விட்டு மூச்சை இழுத்து தனியே உற்று நோக்குங்கள். இரண்டு மாதத்தில் எல்லாம் தெரிந்து விடும்…….இந்த உலகம் என்னை பற்றி நிறைய பேச போகிறது…நான் இறந்த பின் என்னை பற்றி எல்லோரும் நிறைய எழுதுவார்கள்….”

    When somebody asked him about evengelical conversions he was snubbed thus by Balakumaran:- ” “ரொம்ப ஒண்ணும் அலட்டிக்க வேண்டாம்”.

    Anyone zealously undertaking Pranayama & certain Yogic disciplines with a view to attaining Siddhis ( Balakumaran is extremely fond of Siddhis…often talks very grandly that he did this & that making the poor rich , the sick healthy blah blah) is indeed given a glimpse of the Omnipresence of GOD.

    But the PERILS inherent therein are elucidated in detail by Kaanchi Paramacharyar.

    • girish.vijayasrathy says:

      Hi Soundaryambha
      I read ur feelings regarding our own people (Hindus / Sanathan dharm) shutting their mouth when we are insuted by mulims or Christians in our country Bharath.
      I can feel ur frustration, anger & dis-appointment very much as I do…

      I have always thought of what u think – Why do our own people do not support our religion ? Why do we don’t react do these Rascals when our fellow Hindu or Religion has been insulted ?
      these thoughts are with me from my childhood… Not that iam from a in-secular family, my parents have always taught me to respect other’s faith & feelings, how ever if in a situation where our religion is insulted my parents have never told me to get insulted.

      Anyway I would like share the answer to our questions as to why do our people always try to please muslims & Christians in our country.
      Its because the law makers of our country such as politicians , judges & officials are not bold enough to face the truth for the only reason most of the above are lazy & weak.
      They want a easy life without any struggle or hard work.( I do not include Indian cops & army soldiers in the above line).
      So when people in power are in such state, obviously a common man will not dare retiallating, cos he knows consequences which he will face.
      Where as the muslims & Christians will dare condemning us & our religion cos they will be well protected
      Reason 1. Muslims in Pakistan will react through their terrorism which will be followed by Indian muslims & the congress govt will not allow this to happen.

      Reason 2. Christian missionary organisations will stop funding to some Indian TV channels & western world will turn their back to current govt.

      So its the central govt has to change & we should have a pro-hindu govt for atleast 15 to 20 years in a row to get our country back into track so that our religion & our people are respected .

      Our country has looked after muslims & Christians from past 1300 years anyway , so this is evident that in 15 to 20 years muslims & Christians will not be hacked to death, cos we are the only dharm who believe in all religions will lead to GOD.

      Currently I live in Australia & i know no country will tolerate insult to their religion & to their people in their own land.

      • girish.vijayasrathy ,

        My answer to your doubts are clearly available in my comment already posted. On Oct15@9:01PM.

        This mixing up of OUR VEDAS with churchianity ( hydra headed christianity) DANGEROUS muslims’ , selective atheism of EVR , DMK , DK , TOTAL atheism of communists , hedonism of bollykolly fraternity & their huge worshippers calling themselves fan clubs building temples for gargantuan busted muslim khushboo , simrans – ALL HIGHLY TOXIC potion.

        Are we not being asininely presumptuous expecting the same THUGS called indian politicians (congress & all its allies & the PEOPLE voting them to power) & THE ARMY NAVY etc etc SALUTING & TAKING ORDERS from the same THUGS to protect & uphold Vedic Dharmam?

        DO NOT ever feel sorry for the misery of indians AT ALL. They have WILLINGLY earned it. The people of india (most of them )are NOT Spiritual . Period. If you ask me for further proof I shall go WILD with RAGE.

        Just because p.chidambaram the ARROGANT CHEAT pays a visit to Thirupathi Temple DO NOT conclude he is GOOD. All of these kollybolly softporn kitschy recyclers also do something called “pooojas”. Andhra SMUTTY movies including manirathnam alleged tambram (ex-XLRA) also break coconuts circling camphor before a photo of the Same Lord before alighting NON STOP on female anatomy. His bitter half suhasinis included.

        I repeat this MIXING up enforced COERCED co-existence of INIMICAL ideologies with our VEDAS ( “clash of civilizations”) is THE PROBLEM. You can NEVER achieve harmony.
        NEVER. The very word “communal harmony” is antithetical.

        Madhu Trehans , Devdutt Pattanaiks , Gurcharan Dasguptas , palkivalas , narimans , soli sorabjees , arun shouries ARE NOT the AUTHORIZED personnel to talk about VEDAS & VEDIC DHARMAM . ONLY KAANCHI PARAMACHARYAR.

        Shockingly we have zakir naiks , sagarika ghoses , shobhaa des , tehelka portal , times of india SLIMES , charlatans like art of living ssssrs etc too politically correct DANGEROUS ones parading as knowledgeable people.

        LET them all go to HELL. Give up this itch to uplift & help those who do NOT DESERVE to be uplifted.

  8. What I am VERY CLEAR about is for SURE.

    I a HINDU whose religion is VEDAS am EXTREMELY SSSSSSCARED of the muslims & everything associated with them.

    Why on earth should I , as a HINDU bother to know about these muslims’ religious belief systems ?????????

    One JANMA is not adequate to thoroughly GRASP our own Vedas. And HINDUS’ can & WANT to spend their TIME & LIVES soaking in Ramayanam , Srimad Bhagavatham etc etc etc. There is NO diminishing returns for me as a HINDU in MY OWN HINDUISM , Puranams etc to approach these DEADLY INIMICAL muslims asking them about their MURDEROUS INSANE fanatic beliefs.
    OUR VEDAS our HINDUISM do not leave us HINDUS famished beggars to go seeking answers to questions , doubts elsewhere least of all these muslims who are synonymous with jihadism.


    ” UPHOLD whatever you have INHERITED as YOUR HOLY BOOK ( Vedas etc). DO NOT mix up VEDAS with other alien INIMICAL creeds”.

    That sums up EVERYTHING.

    Who the HELL started this multiculti , inter-religious , inter faith FETISH for co-existence ???????

  9. I do like Arun Shourie for various reasons. However he & madhu trehan in newslaundry blabber about arya samajis , brahmo samajis “reforming” Hinduism which is HIGHLY PREPOSTEROUS.

    It should never be indoo muslim bhai bhai.
    ONLY muslim-muslim bhai. In their various countries excluding BHARATH.
    let them fight , pray facing the west whatever. WHY should we HINDUS even BOTHER ?? If they die so what ?? Who does not die ? Their death is Insha Allah. Why prevent what their Allah has decreed ??? If malalas allegedly are not allowed to go to school why should HINDUS get worked up?? Tavleen Singh another big irritant also worried & worrrrried about “uplifting deobandi nuslim girls , women boys men” boooo hooooo. This is NOT the duty of HINDUS.

    RSS idiots INCENSE me very often insisting on ghar vapasi & forcing us HINDUS to accommodate muslims. Only because of these INIMICAL adversaries in OUR midst we HINDUS (not secularists) get labelled “fascists” & are FORCED to fritter away all our precious TIME , ENERGIES & VERY LIVES trying to explain & explain.

    THROW them out. Period.

  10. For no reason at all whole of GODFORSAKEN iindia is anti AMERICA. Anti ISRAEL. These hindus are in VIOLENT DENIAL while facing PLUCKY HONEST no nonsense AMERICANS. ( not muslims & NRI Americans & various cultimulti idiots there but AMERICAN AMERICANS like Henry Kissingers who I truly ADMIRE).

    When crafty manipulative selfish muslims like salman khans , his father salim khans , waheeda rehmans , khushboos , feroz khans , hrithik roshan’s wife one more khan dish out SICKENING flattery ” india is so secular ….muslims are well looked after” the same RSS indoooo IDIOTS SWELL their cowardly chests thumbing their IDIOT COWARDLY noses at AMERICANS telling “see…learn from us about secooolarism…the great tolerance pluralism blah blah ……why attack Iraq , why prevent us from buying aaaaail from Iran that persian blah blah whose blah blah dissolved sugar in milk once upon a time…..hheheheeeee”.

    Jagmohan of BJP also did the same telling outrageous LIE that ” islam a peaceful religion was hijacked by Americans & that but for AmericAAAAAA taleban , afghanis , bangalaaadesheees , iraqis pakistanis ——–aaaaal are pissful pissssssssfullllll muslims”.

    Had I been American President would have DENIED intelligence sharing , weapons selling , transfer of technology , aid , visas to these multiforked tongued IDIOTS selfish IDIOTS called Indians HINDUS very much included.

    As far as VALUES go ( that are UNIVERSAL) AMERICANS , GERMANS , JEWS are far far far superior to us indians wholesale. They are well integrated. Consistent.

    Just by citing past history & whipping up ENVY , jealousy by reading rajiv malhotras lachrymose tears shedding lugubrious booo hooooo breaking indiaAAAA…..invasion of the sacred boooooohooooooo these hindus cannot impress anyone which includes ME too.

    These hubris filled clueless indians go through identity crisis when they come across NORMAL SANE INFINITELY SUPERIOR AMERICANS & JEWS. While visiting America & living there.
    Hurriedly pick up their accents ( funny indian NRI accent) certain expressions like cool, dude , dudette , hey man , go figure , apeshit , comeonguys ….( I WINCED when I heard my nine yard saree clad maternal grandmother a veritable Lady Macbeth telling comeaaanguys after spending six months in New Jersey in her son’s house another BEEF . PORK eating , alcohol drinking obese pot bellied plus pujas doing pipe smoking tambram doctor internist called R.Sivaprasad)
    & then start expressing affinity solidarity with Martin Luther that angry African & mohandas karamchand gandi another KNAVISH anti AMERICAN racist wily politician spitting venom on the same AMERICANS & AMERICA who have graciously given so much of equality , MONEY , JOBS , education , creature comforts practically EVERYTHING for these ungrateful indians hindoos very much included.

    It is the indians who stand forfeited of my support & pity. TOTALLY.

    Selfish GREEDY OBESE indian MPs & indian population want too many cars etc etc thus sucking up to the same DANGEROUS palestinians , Iran , Saudi Arabia etc etc.

    Why blame AMERICA & ISRAEL ??? Does not wash.

  11. Phrases & statements like “mutual respect to various religions , communal harmony , co-existence
    Ram & Rahim are one , Eashvar Allah thero naam ” yada yada are EXTREMELY detrimental to HINDUS. Muslims know that. This is how they have been BLEEDING us HINDUS for centuries.

    Do NOT for a nano second think gorement of india cares or is even capable of taking care of HINDUS. Not at ALL. YET , Indian Army says China is encroaching booohooo , IDIOT Hadvani ( who increased Haj subsidies thus earning this name ) always uses the WRONG term “cross border terrorism” when from WITHIN these muslim BARBARIANS have been KILLING & KILLING us for centuries.

    GET OUT of my BHARATH ! Bharath belongs to HINDUS.

    Why should HINDUS even think of existing along with you blood thirsty COW SLAUGHTERING , HINDUS SLAUGHTERING , TEMPLES PLUNDERING SAVAGES called muslims ?

    Only because you SAVAGES are allowed to live in HINDUS’ Bharath congress has been giving importance to your votes. Go & live among your co religionists in Saudi Arabia , Libya , Somalia , Nigeria & Timbaktu.

    Communal harmony often bandied phrase is IMPOSSIBLE for HINDUS to access with you INIMICALS.

    As a HINDU it is NOT my duty to even familiarize myself with your barbaric belief systems. It is NOT the duty of us HINDUS to provide for your education , your Haj subsidies , your calorie requirements & your upliftment. Who said you are downtrodden ? Where do downtrodden SAVAGES gather such SAVAGERY to fly aircrafts into Twin Towers & incinerating NON MUSLIMS

    DOWNTRODDEN muslims & setting fire to HINDU PILGRIMS WITHIN BHARATH & calling it spontaneous combustion of combustible coaches:-(( OVERCLEVER SAVAGES. YET , your fellow muslim MJ.Akbar writes ” we the HINDUS should provide for you” .

    One has to come up with some new word as sado-masochism is too anaemic & sterile.

    This ENTIRE world cannot access PEACE & HARMONY as long as you SAVAGES are present fulminating at non muslims plotting & plotting to KILL.

    Holocaust of Hindus is brushed away by them as though we were asking for it. History is all BLUFF. Whereas even today these muslims sit & analyze , probe & mourn the death of PLO terrorist yasser arafat. If that bereaved why not muslims strap explosives around their own bodies including their womenfolk & DigVijay Singhs of congress , DMK their posterior lickers , mulayams etc & PERISH instantaneously ?

    NEVER get hoodwinked by their lies they are “victims” ? Be they children and/ or adults these muslims with explosives strapped around their bodies always target us HINDUS & other non muslims. They CANNOT help it. That IS their religion. Period.

    So India should remain non chalant while reading about alleged deaths in Syria . Why even report ?? They are following their belief systems. Having them in our midst is like having radioactive nuclear bombs in our very house , kitchen , bedroom , bathroom , garden every nook & corner.

  12. Minority majority – all are empty verbiage.

    Even if one muslim is allowed to exist in HINDUS’ Bharath would posture to be pious but as it happened in UP recently triggering mass murder of HINDUS would “eve tease” a HINDU girl soon , rape & impregnate lots & like rakthabeejans in Dhevi Mahathmiyam they proliferate annihilating all non muslims.

    Where on Earth do people worship rakthabeejans tell me ? We worship Lord Ssiva , MahaVishnu,
    TripuraSundari , Ma Kali , Kaala Bhairavar & so forth.

    CERTAINLY not rakthabeejans.

  13. Do you still believe India regards ISRAEL a “friendly” country treating it accordingly ?

    Selfish & unscrupulous India that has long ensured its oxygen supply from vote bank of ANTI-ISRAEL fanatics only uses ISRAEL for arms purchases to drip irrigation.

    Even Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf was more level headed as long time back he spoke about mending ties with ISRAEL and burying fanaticism.

    Whereas India’s R.Venkatraman as President held aloft Yasser Arafat’s arm on his visit to India.
    During Kargil war India would have faced dire consequences but for timely help from ISRAEL in the form of crucial weapons.

    Who benefits? Certainly not HINDUS among aam janata. The pampered MPs cannot relinquish their free quota of cooking gas cylinders & free air travel & more undeserved FREE perks. Otherwise Indian policymakers are bereft of convictions.

    SM.Krishna defends shah rukh khan.
    I have NEVER fathomed how one raj kapoor being praised in Russia benefits us the aam janata in any way. Or a sachin tendulkar, his exploits including his vada pav preferences.

    By keeping our blind focus on cricket & useless forgettable movies & soaps we have neglected manufacturing woefully. No wonder China has long overtaken us.

    Indians are very fond of shouting:-

    ” This is no rocket science…we can also do it…swadeshi ….”.

    But did nothing. Be it glass bangles,cleaning aids like rustproof steel wool , scouring pads , gloves , dessicated coconut, freeze dried jackfrit & many such user friendly gadgets & tools , vegetables & fruits that we NEED much more than cricket , alcohol & shah rukh khan’s antics, salman khan’s bare chest CHINA has outdistanced India.

    Once upon a time Kerala was famous for its pepper. Now I believe Vietnam has overtaken us.

    Indians like to cry “we are the greatest democraceeee” but I feel like that aam janata in Robert Southey’s ‘After Blenheim’.

  14. While buying anything I prefer made in CHINA instead of made in India.

    There is a VALID reason. Made in India hides the heartrending TRUTH that HINDU KILLERS muslims & Temples’ PLUNDERERS converted christians stand to benefit TREMENDOUSLY.

    Whereas by buying made in CHINA products I am DENYING that to INIMICALS of HINDUS.

    To HELL with swadeshi shibboleth ! Whose NATION is it tell me ??

    When I read manufacturing of glass bangles in India is monopolised by indian muslims I STOPPED buying. I would rather buy made in CHINA glass bangles.

    Let muslims in India SUFFER , STARVE become UNEMPLOYED PERISH. DO NOT hold any enquiries & investigations when muslims die including muslim appeasing indian politicians.
    Deny them health care. Send them to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Expenses borne by Saudi Arabia that is so RRRRRICH. Let them drink zam zam water & NEVER come back to HINDUS’ Bharath.

    That is Insha Allah ! Am I not correct.

  15. இந்த மானங்கெட்ட ஹிந்துக்கள் எந்த பண்டிகையையுமே எப்படி கொண்டாட முடிகிறது ?

    தோன்றிய இழவெடுத்த நாள் முதல் நம்மை கொன்று குவித்துக்கொண்டே இருக்கும் முஸ்லிம்கள் மத்தியில் பண்டிகை என்று ஒன்று கொண்டாட முடிகிறதா?? இதுதான் பேரதிர்ச்சி.

    அதுமட்டுமா? ஈனப்பிறவிகளான ஹிந்துக்கள் நமது நயவஞ்சக கொலைகார முஸ்லிம்களின் பசு , ஒட்டகம் , ஆடு என்று கொன்று குவிக்கும் முஸ்லிம்களுக்கு பக்ரீத் etc வாழ்த்தும் தெரிவிக்கின்றனர் :-(( இதற்கு பெயர் மத நல்லிணக்கமா??? அல்லது மதச்சார்பின்மையா ??

    நமது முருகப்பெருமான் நம்மை

    ” ஞான நெஞ்சினர் பால் இணங்கிடு ”
    என ஆணையிடுகிறார்.

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