2G spectrum: KChidambaram’s company restrained by Madras HC. The co. harassed Subramanian Swamy with a Singapore Court Case.

A Subramani, TNN | Oct 10, 2013, 07.19 PM IST

CHENNAI: Giving a respite to Dr Subramanian Swamy, on whom a Singapore court has slapped notices for defamation proceedings, the Madrashigh court restrained a Chennai-based consultancy firm from initiating any legal proceedings in any place other than Chennai.
Justice R Sudhakar, granting the interim relief toSwamy as prayed for on Thursday, said a prima facie case had been made out in favour the latter.
The matter relates to a press conference held by Swamy at New Delhi on April 26, 2012. During the meet, he had commented on the alleged irregularities in the spectrum allocation and the Aircel-Maxis deal, which too forms part of the 25 scam.
Taking exception to the allegations, Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited issued a legal notice to him. Later, its Singapore subsidiary of the same name initiated the impugned defamation proceedings in the Singapore high court. Swamy filed a contempt of court petition in the Supreme Court saying he could not be dragged to courts for having filed 2G-related cases in the apex court. The petition, however, was dismissed on September 10, 2013.
After the dismissal, the high court of Singapore issued notices to him saying hearing has been fixed for October 23, 24 and 29.
Assailing this, Swamy said that if the defamation proceedings were allowed to be pursued it would open a floodgate, as the apex court had cancelled 122 spectrum licences of companies from various parts of the world.
Noting that the press conference was held in Delhi, and that he as well as the holding company, Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited, were from Chennai, Swamy said the natural jurisdiction/forum for the defamation proceedings was India, and not Singapore.
During arguments, Swamy said he could not afford to engage foreign lawyers to argue his case and that it would be an expensive proposition. He said that while the legal notice was issued by the holding company in Chennai, the defamation proceedings as such had been initiated by the Singapore-based subsidiary company.
Swamy said the company had chosen Singapore in order to harass him, and wanted the court to restrain the company from filing or maintaining any suit or legal proceedings against him before the high court of Singapore and others as well.


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One Response to 2G spectrum: KChidambaram’s company restrained by Madras HC. The co. harassed Subramanian Swamy with a Singapore Court Case.

  1. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    All courts and apex bank had become private estate of Sonia and PC. There is no single judge to censure PC for his atrocities on the society. He is going on spoiling the economy of this nation with the introduction of participatory note and moneys routed through Maldives. Moreover, the three agencies are made as their stooges other foxes in scamgress are under their shoe. The only hope for the common is Dr Swamy and our president who has no corruption/scam to his credit. But it is unfortunate that the courts are not revisiting the nation than the individual. Why not the court take sue motto for the stashed money to be brought back? One among the four pillars of democracy has it no role?

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