Modimania is farce: Congress

Venkatesh Kesari | Deccan Cronicle

New Delhi: BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is more show than substance, more propaganda than reality and a master at blowing his own trumpet, Gujarat PCC chief Arjun Modhwadia says, disclosing how Modi moves with his team of 3,000 youth to ensure the success of his meetings in the state and outside and project himself as a “crowd-puller and “mass leader”.
“You will see the face of Gujarati youth in his public meetings, they climb up on pillars and chant Modi’s name in a bid to excite the atmosphere,” he said.

Modi knows the tricks of projecting himself big and, despite being the Gujarat CM, never takes the name of state Congress rivals, but equates himself with national leaders, like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

This has been a sure recipe of Modi to make himself the “national” leader. He has been dubbed as an authentic fascist by his detractors as also some scholars and has lived up to his “reputation”, Modhvadia said.

Asked who would succeed Narendra Modi in Gujarat if he contests a Lok Sabha seat, Modhwadia countered by asking, “Will he contest?” There is talk in political circles that Modi may enter Parliament through a byelection or through the Rajya Sabha.

“He is touring across the country after the BJP projected him as its PM candidate but he is not projecting a second rung in Gujarat. Mr Modi relies more on bureaucrats to run the state than his Cabinet colleagues,” the Gujarat PCC chief observed.


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2 Responses to Modimania is farce: Congress

  1. Sir, Unable to bear and accept the success of Modibhai at the national level these psycopaths need psychiatric treatment very urgently and as reported in some newspapers there is an acute shortage of psychiatrists in India,We should request American help and call for urgent imports.Ganesh.

  2. Being a “secular” party, they call BJP party as RSS party. Their leaders meet Muslims only in Muzaffarpur, not Jats.

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