Ok, guys tell me how long with this Akhilesh govt last?

Muzaffarnagar Live: If any of our MLAs arrested, results will be govt’s fault, says Uma


5:50 pm: UP Police puts on a brave face, says arrests will be made “Investigations are on, whoever is guilty will not be spared. More than 20 NBWs have been issued,”Praveen Kumar,SSP,Muzaffarnagar said. The Inspector General for law and order in the state also said that warrants have been issued but refused to comment on why none of the arrests have been made so far. 5:15 pm: BJP MLAs protest outside UP Assembly BJP MLAs are reportedly protesting outside the Uttar Pradesh Assembly and senior leader Uma Bharti has dared the Uttar Pradesh government to arrest the MLAs implicated in the Muzaffarnagar riots. “A proper investigation needs to be done before arresting. If you arrest without proper investigation then you it is biased,” Bharti told Times Now. “If any of our MLAs are arrested and then there is any unrest then it will be the fault of the Akhilesh Yadav government,” she said. She pointed out that allegations have been made against the BJP MLAs and Samajwadi Party leaders like Azam Khan. “If you want to battle in this manner then you will face the consequences,” she said. BJP MLA, Sangeet Som, who is at the centre of the controversy has also said that he is willing to be arrested if he’s guilty. The protesting MLAs have gradually made their way to the party office. None of the MLAs who were named in the arrest warrants have been arrested despite the Assembly being cordoned off by the police. 4:50 pm: Azam Khan promises action against channels, says MLAs will be arrested SP’s Azam Khan said that given that arrest warrants have been issued for the BJP and BSP MLAs they will be executed. “Those against whom warrant has been issued will be arrested,” he told a press conference. The senior leader also said that the government would take action against the television channels that aired the sting operation naming him would face action for defamation. 3.30 pm: TV expose proves SP was involved in riots: BJP The BJP addressing the media, said that a TV expose which ran on Headlines Today offers conclusive proof that the ruling Samajwadi Party was involved in inciting the Muzaffarnagar riots. Addressing the media, the BJP said that the sting operation proved that BJP leaders against whom charges were filed had no role to play in the riots. The news conference comes even as four BJP MLAs are expected to be arrested for allegedly inciting the communal violence. 3.00 pm: Any Hindu acting against a Muslim is not a true Hindu, says Gadkari Even as BJP legislators against who there are arrest warrants in connection with inciteful speeches that led eventually to the Muzaffarnagar riots dared the government to arrest them by attending the UP Assembly which is in session, former party president Nitin Gadkari accused Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav of indulging in votebank politics. “He wears a white cap and seeks votes,” Gadkari said in an interview to CNN-IBN on Wednesday, asking for the resignation of the UP government. Asked about the hate speeches by his party’s legislators, he said, “The BJP’s leaders never give communal speeches.” He went on to say the BJP does not indulge in votebank politics, adding that the BJP believes in equal rights for all communities. “Anyone who indulges in a communal action against a Hindu is not a true Muslim and similarly anybody acting against a Muslim is not a true Hindu,” he said. 1:20 pm: Arrest of MLAs imminent While they may be safe inside the Assembly for now, sources in the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office have said that all those against whom arrest warrants have been issued will be arrested by the police today. All the arrests could take place by the end of the day, the report said, adding that the sources have said instructions have been given to the police. 12: 45 pm: BSP blames SP and BJP for inciting riots, says govt evading debate As expected the BSP has also come out guns blazing against the Samajwadi Party over the Muzaffarnagar riots. “We want action by the state government but it has refused to do it. The Samajwadi Party and the BJP and company are responsible for destroying the peace in the state,” the BSP’s Naseemuddin Siddiqui said. He has appealed for strong action to restore peace in the regions affected by riots. 12:20 pm: BJP MLA defiant in Assembly, says he’s innocent He may have an arrest warrant against him, but BJP MLA Sangeet Som is defiant and claims that he is completely innocent. “If the BJP had called for a mahapanchayat then let them show some proof for it,” he told reporters in the Assembly. “If they claim that I have given a speech to incite riots then let them show proof of it,” he said. He said the BJP wanted the party to debate the matter in the Assembly but the Samajwadi Party was refusing to do so. Som said that he had nothing to do with inciting the riots. “No authority has spoken to me… There is an allegation that I have uploaded the controversial video but that is a lie. If I have uploaded the video I will admit to it and surrender myself,” he said. There are other Samajwadi Party leaders who have made speeches to incite people and are allowing riots in order to benefit from them, the BJP MLA said. The BJP MLA claimed that the Samajwadi Party was acting against only one section of people for inciting the riots and not the others who were responsible. 12:00 pm: Rajnath Singh calls for President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Rajnath Singh has joined the Mayawati bandwagon in calling for the dismissal of the Uttar Pradesh government and imposing president’s rule in the state. A sting operation has exposed that the Samajwadi Party government is responsible for  the violence in Muzaffarnagar and there is no allegation more serious than this, Singh told reporters today. Singh said that the UPA government needs to take action against the state government at the earliest. “ If the Congress-led UPA government doesn’t take strong action against SP government it will show nexus between them,” the BJP chief, who is a former Chief Minsiter of the state, said. The BJP chief claimed that the Congress and SP were using a formula similar to the one the British used in which they wanted to divide people and continue to remain in power. 11:50 pm: BJP MLA Sangeet Som feigns ignorance about police When questioned by reporters in the Assembly about the police looking for him in connection with the riots, MLA Sangeet Som said,” I have been in my constituency all this time. I don’t know anything about the police looking for me.” 11:40 pm: Arrest warrants issued against 4 BJP MLAs and two BSP MLAs The Uttar Pradesh police has cordoned off the Uttar Pradesh Assembly in a bid to arrest MLAs against whom arrest warrants have been issued for inciting the riots in Muzaffarnagar. Hundreds were displaced by the violence in Muzaffarnagar. PTI CNN-IBN reported that arrest warrants were issued against BJP MLAs Sangeet Som, Bhartentu, Rakesh Tikait, Naresh Tikait for their role in inciting the riots. The administration has also issued warrants against two BSP MLAs Noorsalen Rana, and Jaleel Ahmed and BSP MP Qadir Rana.  However, they legislators did not seem overly worried with the BJP MLAs even posing for the cameras in the Assembly waiting for the proceedings to continue. The question is already being raised about why the government has conveniently chosen to prevent any of its leaders facing any action for their involvement. Samajwadi Party leaders were also caught on camera making speeches to incite violence but have been let off the hook so far. Expect a day of high drama. 11:30 pm: Azam Khan denies having stopped the police from doing their duty SP leader Azam Khan who has been the subject of a sting operation that claimed that he had influenced the police against acting against rioters, denied that the report was true in any way. “People who have tried to defame me, they should first look at themselves”, said the MP to a room full of reporters before passionately declaring that there was no way that he would have done such a thing. 10.30 Jama Masjid Imam detained at Ghaziabad checkpoint  The Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid who was scheduled to make a visit to riot torn Muzaffarnagar in UP was detained at Ghaziabad and not allowed to enter the state. Speaking to reporters, he hit out at the Samajwadi Party government for canceling his permit to visit.

Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/india/muzaffarnagar-live-if-any-of-our-mlas-arrested-results-will-be-govts-fault-says-uma-1116785.html?utm_source=ref_article


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One Response to Ok, guys tell me how long with this Akhilesh govt last?

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    Reach – Out Time ?

    Narendra Modi claims that the Muslims of Gujarat have buried the ghost of Godhra and a great majority of them voted for BJP in the recent State election
    There have been many communal ( anti-minority or anti-majority ) riots in most of the States of India since independence
    It does not serve any purpose to keep doing post-mortem , again and again
    It is obvious that the new generation ( including the descendents of the victims ) want to close the chapter and move on to a better / peaceful life
    If , development of Muslims brought about a harmonious communal relations in Gujarat , surely it could be replicated on a national scale , all over the country
    Narendra Modi has a fantastic opportunity to drive across this message by incorporating the following ACTIONS in BJP’s 2014 Election Manifesto :

     Resettling of riot victims ( belonging to any community and residing in any state ) , in Government-built houses , within one year of coming to power

     Simultaneous dismantling of , so-called “ Minority Ghettos “ , thru dispersal of minorities throughout the cities , for better integration within a city’s majority population

     Granting Cabinet Minister status to the Chiefs of Minority Commission / Women’s Commission / Human Rights Commission

     Providing for greater representation in the Central Cabinet to the people of the North-Eastern States and the Naxal affected areas

     Up gradation of the educational institutions belonging to the minorities

     Greater representation to Minority Youth in “ Skills Development Program “ under NSDC

     At the disputed Ayodhya site , creation of a “ World Peace Complex “ comprising of :

    • Ram Temple ( for Hindus )

    • Mosque ( for Muslims )

    • Church ( for Christians )

    • Temple ( for Buddhists )

    • Synagogue ( for Jews )

    • Akshar-Dham ( for Jains )

    • Gurudwara ( for Shikhs )

    • University for Comparative Studies of World Religions

    • Hospitals ( like Netralaya / Hridayalaya )

    • India Heritage / History Museum

    • Business Convention-cum-Industry Exhibition Centre

    • Tourist Complex

    • And right in the center of the complex , a giant statue of the “ Father of the Nation “
    I invite readers to add to this list
    Even if for all the wrong reasons [ viz; 2014 Elections ], let BJP not miss this opportunity to initiate steps for integration of the minorities into the mainstream of political / economical / social development of our country
    It is about time to exhibit , BJP’s truly “ Secular “ nature ( non-UPA variety ? )
    It is time to stop mere Congress-bashing ( with which , people are fed-up ) and promise some genuine positive actions to the minorities
    And of all the leaders of BJP , who is better placed for such “ Pro-Activism “ than Narendrabhai ?
    Carpe Diem ( Seize the Day ! )

    • hemen parekh ( 21 Sept 2013 )

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