Muzaffarnagar’s Talibanisation: Afghan-style Shuttlecock Burqas


The Islamist violence that claimed atleast 50 lives in Muzaffarnagar last week is a visible symptom of the increasing Talibanisation complete with Afghan-style “Shuttlecock Burqas” in Uttar Pradesh.
This Pakistanisation of Uttar Pradesh has been facilitated by the generous carte blanche given to the local radical Mullahs and their incendiary Friday sermons, recruitment/brainwashing of hundreds of thousands of impressionable youth in Madrasahs, support from their political agents and Muslim officials, ISI’s counterfeit money, and the influx of grenades and AK-47s which were used to fire upon Hindu civilians, the Army and Police from mosques, rooftops and sugarcane fields.
Instead of arresting the culprits, the UP police booked cases against the family of martyrs Sachin and Gaurav (who, while defending their sister from a Muslim stalker, were hacked to death by a mob Muslims).

During the incendiary Friday sermon (Jumma Khutbah), a a Muslim police officer openly proclaimed that he was first a Muslim and a police official only later.  BSP MP Qadir Rana, Congress leader Saeed-uz-Zaman, Samajwadi Party’s Rashid Siddiqui and another BSP leader Noor Salim Rana, all were united against the Hindus and were present at the religious gathering spouting venom to inflame passions.

When Muslim leaders were exhorting Muslims to murder Hindus, the District Magistrate was sitting on the dais. Ironically, most of these politicians were not booked under Section 153-A of Indian Penal Code (IPC) despite their hate speeches. Now questions remain why the district administration allowed these congregations despite prohibitory orders and why the leaders were allowed by the police to incite.

Emboldened by such collusion, Muslims were allowed to fire at will on the unarmed civilian Hindus returning from the MahaPanchayat, which is eerily similar to General Dyer’s massacre at Jallianwala Bagh.
And why wouldn’t the ISI find it easy to work here in Uttar Pradesh? Prior to 1947, the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh (then, called United Provinces) shouted slogans and voted overwhelmingly (virtually 100% in UP, 89.2% from all over India) for Muslim League and in favour of Partitioning India to create Pakistan. Yet, after 1947, most of Uttar Pradesh’s Muslims stubbornly remained in India to complete the unfinished agenda of Partition – the creation of Mughalistan.
The riots in Muzaffarnager will get worse as time passes, no matter which party is in power as the population ratio passes the tipping point. In 1941 census, it was 62% Hindu and 34% Muslim. In 2013, it is 49% Hindu and 47% Muslim. On top of that, there are a large number of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators who come as labourers to cut sugarcane and then settle down in Muslim villages. Once the Bangladeshis get counted, Muslims are slightly more than 50% of the total population.
Islamists were hoping that Partitioned India keeps sleeping until Muslims cross the threshold population percentage for Civil War (20%), implement the “Beirut Paradigm” (33%) and eventually reach 51% of the population and Akbaruddin Owaisi becomes the PM.
So, can you really blame the indigenous Hindus of Uttar Pradesh for waking up to prevent the ongoing Pakistanisation of India?

We must salute and support the Hindus of Uttar Pradesh who are heroes for waging resistance (counter-Jihad) against the Jihadis.

Source: Google Groups “United Hindu Front”

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3 Responses to Muzaffarnagar’s Talibanisation: Afghan-style Shuttlecock Burqas

  1. ramki1941 says:

    It worries me like many Indians. There are many good Indian Muslims. But others loyalty to this country and Hindus is most suspect. They are there in every other country, and quite a few of them are begots and trouble makers in every country; and their population keeps increasing because they can marry many times and produce more and more muslims threatening the very existence of other religious people. How are Hindus, who are mostly docile, going to face the onslaughts of the muslims in the coming days. Do you have any tangible solution to overcome this threat? Ram

  2. beegee says:

    You cannot change the colour of a muslim; a muslim ‘s allegiance is towards Islam . we cannot expect anything better. our politicians to meet their narrow end, follow the path of appeasement leading to all these problems. adding fuel to the fire is the illegal immigrant from east bengal/ bangladesh. now , we do not have any control over them which was seen in the recent assam riots.

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