Supporters say Narendra Modi pained by LK Advani’s stance

Even as a defiant LK Advani mounts pressure on the BJP not to announce Narendra Modi’s name as the party’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 polls, those who know Modi’s mind and heart say the Gujarat Chief Minister is pained by Advani’s unrelenting opposition to his name particularly when he had put his entire mind and might behind Advani’s candidature in 2009 only to see a poor result.

A Modi supporter in Gujarat says: “Narendrabhai hasn’t done anything in the past to hurt the interests of Advani and that it was sheer public support from the grassroots which is behind the cry for making Modi the PM candidate. In fact if you look at Narendrabhai’s chart in the past 10 years, you will find he has done everything in his command to repay the debt to his mentor. When people talk about Advani standing behind Narendrabhai like a rock in his bad times in the past, they also can’t forget what all Narendrabhai has done for the veteran BJP leader in return.”

The meeting between Swami Ramdev and Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar on September 11 was significant as the yoga guru has declared that he will support the BJP on two conditions: One, that only Modi will be the BJP’s PM candidate and, two, that only good candidates will be given party tickets. What transpired in the meet on Advani is not known but the veteran leader’s posturing shows that the yoga guru failed to convince the former Deputy Prime Minister to agree to Modi’s candidature, something Ramdev has been trying for quite some time. Among topics discussed by Modi and Ramdev, the two spoke on how to use the strong network of Ramdev for Modi’s rallies in the future, particularly in places where the BJP has sparse support.

Significantly, the first indication of the rift between Advani and Modi came in 2011 when Modi advised him to start his last rathyatra against Congress’s corruption from the birth place of Jayaprakash Narayan in Bihar as Narayan was the symbol of  the fight against corruption,  instead of starting it from Somnath as planned by Advani. The veteran leader took it as a sign that “his former disciple (was) trying to avoid him and getting too big for his boots” while Modi kept on insisting before Advani through intermediaries that his advice was natural and befitting and nothing ugly should have been seen behind it.

Sources close to Modi say he is allowing his growing country-wide public support to do the job for him instead of lobbying with the intransigent BJP leaders. He thinks this is the best strategy since he will have to make huge compromises if he has to placate senior leaders with some give and take which could sully his robust image. This could also come in the way of  his quick and tough decision-making working style. However, a Modi aide hastens to add: “However, on the other hand, he has done enough to allay the fears of some of them who believe that his arrival in Delhi will be the beginning of the end of their careers.”


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2 Responses to Supporters say Narendra Modi pained by LK Advani’s stance

  1. Dr Anuk says:

    L K Advani has become a unbearable burden to BJP and the country as well. He has become another Dr. Manmohan Singh in terms of egoism, indecisiveness, inaction, utter confusion, lack of respect for the public. Despite LKA have the advantage of ability to take the decision, the overwhelming support of BJP & the nation to NaMo has been bothering him. The worst part of LKA is his utter neglect for the mood of the nation and pitting Sushma Swaraj against NaMo. Less said about Ananta Kumar, the better. His qualities & abilities are no better than an uneducated village panchayat member.

    Lets see what the treacherous trio are up to…

  2. beegee says:

    lka is a spent force. let him enjoy his pension

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