KCR fans flames: Andhra staff will have to leave Hyderabad once we get our state

In a provocative statement his critics said was meant to “instigate”, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) said Friday that all employees born in Andhra or Rayalaseema but working in Hyderabad would have to leave once Telangana is created.

“They have no other option. If Andhra has to start working, all Andhra employees will have to go back. We are not saying ‘bhago, bhago’, we are only saying that those who have cornered our jobs illegally and wrongly should go back,” KCR said.

He was addressing Telangana Employees Association at Telangana Bhavan.

“Once all the Seemandhra employees leave,” he said, “all Telangana employees will receive promotions.”

Many officials in the secretariat, where a large number of people from Seemandhra work, said the statement was made to “instigate” Telangana employees against those from Seemandhra so that they quit Hyderabad by the time the Telangana Bill is passed.

“These remarks are aimed at intimidating and harassing us; people have already started talking in terms of ‘Us’ and ‘You’,” said S Chary, an employee.

Ever since the Telangana agitation started, people from Seemandhra have feared they would be targets of hate and retribution as Telangana residents would — helped by their leaders — see them as depriving them of jobs and livelihood. KCR had earlier said he would “kick out” two top private educational institutions — Sri Chaitanya Group and Narayana Group — from Telangana. “They are from Andhra and have no reason to be here. The first thing I am going to do when we achieve Telangana is to kick them out,” he had said in his speech to party workers.


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2 Responses to KCR fans flames: Andhra staff will have to leave Hyderabad once we get our state

  1. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    Let this beggar when addressing in an inebriating condition would forget the fundamental rights. The had achieved a separate state but not a nation to drive them out. It is because of this the seemandhra people demand Hyderabad as UT but the wily congress how it is going to play its game is not known. He deserves to be booted out and I wonder why PIL had not been filed against this statement. He arraigned a lot earlier but this gibberish is to be viewed seriously

  2. doriswamyganesh says:

    Sir, JaySreesaranathan’s article on triangular Telengana is rearing its ugly head. Sad indeed.Will his predictions of a long bad period come true?Regards, ganesh.

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